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Охота за аномалией. «Аномалии «Пионеров»Future space mission will be able to reveal the strangeness of some of the previous one.

After it was finally installed the reason for not giving many peace "anomalies "Pioneers" ("Warm anomaly"), it is time to deal with another oddity associated with the trajectories of spacecraft.

The strangeness of this was seen in 1990, when the U.S. probe Galileo on the way to the system of Jupiter did gravitational maneuver around the Earth. Analyzing its trajectory, experts have noticed that during this maneuver the machine at some point quite dramatically increased the speed by 4 mm/S. Figure is not too significant, and at that time did not attract special attention. However, the same thing happened with other probes, who made a similar spans NEAR, Cassini and Rosetta.

While no one can really explain the cause of this acceleration, leading to speculation about the manifestations of the still unknown effects of the "new physics", attracting great attention of the public and scientists. However, the study of such anomalies is not too available: spans far probes and their manoeuvres in the gravitational field of the Earth - cases are rare, and data on them are not too many.

And quite accurate observation during this maneuver are not always. With Cassini all found only in the moment when the specialists were not able to draw a trajectory maneuver apparatus single arc: as if incoming and outgoing its parts were separate, which showed an unexpected increase of speed and, as a consequence, almost hopping (albeit weak) change the trajectory.

Perhaps the new data will be obtained in a year when traces of Cassini, by the same gravitational maneuver around the Earth, Jupiter will head the new Juno mission. However, it will not bring sufficient quantities of data, the more statistically significant.

However, recently the Portuguese physicist Jorge Paramos (Jorge Paramos) and his colleague from the cosmic concern Astrium Herald of Hechenbleikner (Gerald Hechenblaikner) drew attention to the preparation of Europe's special mission of STE-QUEST for testing and study of such effects. ESA has scheduled the launch of such a device in 2022-2024,

The main task will be the cosmological studies - for example, to test the equivalence principle of gravitation and inertia, one of the pillars of the General theory of relativity, according to which the action of these forces indistinguishable. Another task STE-QUEST will be a test of the gravitational red shift, change the frequency of the light away from massive objects.

Such observations require very careful positioning of the probe into space during its flight in a strongly elongated earth orbit. For this onboard is planned to place the sensors of global navigation systems, and laser rangefinder. All this, according to Paramos and Hechenbleikner, makes STE-QUEST perfect and to explore possible anomalies trajectory. So it is quite possible that the future European mission will carry out this challenging task.
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