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Заговор молчанияOf classified evidence astronaut G. Cooper, who became "alien"... Rough concealment of information about UFOs already does not meet the interests of the authorities. And they themselves initiate dosed leakage. As well as the establishment of numerous films and computer games "alien ' theme. What is the purpose? It is not excluded that Earthmen are preparing for the upcoming open contacts with intelligent beings from other corners of the Universe...

That astronauts during their flight see UFOs, has long been known. However, the researchers to collect information about this very thoroughly. Somewhere astronaut blurted. Someone accidentally got access to classified documents or specially climbed in a closed computer network. Some meticulous ham recorded negotiations with astronauts or service television broadcast from orbit. This, of course, trifles in comparison with what has been accumulated by the official structures. But even they, together, are built in very interesting picture.

Already the first American astronaut John Glenn, made on 20 February 1962 on "mercury-6" three orbits around the Earth, said that during the flight for his ship was followed by three bright object. After a while they took speed and overtook him. Curious journalists this observation can be explained simply and clearly: "little snow flakes of sewage output capsules". Why are they suddenly picked up the pace, to explain did not.

I must say that at first "obyasnili" not particularly excelled - "that would be OK". For example, the pictures of luminous objects in the background space made "astronaut N2" Scott carpenter ("Measures-curiae-7", 24 may 1962), some experts confidently commented as "dirt particles on the porthole", others - not less categorical: "thrown balloon".

In April 1962 during his record flight at high altitude the plane of the X-15 Joe Walker had filmed a five disc-shaped UFO, long time speed operation accompanying him at the height of 47 km. Images reasonable explanation was not found, and for journalists simply declared fake.

Three months later the same rocket airplane, piloted by Robert white, again attracted the attention of unknown objects. At the height of 95 kilometers they flew up to the X-15 and some time accompanied him. Future astronaut (in June 1965, the first white Americans will come out in open space) filmed eighbours" on film. And again there was the simple explanation: "shards of ice".

However, the interest in flights grew, and soon an army of Amateur radio tuning in to the wave of one or another spacecraft, greedily devoured every word, was broadcast. Avoid unnecessary problems the mission control Center in Houston had during the negotiations with the astronauts and then navigate to "bird language". In particular, unidentified flying objects, which were observed from orbit, received the code name "Santa Claus".

First used it during the session astronaut Walter Serra ("mercury-8", October 3, 1962), saw the great luminous object above the Indian ocean. About this fact in a few years, said a well-known specialist NASA space Radiocommunication, one of the founders of communication equipment for the lunar program "Apollo" Maurice Chatelain. In his book "Our ancestors came from space", released in 1975, shortly after the "moon" program, he admitted that unidentified flying objects controlled almost all space flights Americans. As for the origin of UFOs, Shtelen sure extraterrestrial.

Very interesting video, made with "the Shuttle ' during its docking with orbital station "World". This service television broadcasting has managed to capture with the help of special parabolic antenna to one of the American ufologists-hams in may 1997. On the screen perfectly visible, as in the area of Russian station you can see the unknown objects, glow pulsed light. They move in different directions at different speeds, some do maneuvers. For fifteen minutes shooting in the frame has passed not less than nine objects. Such sensation, that this does not desert the space and the bustling airport...

Part UFO impress polnometrajnyi metallic" balls (they are well visible shadow from the Sun). However, the vast majority of the objects look like ball lightning. They glow and radiates a plasma, many pulsate. Some how would materialize, appearing out of nowhere, and after a while again become invisible. Ufologists suggest that such balls perform automatic probes and run from the base of the ships to monitor the earth and near-Earth space.

Generally speaking, observed by the astronauts UFO's not too diverse in form. Most often these balls, much less commonly, cylinders, "cigars", disks, triangles. But sometimes in the viewfinder are very unusual instances. Particularly impressive shooting "plasmoid", made by the crew "discovery ' during the STS-48. Footage from this "unexplained cosmic phenomenon" at one time it was even demonstrated on Russian TV. Clearly seen as the huge size of wriggling glowing "caterpillar" floats on the background "Earth". According to some ufologists and contactees, this unique survey captures the so-called "plazmidy" ship - alien technology in a very high level.

Not all astronauts are willing to tell about his encounters with UFOs. Why? Neil Armstrong at the request of our diplomat to tell what they actually saw on the moon, answered laconically: "We also gave subscription...". However, there are those who actually saw nothing. And their testimony skeptics used as proof of the absence of UFOs. Funny logic: to say that in the forest no Zaitsev, just because the last time "barbecue" sortie they spied...

However, many, going down, lift the veil of mystery. So was, for example, with the legendary astronaut Gordon Cooper. Here are excerpts from his interview:

"For many years I lived in an atmosphere of secrecy surrounding all of specialists on Astronautics. But now I can say that in the US not a day passes without detection UFO aviation radar and space stations in the hunt...

Some of us (astronauts. - Auth.) had the opportunity to watch UFO from the Ground or from aircraft...

I believe that unearthly aircraft and their crews coming to the Earth, come from other planets, which, obviously, are more developed than ours...

There are many qualified people who saw the alien ships, and in some cases also for the aliens...

I also saw a very unusual phenomenon - here on Earth. It happened a few months ago in Florida. I saw clearly defined the area of the soil, scorched by fire, with four prints supports. He was abandoned by the object that landed in the center of the field. Out of it came out of the being - there were prints, confirming this. They seemed topographical survey, collected soil samples and, finally, returned to the ship, which was flying at an incredible rate. The authorities concealed the incident from the press and television...

There are thousands of stories of witnesses and many of the documents confirming this (the existence of UFOs. - Auth.), but nobody wants to give them publicity. Why?"

And in this whole affair. Indeed, why, despite what the astronauts, as well as numerous photo-, film - and video materials, this theme is still "unopened". Anyway, the official structures: NASA, military, government. Do dozens of these and thousands of other irrefutable of UFO sightings are not interested in the powers that be? Can't believe it. The presence on the planet extraterrestrial civilizations - the problem from the category of emergency. Then what explains this conspiracy of silence?

Gordon Cooper their own version, "the Authorities are afraid that people can imagine God knows what, something like a terrible space invaders. Their motto was and will remain: "We want to prevent panic at any cost...". I think in reality the problem is that the authorities do not know how to recognize the fact that they lied to for many years".

Trying to resolve the problem, Cooper asked in 1978 with a letter to the UN: "I Think we need a coordinated program for the collection and analysis of scientific data coming from all over the world to work out the most friendly way of establishing contact with these visitors. First you need to show them that we, before entering into the universal community, have learned to solve our problems by peaceful means, without wars. Recognition on their part would have meant an incredible opportunity for our planet rapidly progress in all areas... If the UN decided to take on this project and to recognize this phenomenon, many qualified experts would speak about it publicly, and provide assistance and information...".

But it was "the voice of one crying in the wilderness", and later Cooper say, "I wrote a letter to the UN, because I thought that this organization is the best way would seriously consider cases of UFO detection. I still think we should carry out these investigations. Today, however, I was not convinced that the UN is such an organization. They do not take into account even methe astronauts. We must create our own organization...".

And yet the fact that yesterday was a mystery, today becomes public. Someone explains that astronauts, including civil, became much and they hide their observation becomes more difficult. Someone thinks that the reason is increasing the availability of information through computer networks and the latest technologies. And someone suggests that the authorities had to weaken the reins. First, the lie more and more dangerous. Among ufologists a lot of scientists with high qualifications, and to cheat them difficult. Secondly, it is more difficult to link another lie with the previous one. Perhaps that is why the government today, look at revelations astronauts through my fingers: not encouraging, but not pursued as before.

To get involved in hazardous discussions about UFO those in power also not intend: have or again to lie, or to reveal the truth. And they seem to choose the only right tactics - not to respond to such messages. No way. Not to deny and not to validate, not to give any official explanations. In the extreme case, if severely ill, weak and unintelligible mumble something about "difficulties of analysis due to the lack of sufficient reliable information".

However, there is another opinion about UFO disclosure of the facts in recent years: rough concealment of information about UFOs already does not meet the interests of the authorities. And they themselves initiate dosed leakage. As well as the establishment of numerous films and computer games "alien ' theme. What is the purpose? It is not excluded that Earthmen are preparing for the upcoming open contacts with intelligent beings from other corners of the Universe..
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