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Крыльями машут не только ангелы"The Egyptian God of the Mountains were depicted with the head of a Falcon flying witches-harpy attacking people... On the harpies we know from Greek mythology. Their was attacked during his trip hero Jason and his friends-the Argonauts. Is God-the bird and the ancient Slavs

In the American press of the end of the last century it has been repeatedly reported the emergence of a winged people. One of them often visited Brooklyn in 1877-1880 years, making air pirouettes over the heads of sunbathers on Coney island. A Mr. C. H. Smith, who first wrote about these strange flying in the newspaper "new York" of September 18, 1877, stressed that seen them being - not a bird, and "winged figure of a man".

Flying man became a local sensation. "New York times, dated 12 September 1880 wrote that "many authoritative person" saw him. He maneuvered on the height of about a thousand feet, by showing off "the wings like a bat, and making the movement, which was like the movements of the swimmer. Witnesses said that clearly saw his face: it was rigid and resolute expression", the figure was black, clearly standing out against the background of the clear blue sky. Because primitive planners of the time rarely could fly a little far, and then at the start with some hills, and, of course, was motionless wings, everything that happened was left without any explanation, though, perhaps, had led fiction writers to create numerous stories and films about flying man-Batman.

But the affair is not over. In the archives of the United States air force, dedicated UFO, was the message of a certain William S. lamb. on February 22, 1922 at 5 a.m. he was hunting near Rubella (Nebraska), when I heard a high pitch sound and saw a dark object flying over his head and closed the case of a star. Then he saw "great flying creature", which landed like an airplane, leaving footprints in the snow. It was at least eight feet tall! Being passed by a tree, behind which lurk lamb, and disappeared. William tried to catch up with the stranger, following the trail, but was never able to catch. Such incident since it happened many times - up to our days.

Late at night on 15 November 2006, two young couples from the American town of point pleasant - his wife Karberi and Mallett - traveled out of town in search of his friends. All around was deserted. A few houses scattered around, does not light a single flame.

Behind the wheel was 18-year-old Roger Scarberry. Aimlessly roamed and young people drove up to the old factory. When they passed the open gates, the wife of Roger opened his mouth in amazement. Everyone looked into the darkness, where Linda looked, and... saw two bright red circle. They were about two inches in diameter and were six inches from each other. Roger hit the brakes.

- What is it? - shouted from the back seat Mary of Mallett. Suddenly the lights were separated from the building, moving to the car, and everyone saw that his eyes huge creatures.

- It was in its shape as a person, but much larger, " said later Roger. "Maybe it was six and a half or seven feet tall. And it -- had large wings, folded behind his back!

- These eyes were like the headlights of a car, " said Linda.

- They were... hypnotic - recalled Roger. Within a minute we did that staring at them. I could not take my gaze. We woke up only when Steve shouted: "Let's get out of here!"

Roger had hasanul, and the car left the road leading to the highway. Suddenly ahead on a small hill they saw or the same substance or another. When rushing machine caught up with nightmarish creature, that he spread his wings like a bat, and soared upwards.

Oh, My God! It haunts us! "yelled a couple from the back seat.

- Indeed, we squeezed under a hundred miles an hour, " said Roger, " but this "bird" was held over us. When this creature never flopped his wings.

I could hear the sound it made, " continued Mary. It squeaked like a large mouse.

The next morning the Sheriff Jones convened a press conference, during which were presented during the above story. Some of the editors gave the creature a name. The monster was named "man-mole".

Why people do not fly how birds?

Two days later, an event occurred that allowed some to link winged creatures and flying saucers. on November 17, the music teacher Mrs Roy Grose was awakened by the barking of a dog. She looked at the clock: 4:45 am. Her beloved little dog was not characteristic to bark in the middle of the night, and Mrs. Grose went to see what was the matter. Looked out the window of the kitchen and in the bright light of the moon I saw the huge object hovering at the level of the treetops. He was round, the size of a small house, brightly lit. It seemed that the object was divided into sections, shining bright red and green lights.

"I was stunned, " said this lady later. However, before she had time to Wake her husband, the object did zigzag movement and disappeared.

On the same day, on the highway number 7 not far from the house Mrs. Grose rode 17-year-old boy. Suddenly "big bird" appeared next to his car and chased it for miles.

on November 18, two firefighters from the town of point pleasant (all in the same area), Paul Yoder and Benjamin Enochs, faced a "giant bird".

"It was just a bird, " said they, " but enormous, and it had big red eyes. We have never seen anything like it.

It should be noted, that all who saw the monster, noted that he caused them a great fear. When one respectable businessman from point Pleasant met with "man-mole" on the lawn near the house, he was so scared and shocked that his wife thought he had a heart attack.

But the events developed further. on November 25 at 7:15 am young seller of shoes Thomas URI was driving in the car and... saw a tall humanoid figure standing in a field near the road.

Suddenly she opened a pair of wings, " said Robinson - soared straight up, like a helicopter. At the height of three telephone poles she began to describe circles.

He slammed on the gas when the creature dived on a car.

But it did not lag behind, flying right over my car, even when I squeeze all 75 miles.

URI rushed in point pleasant, and, terrified, went directly to the Sheriff.

- I have never seen anything like it, " he said. - This thing wingspan had at least 10 feet. I was very frightened, because she obviously was going to jump on top of me.

Almost the same incident happened on November 27, near the city of new haven in West Virginia. Sunday morning at 10:30, 18-year-old Connie came back from the Church by car. When she was passing near an abandoned lawns local Golf club, side seemed a big gray figure. The creature looked like a man in its shape, but a much bigger - at least seven feet tall and very broad. But not the growth has attracted the attention Connie, and his eyes are large, round, fierce, blazing furiously red fire. Connie froze, but continued to look at the creature. Behind him appeared a pair of wings, as it seemed to her, in the span of about 10 feet. It was totally unlike the conventional takeoff birds: a humanoid figure slowly and silently ascended straight up, like a helicopter. During the flight being not flying with wings. Red eyes still stared at the girl, and... suddenly the monster jumped on it! Connie with hysterical cries urged the accelerator and ran without looking back, as the creature flew over it and left behind.

Around these events was a lot of hype and raznosolov. Pastor Billy Rainwater was convinced that terrible winged creature is nothing like the demons of hell. And their appearance bodes well for some terrible events. When after a time, nothing has happened, he changed his point of view and said the conquering journalists that only as the Lord had thus decided to strengthen the weakened the faith of the people, showing them the real inhabitants of the underworld.

Some researchers dedicated to the study of various kinds of mysterious creatures, information about the appearance of which periodically come from various corners of the world, too, thought on this subject. The main, not new, the idea was that people - not only the representatives of intelligent beings on Earth and that the winged man should be put in one line with a snow man. However, the facts on which researchers could rely on, no, not counting the " eyewitness " accounts.

The story of winged beings was not forgotten. After three decades, she returned to the well-known American expert UFO John keel. He drew attention to what the witnesses appearing winged people mentioned in passing. Often the appearance of flying monsters preceded the emergence of the "big body, who closed the stars. As, for example, during the incident, which occurred in England on 16 November 1999. Four boys were returning home from a dance on a quiet country road near Sendling Park (Kent). 17-year-old John Flaxton first noticed unusually bright "star"flying right above them. With growing anxiety they watched star sank lower and lower, and nosame over them. She seemed to be silently hovered in the air.

This thing was bright gold and oval - witness one of the boys, and when we moved, moved and she, and when he stopped, she also stopped. Once she disappeared behind the trees near the road. Then suddenly she heard the snapping of twigs and huge black figure flew out of the bushes right at us. It was the size of a man with wings like a bat.

When the children were later interrogated separately, their stories about what had happened were identical. Their genuine fright made an impression on the journalists and the police. Obviously, they really saw something winged released from flying object.

"Inspired" from Russia

Flying people are known in the far East as widely as Nessie in Scotland. At least it is in this region recorded over 90 percent of all cases their observations. A few years ago, the far Eastern ufologists have begun photo hunting for these creatures, and one local firm announced a decent remuneration for a quality picture. The prize remains unclaimed.

The first report on the observation of the phenomenon came in may of this year from the fire, tushivshih taiga near Komsomolsk-on-Amur. In the midst of work of the thicket in front of the fire flew huge with a wingspan of a few meters creature, resembling a Nude man, and flew directly over the heads of fire. Saw him a couple of people, but the camera at hand, no one was. Scared, however, did not, but then joked: not whether this "flying man" built in the taiga fire and scorched her?

Observations flying people in the Amur region date back to the times of the famous traveler and writer Century Arsenyev, who referred them to his notes. Later mention of the phenomenon appeared in a fantasy novel A. Polishchuk "Effect mad sun", in the reports of the local border guards, etc.

Russian UFO researcher from the Far East A. Severin told the following story. Tourists saw a flying mount hang-man. Attracted attention of the "winged" the design of gliders and (seemingly) baby, managing aircraft. Video brought flying man, and the operator saw that this is not a hang-glider. On film, the camera remained the unusual image of the "face" winged creatures " perhaps unknown to science huge bat with an almost human face. In winter of the same year, four men from the village Tiger were having a rest near a fire. They heard a terrible noise near a small lake. Interested, took the gun and lanterns, clicked dogs and went to the lake. Before reaching the shore of the dog howled, adjust tails and clung to the people. Also describes the reaction of the dog when meeting with a flying creature Vladimir Arsenyev.

When "gliders" pulled out from underneath a falling tree and well spotted, I saw something not known to anyone, reminiscent of the largest dog with short blue hair, two -, three-toed feet and hard wings about one and a half meters long, shaped like the wings of a bat. Muzzle creature was like a cast in plaster mask of the human face, almost flat, with large forehead, not covered with hair, very large eyes and a tiny lipless mouth. Instead of nose beings was triangular hole. He was left on the place of death before morning, so all happened after sunset in order to get better in the morning. But in the morning the remains of creatures on the place did not have...

Other tourists also in the Amur taiga saw near a tree human figure rising to about one and a half meters. In the light of the torches they saw a creature with a huge red-orange eyes and chrysobothrini hands. Flying man swung his wings and flew low among the trees. Here is another testimony, already the latest. Habarovchanin Inessa Grigorieva at the end of January 1997, arrived to the village Anisovku to rest. Walking on the outskirts of the village, she noticed a large bird flying toward her. Looked closer, trying to determine what it is, and ostalinie. "I saw two legs hanging down, like human, " she said. - Being declined, made a circle and flew away. The wings were fixed, being moved silently. He had a human face, anyway mouth and big eyes I saw".

Who all the same has been living for hundreds of years, maybe more, in the seaside taiga? What it was? In these stories true and what is fiction? - to establish it is impossible, because the story is old and direct evidence of what happened a researcher cannot. Famous American UFO researcher John keel belongs to the same group of specialists, who do not share the popular opinion that flying saucers and unusual creatures are on the Earth from space. In his opinion, they get into our world from a parallel dimension, beyond the limits of human perception and not available devices. So far we can speak only about a number of facts proving such an unusual hypothesis. But the mystery of flying people still remains a mystery...
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