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Необычные свойства лучей, испускаемых НЛОThere is a significant number of reports of UFO sightings with one or more light rays, resembling the light of searchlights. Most often these rays are directed toward the earth.

UFO observation with one beam or light beam aimed down, took place in 1967 in Vorkuta, in 1972 above the city of Linz, in 1976 near Tbilisi, in 1983 - in the city of Slantsy and about the ascension of the Leningrad region.

In the journal "Wings of Motherland" (1988) described such cases that took place in 1958 in Novosibirsk and in 1972 in Bulgaria. In 1977, not far from Tyumen was observed object 10 rays, in 1965, in the district of Maca (Australia) even with 20 or 30 rays directed to the earth. Was also observed UFOs, the rays from which depart in different directions.

In December 1978 in Moscow, near metro station "Warsaw", was seen hanging on the dark sky ball of silver color with the visible size of a little less than the sun, and in all directions from him symmetrically went eight of light beams in the length equal to its diameter.

According to the message of aerologist research vessels Victor Bugaev" Kistanova, team members of this vessel, located in the Atlantic, in November 1980 watched hanging motionlessly disk with angular size of 1/3 of the disc of the moon, emitted the eight rays, which subsequently turned off, and disc disappeared.

In 1980, in Kondopoga was observed unknown entity with seven powerful rays of light yellow and red.

There were also cases when the rays emitted by the UFO moved back and forth or moved up and down. In February 1975, lakeside sea on the island of Tasmania two eyewitness observed hovering over the lake UFO with a diameter of 60 meters, which was sent down the broad and very bright beam of light, pokachivaniya arc back and forth. In may 1979, over the city Gratifying Kuibyshev region still hung UFO around of which flashed blue spiral education, several times prokatyvaetsja around the object. Then from the object broke a light beam, hollow inside, and began to scan, moving in an arc from the South to the North. Then the object broke out, and the light disappeared. All observation lasted for 5-7 minutes.

According to Leningradka reshetnikovoy, watching UFO in 1982, in the Fox Nose (Leningrad), and students of Pushkin's military school of Onishuk, watching UFO in 1984 in the highland city of Voroshilovgrad region, rays emitted by unknown objects, like around the earth.

Noted and such cases, when the rays emitted by a UFO, periodically appeared and died.

In 1984, p/o Yakovlevsky Arkhangelsk region eyewitness Filachev saw the approaching ball that hung above the clearing and twice sent her a bright beam that covered the area of 50 x 100 m Then the ball flew to the village, hung over her and several times gave this beam, as if including it for one minute.

In the evening on December 17, 1989, a number of witnesses in different cities watched unknown glowing object in the shape of a ball that subsequently flew over the cities of Surgut, Nefteyugansk, Omsk and on the Altai territory. However eyewitnesses in Surgut and Omsk claimed from the object came four bright beam, which, in their eyes, "off" again "included".

According to the message of representative of air defense of the city of Omsk major Vaganova this object observed and pilots nearby airfield. But radars are not recorded. According to visual observation of the object looked like a half times greater than the visible disk of the moon, and the total duration of his stay in the district of Omsk was not more than 5 minutes, after which he became quickly onua.org to depart in the Eastern direction. About the appearance of the object was immediately reported for instance. After 5 minutes after he disappeared from the area of Omsk, representatives of air defence of the Altai territory, said that watching him. This meant that the distance of 600 km it flew at a speed of about 7000 km/H. According to the statistical analysis of UFO sightings in the USSR for 1900-1980,, normal light rays and the cone of light were seen at 210 objects. However, there are known some cases, when the rays emitted by a UFO and having a form of light, showed very strange, in our opinion, a very unusual properties.

The first information about these unusual rays appeared in 1968, and Jean herring called them rays "hard light". These rays can not disperse in space, and to have clearly defined boundaries and a clear end of the beam, the beam retains the same brightness along its length, similar to neon tube. In August 1970 the city Haderslev, Denmark over the machine of a police officer Marupe at a height of 20 m hung round grey object with a diameter of about 10 m, from which the dazzling light cone with a wide base of 4-5 M. This cone covered car, causing its engine stalled, the lights went out and radio fell silent. Then this light cone was involved in a round hole with a diameter of 1 m at the bottom of the object. It lasted for 5 minutes. However, when the base of the cone is gradually raised, was visible to clear border between the bottom of the cone and darkness. Then the object got up and disappeared, and the car is "alive".

The following cases rays emitted by a UFO, ended luminous balls.

One of them described in the information sheet compiled by senior navigators Ashgabat flight Sinusovy and Glushchenko. It States that in October 1985, in the district of Geok-Tepe Ashgabat has seen a big cigar-shaped object, which from the bow of the fan went five blue rays which ended in the spheres of the same color.

According to the designer Draft his mother in 1978 watched over Moscow ellipsometry object with 16 white rays, ending luminous balls.

These rays can slowly be nominated from UFOs, and then also gradually drawn back. Slow nomination beam with a blunt end of a hung unknown object was observed in 1968 over Neviansk town of Sverdlovsk region and in 1981 in the area of Vyborg, and according to Prokhorov in 1975 in Valdai noted slow serial nomination even three of these rays.

In other reports were given descriptions slow retracting rays in frozen the objects. Such phenomena were recorded in 1963 in Tranches (Argentina), in 1968 in the Villa de Moran (France) and in 1970 about Himyari (Finland).

There were reports of observations slow retracting rays in UFOs and in our country: the eyewitness Litvinovim in 1983 in district of Irkutsk region Bandage and a group of soldiers headed Zycinski in 1985 on the island Dixon.

According to Hering, the rate extending and retracting of these beams is 3.5-7 m/S.

The third feature of the distribution of these rays is that they, apparently, are able to bend at different angles up to direct. Such cases were also observed in our country, and abroad.

In August 1978, a group of officers of the Leningrad Military district, who was traveling by car to Moscow, 12 km outside the city of Kalinin, saw hanging motionless in the sky UFO in the form of a disk. From the object moved in the direction of two curved luminous arc, the ends of which were closed to each other, forming a kind of huge ellipse. After a few minutes UFO quickly rose straight up and disappeared, and luminous arc remained in place.

In September 1978, when flying between the aerodrome of Afrikanda (Murmansk region) and Kem at an altitude of about 9 km members of crew of plane TU-134 of the Leningrad air group (crew commander Century N. Hump) saw ahead of the rate at the height of about 20 km hanging oblong object with clear outlines. The object of this vibrated from the front began to move towards each other two curved beam, similar to ticks. Then the ends of these beams come together, and this place was brightly glowing ball that after 3-4 minutes disappeared together with rays. More recent case surveillance curved beam of UFO described in the second issue of the information Bulletin "news". He was in the middle of may 1986 in Leningrad. Eyewitnesses of his were the bus driver Century Potekhin and six other drivers who, passing in onua.org 5 a.m. on Kirovsky bridge over the Neva river, he saw for the Finnish station bright beam of emerald-green colour, directed from heaven to earth. This ray suddenly bent, then some object with four holes separated from the beginning of the beam and sharply pulled up. Observations curved rays of the UFO was also recorded in 1971 near Antofagasta (Chile) and in 1973 in Tomsk.

These rays can be wider at the base and tapering to a fine point. According to the corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Sciences Dikova, night in September 1977, in the village Guy on the shore of the sea of Okhotsk staff geological expedition in the last 10 minutes observed a disc-shaped UFO the size of the visible disk of the moon, which went down six tapering to earth rays.

In March 1978 under the Zhytomyr observed UFOs, from which all the parties depart 16 rays with pointed ends, resembling an open flower.

These rays are sometimes interrupted or dotted decaying into luminous and dark areas, like light advertising.

Such a message was received from a witness Nesterenko. It said that in October 1978, near the village of Sonora Arkhangelsk region Nesterenko and travelled with him in the bus, people have seen flying through the sky object, which is then stationaryabout hung. From it appeared 15-20 intermittent rays, symmetrically designed in all directions. Every ray consisted of identical pulses of light and dark intervals between them, and these impulses fled from the object with great speed, both in light advertising, and disappeared after 3-4 seconds.

According to the message received from the residents of Leningrad Redzejusi, in January 1984, they watched over Leningrad still hanging round glowing object the size of 1/3 of the visible disk of the moon. Of that locating in the upper and lower parts of the two bulges also periodically came running glowing lines. Later it began to move, continuing radiation. All the observation lasted about 20 minutes.

Observations intermittent rays were also in 1970, on Vancouver island, in 1978 in Beskudnikovo near Moscow and in 1980 in Moscow, near the metro station "Zhdanovskaya".

Some rays can easily pass through various obstacles and lighting beneath them space. So it was, in particular, in Crankase, where the beam passing through a solid fence farm and house walls, recovered again.

Also known a number of messages when the rays of the UFO, walking through the barriers which made them transparent.

In April 1967, the school Director of the Jefferson city (USA), returning home, I saw that on his machine hung like a dirigible the object emitting the strange light that was not delayed roof of the car and made it transparent. The driver saw the engine through the instrument panel, and jumping out of the car, saw through the body of its interior. After the disappearance of the beam all had regained its former appearance.

In another case in may 1973 in the state of Sao Paulo (Brazil) witness Papero, returning to the car home, saw hanging in the air the object in the form of two plates put together with a diameter of 10 m He saw from the bottom towards the car moved bright blue beam with a diameter of 20 cm, under the influence of which she became transparent. After that Paperu lost consciousness and was taken to hospital, where his stomach and back found a purple-blue spots.

Recorded and such cases, when released UFO rays completely covered the surrounding area or areas, they penetrated. In other cases, on the contrary, they covered the surrounding countryside in any special way, not forming shadows.

Even more amazing ability of these rays, the truth is rarely observed, to have a direct mechanical effect on the surrounding objects (knock out of the land of the soil particles swinging lamp and so on).

In June 1972 in the city Lagrange (France) young seminarian Janvier Head saw the egg-shaped glowing object with a diameter of about 50 cm, quietly flew into his room through the open window. The object seemed metal hung 40 cm from the floor and slowly moved thin beam, which twice touched worked transistor radio, which he swung. Then this ray kinda cringed, stretched out in the direction of the tape recorder, and touched him, then slowly got into the object, and the one went out the window (Phenomenes spatiaux).

In another case, which occurred in December 1973 in Paso Robles (California), two people traveling by car, saw hanging on the height of 240 m above the ground spherical object, which was a black cone, emitted in onua.org the earth red ray. The most amazing thing was that this beam hitting the ground, heated it to red and raised in the air chunks of soil and other materials. Then the beam is gone, and the cone was involved in the facility, which began to rise at an angle of 60 Gy. When the witness came to the area, which was sent this beam, the edge of the plot still glowed red.

Viewing the properties of strange rays emitted by a UFO, French researchers Skornia and Pian indicate that this is, apparently, not the usual light rays, if for no other reason that the rate of extending and retracting has nothing to do with the speed of light. Most likely it can be assumed that this thread ionizing particles, forcing to glow meet on their way to the air. In this case becomes understandable and their passing through walls. These particles can deviate electromagnetic field, which explains the existence of a curved rays. The flow of these particles can be intermittent - hence the dashed rays.

But this is only a hypothesis, and most unusual properties of the rays emitted by the UFO, it is impossible to explain the known laws of physics.
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