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Нужны кандидаты, которые хотели бы поселиться на Марсе… навсегдаPrivate organization begins to look for candidates who would like to live on Mars... forever.

Dutch organization Mars One, which is planning the colonization of the red planet by 2023, recently published criteria for the proposal and announced that, finally, will choose the first earth men for the flight to Mars.

Colonization of Mars: the selection of candidates

Who can apply for a trip to one end of the planet Mars? According to representatives of the project Mars One, marconato may be any person who meets the following requirements:

- physically and mentally healthy person

- age over 18 years

- Personal qualities: "hardy, adaptable to new situations, inquisitive, creative and resourceful"

- possessing deep understanding of the purpose of the mission

- able to build and maintain healthy relationships

- has the tendency to self-awareness and the ability to trust

Candidates can be from any country of the world, but it is desirable to have a basic knowledge of English. Everyone will have to spend 8 years of preparation for the mission 2023.

And, given that this will be the flight without returning to Earth, perhaps the brave souls who dared such a feat, you should either deeply hate the planet Earth, or have nothing for which we could live.

The program of the flight to Mars

The selection process begins in the first half of 2013. The experts and the audience reality show that will tell about the process of preparation, will choose 6 groups of four for the mission. Only one of these groups will travel to the Red planet in September 2022 and live on Mars, and other groups will gradually join them in subsequent years.

Participants will spend 8 years of preparation, including modelling of the mission, the practice in environments with limited movement, lessons on electronics, repair of the equipment and basics of medical care.

According to the project plan Mars One, reality shows not only help earthlings to decide who will represent our planet, but will become the main source of financing of the mission. The TV show will tell us about the process of selection and training for a mission to document the lives of astronauts on Mars.

The first tests will be held in 2016, when Mars will send the Rovers, equipment, and power supplies.

Useful information:

Useful information can be found on the official project pages on Twitter and on Facebook.

On questions of selection and training, please visit this page.

To receive updates about the project please fill in this form.

Meanwhile recently the Russian space Mars 500 experiment, which was simulated by a manned mission to Mars has revealed new problems that will face personalty.

Mars 500 is a cosmic experiment that was conducted under the auspices of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the European space Agency ESA and other international partners for more than 520 days from 2010 to 2011. In the experiment, a team of six astronauts were in a confined space that simulated mission to Mars. Data were collected about their daily activities, as well as physical and mental health volunteers.

Most of the time volunteers were in limited contact with the outside world, and in the complex there were no Windows. There were more than 100 different experiments, and recently appeared first results of the project.

- All crew members left the project mentally and physically healthy.

- Bedtime participants increased on average by more than 8 percent (35 minutes a day more)

- Crew members become less active. Most of the participants gave in boredom and monotony, led a sedentary lifestyle, less moving.

Sleep quality was very different from all 6 volunteers. One participant was up to 25 hours, not 24-hour cycle. Another sleeping in different time of the day, someone was sleeping less and less, in contrast to the other.

- One participant developed a mild form of depression

Remained unexplored aspects such as radiation and the effect of reduced gravity. In addition, participants knew that they really are not on Mars that probably had a positive effect on their psychological health.
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