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Судьба передается по наследству?Some people believe that their life is predetermined by the stars. Others believe that their fate man creates himself. And third, try to rationally explain all the events that happen in life. For example, predetermination of Genesis, from the point of view of science, can be explained through genetics, one of the greatest discoveries made by mankind. But this is a rather controversial issue.

Some scientists are every year all the new evidence that, in the genes of man laid some of the "program"that gradually unfolds throughout life and determines both health and abilities, intellect and character. Other scholars deny even that heredity has at least some influence on the formation of the human character. So which of these two opinions right?

In DNA actually contains a very large amount of information that is manifested in many different situations. But whether or not the influence of genes on human life so great?

The well-known saying, the man's character is his fate. This is pretty hard to argue. After all, hardly hesitant and shy person will be the authoritative businessman. Also it would be strange if ambitious and energetic man was content with life the second role in career and family. And if a person's character is determined by genes, they are responsible for how the sum of his life. According to the research works of Vera Golimbet, doctor of biological science, modern science is in the details and figures proves the influence of heredity on the formation of a human personality. As a result of years psychogenetic studies have shown that differences of people on psychological characteristics are explained by half by the influence of genetic factors. The diversity of people on the level of intelligence to 50% depending on the action of genes. The severity of the 5 main characteristics of the personality, namely, neuroticism, openness to new experience, consciousness, altruism and extroversion, 28-50% depends on genes.

Approximately the same degree of identity forms the external environment. However, in psychogenetic environment are divided into individual and society. To the individual environment includes all non-hereditary factors that form the differences between members of the same family. To the shared environment includes all non-hereditary factors making of members of one family unlike members of other families, and similar to each other. The study found that the overall environment has very little impact on the personality and intellect. As stated, Vera Golimbet, its contribution does not exceed 20%.

Representatives of the Department of biochemistry at the research Institute of physical culture in St. Petersburg in 2003 announced the discovery using the genetic code, you can select the top-class athletes. Professor Victor Rogozin even then, with full confidence talked about the fact that there are specific genes responsible for the manifestation and formation of motor skills. Scientists were divided athletes in 3 categories - predisposed to speed and power loads, the average type and predisposed to physical activity. Physical performance of the third type in 7 times more than that of the first type. This is very important, because the athlete, not prone to one of the areas that can receive health problems, including with the cardiovascular system.

Researchers examined a solid group of athletes and revealed amazing facts. For example, revealed that in the Russian national team on cross-countries, many athletes were not predisposed to this sport. Despite this, many of these athletes represented the country at the Olympic games. Similar results showed and surveys Petersburg rowers. The analysis showed that six of them it is better not to take up the oars. Their team was able to win the world Cup. So really everything is in the hands of man, and he is free to make a choice? Yes, only the price for the opportunity to choose is sometimes too high. So, a year after the victory of the Russian rowers, their doctor noted that he very young boys having difficulty with cardiac activity. I.e. from the fate of all the same not to leave?

It's been 10 years since the sequencing of the genome. In the press at that time, there were many reports of what is the responsibility of a particular gene. Most of the notes is dedicated exactly to the genes that are responsible for the psychological state of the person, for the quality of his personality. It is known that the mutation of genes can contribute inclination of man to risk his aggressiveness, infidelity in family life, adventure, altruism, and many other manifestations of the human psyche. Therefore genes dictate not only some of the physical characteristics of a person, such as eye color, but also psychological aspects.

In 2005, the American scientists have discovered a gene courage. Gene experimentally was introduced mice. This mouse calm was in the bathroom, which was a steady smell of cats, while the rest of the mouse, in an attempt to escape, in a panic rushed through her. Here was observed neglect of the danger. It is quite possible that under the influence of this gene are fans of extreme sports.

According to the latest data was also found a gene that is responsible for propensity to violence. So, according to Israeli scientists, genes caused and the power of sexual desire. Researchers conducted a survey of over a thousand students about their sexuality. They took tests and made them the basis of genetic map of the respondents. The results of the survey coincided with the gene map of 90%, and this figure is fairly high. This means that sexuality is not a psychological problem, and genetic conditionality. Amazing is the discovery of so-called gene "entrepreneur". Studies have been conducted on a group of twins, one of which was for public servants, other businessmen, and have been remarkably successful in different areas. As it turned out, in a particular region of the genome, there is a difference, apparently, determining who to be.

A huge amount of scientific research tie characteristics of a person to one or another gene. For example, the inability to quit Smoking is caused by the presence of harmful gene, not the weak will power. But now science is not yet able to manipulate such genes, so it can not help solve the problem of dependence on Smoking. Scientists involved in genetics, say that absolutely all aspects of human behavior associated with a specific gene. Based on these arguments, we can conclude that antisocial behaviour is not connected with education or upbringing. It is rather a genetic predisposition of the person. Therefore, many scientists believe that human destiny is recorded in the genes. But many things in human life depends only on himself, as external factors also play a role. Perhaps, with the further development of science, scientists will be able to find a more specific relationship between the nature of man, DNA and his fate.
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