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Легендарный монстр клюнул на нехитрую приманкуTo remove a giant squid in its natural habitat, had to show imagination

Recently scientists first managed to take a giant squid in its natural habitat. In order legendary Architeuthis struck the lens, I had to show imagination.

Expedition to search one of the most mysterious depth of the inhabitants of the Pacific led the team to titidzima Islands, located within 1 thousand kilometers South of Tokyo. All the costs of the operation, which began on June 22 last year, took the American billionaire. He invited scientists to use its 56-metre yacht, provided the crew unique deep-visual equipment and three modern submersibles.

Researchers, among whom were Americans and Japanese, has made about 55 dives. During each of them a group of three people - a biologist, cameraman and driver - were at a depth of about 1 thousand m from eight to ten hours. In order to remove architeutis on the video, three experts used different ways.

American oceanographer Eddie Widder tried to lure squid with the light, writes The Daily Mail. He applied flashing LEDs that were to simulate the light that shines from deep sea jellyfish. The second specialist biologist Steve O'shea, decided to use a combination of light, different sounds and pheromones, spray with water.

But if the first two methods were unsuccessful, then the third, the most straightforward, attracted the attention of the squid. Employee of the National science Museum of Japan Tsunemi Kubodera decided to attach to the glass bathyscaphe little squid and turn off all the lights. So, in total darkness, architeuthis within 18 minutes was in sight cameras. Found the specimen was about 3 m in length, and it lacked two of the most long tentacles. "I was overjoyed. We can now briefly to relax, and then move on," said Japanese specialist.

For a long time the giant squid was considered an invention prone to exaggeration of seafarers. The first evidence that they exist in reality, appeared in 1854, when in the hands of the Danish naturalist of Iapetus of Stenstrup got the jaw fragment of one of the representatives of this species. After this incident the remains of a giant cephalopods often pulled networks fishermen or selected residents of ocean beach. But for 160 years at the disposal of the biologists were only 20 well-preserved dead specimens, and live monster before the beginning of the XXI century nobody has seen.
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