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Уфологические тайны Мексиканской пустыниThere is not less mysterious area and in Mexico, though few people know about it. It "Zone of Silence", located in the desert, 400 miles from the us city of El Paso (Texas). The main peculiarity of this area is primarily in the fact that here go deaf radios and shall not transfer any TV.

"Zone of Silence" is a flat, desolate plain, where occasional Hilo prickly bushes and cactuses, and are found in abundance poisonous snakes. However, people settled here since prehistoric times, obosnovalas around a few springs. Some sources are not exhausted yet. Near to the borders of the zone of the settlement - the village of Ceballos in the state of Durango is removed from it for 25 miles. Now every research expedition is sent into the zone from Ceballos.

According to Dr. Santiago Garcia, about the strangeness in this area people knew in the middle of the XIX century. Already in those days, farmers often observed falling to the ground "hot stone" from a clear sky. In the 30-ies of our century the pilot airlines Mexican state of Coahuila Francisco Sarabia while flying over the area for no apparent reason stopped working radio station. He told this to his superiors and was the first officially recognized victims because of the strange features of "Zone of Silence".

However, truly and authorities and the public is interested in "cranky" zone only in 70-ies, when the American experimental ballistic missile "Athena"launched the site at white Sands, suddenly strayed and rushed to the area, while reaching it crashed to the ground. In a few years over an area exploded one of the rocket stages Saturn" carrier spacecraft "Apollo". After that, the military Department of the USA has sent a special team to investigate a mysterious features of the ill-fated territory.

One of the first scientists who have studied "Zone of Silence" and its strange properties, was Harry de La Pena. He and his team discovered that communication with a portable radio stations here. It seems that in this region there is a certain magnetic force, the vast majority of radio waves.

From the time of the first expedition Harry de La Pena experts from around the world visit the area, using as a base camp town, built in the centre of the Mexican government. Scientists working in the town, was called the zone "Tethys Sea" (the name of an ancient ocean, passing over these places millions of years ago), and a research laboratory at the centre of the town, designed to study the existing unusual forms of biological life and what is happening paranormal phenomena, nicknamed "Biosphere".

In this wild area of the Mexican desert has repeatedly noted the appearance of UFOs and human creatures apparently of extraterrestrial origin. A few years ago were alive the local people, who remember how in the early decades of this century they were met by intelligent beings strange appearance and behavior. on 3 October 1975 wife Ernesto and Josephine Diaz, entrepreneurs and archaeology lovers, entered the zone on his Ford-pick-up truck, intending to collect unusual rocks and petrified remains of ancient animals. Inspired by the search, they are not immediately noticed an approaching storm, but after a few minutes hastily gathered and put into a car its findings and were drawn away from the impending flood. But the storm still overtook them, and dirt road under the wheels of the car was immediately turned into a shaky swamp. Pickup truck stalled, stopped and began to slowly sink into the sodden ground.

While Ernesto and Josephine tried not to let the car finally get bogged down in the mud, it seemed far away, two human figures. They walked to the car through the torrents of rain and warmly waved. Two very tall guy in the yellow waterproof coats and hats suggested desperate travelers assistance. The faces of the strangers were unusual, but fear not inspired, and dripping wet wife gratefully accepted their offer. The guys asked spouses to sit back in the cab of a pickup truck, onua.org and they went to the rear of the body. And before Ernesto and Josephine knew what was going on, their car burst on solid ground of huge pools of liquid mud! When recovered Ernesto moved out of the cabin to thank unexpected saviors, they are nowhere to be seen. Could only wonder how they could so quickly disappear from view on this smooth, almost bare areas.

Travelers who regularly cross the area, reported strange lights or balls of fire, moving at night above the ground. While they are hanging motionless in the air, changing their color, and then suddenly dart and disappear with the speed of lightning. And farmers are returning home with a friendly party, told me that he saw a huge UFO in the form of glowing ball that came down from the dark sky to the ground, and stepped out humanoids which shone as strange light. Humanoids went to standing speechless farmers, but they came to their senses and started running.

It happens that such night phenomena and remain quite physical traces. One local resident, who was the mysterious lights came back in the morning where they wandered at night, and saw the scorched or scorched grass and sickly bushes. And these messages come from many areas, the majority comes from people, quite credible. Dr. Santiago Garcia, who devoted a considerable part of his life to studying this anomalous district, suggested that the source of some of floodlights could be experimental robot-scout tested here by US forces.

Day of its solar panels automatically pojiratelei, and by night he secretly carried out their research. Garcia recalled that when the command of the air force arrived at the scene "Athens"to gather its pieces, the military took with them and several trucks soil, taken by them in the wilderness for analysis. There is an opinion that in this region there are rich deposits of magnetite, and that it is this iron ore is the cause of suppression of electromagnetic waves. In addition, it is proved that rock ridges that surround "Zone of Silence", contain significant amounts of uranium.

In 1976 in the area made the first photographs of the UFO landed near local topographical sights - Magnetic Mountain. On the pictures one can clearly see the sparkling silvery object similar to a huge patch to roast. Lucky photographer managed to take some pictures and during takeoff UFO, when that with a loud hum jumped up, rushed to the West and quickly disappeared from view.

However, not all of extraterrestrial aliens so elusive. One small ranch, located in the borders of the zone, regularly visited three tall long-haired blonde personality - two men and one woman, which the owners of the manor has been described as extremely polite, very beautiful, but strangely dressed people. And although they spoke in Spanish perfectly, in the tone of their voices heard unusual musical ringing. Come these mysterious visitors solely in order to replenish the water. They politely asked permission to fill with water from the well to bring a jar and never asked for food or do anything else but water. When they were asked, they came, those smiled and answered: "Top".

Maybe these aliens "top" were the Nordic personalities, which is often referred to ufologists? Spanish Explorer Antonio Ribeira describes similar blondes found in the Pyrenees, near Rosellon, where they turn to local residents asking them to buy bread and milk, paying for these products pieces of pure gold. Hair these generous strangers almost white. Many people saw the same blond beauties and in the other half of the globe, in California, in the Sierra Nevada range, where they often went down to the valley for "barter" deals with local residents.

The impressions received when visiting "Zone of Silence", you can hardly forget. Journalist Luis Ramirez Reyes remember them forever. In November 1978, he went to the area as part of a group of journalists who were on the spot to collect materials for publications about this mysterious area of Mexico.

Having decided to stay ahead of the rest of the group, Ramirez and his photographer went on a jeep back from the desert to be the first to achieve "Biosphere". They went, guided by intuition rather than a clear idea of its route.

Reckless travelers were still very far from the final destination of the trip, when Ramirez suddenly realized that they have not taken any reserves - no water, no food and can easily die from thirst and hunger if I get lost in this harsh desert. Soon they reached a fork laid among the Sands of the road with hardly thumb track and chose which path is wrong. After a while Ramirez noticed ahead three man coming towards them figure. Hoping that this local community, where you can learn the way to "Biosphere"he asked sitting at the wheel of the photographer to stop the car. But to the surprise Ramirez, a jeep drove past them without slowing down! To the question why the photographer has not stopped near going down the road, people, he replied that no people on the road are not seen!

Ramirez was thought, that the wilderness had already influenced his crazythe IR and he became seems vision. But these three looked like ordinary people, their clothes were so, what are local residents. The jeep drove a couple of miles, and Ramirez, to his astonishment, saw again ahead of the same three local residents. When the car reached them, Ramirez asked the photographer (still no one had seen on the road) to stop and began to ask met on the way to "Biosphere". Those explained that it is necessary to turn aside and go along the mountainous part of the "Tethys Sea" on the road, which will lead them to the "Biosphere". And these locals said that they are looking for their lost sheep and goats, although they had not the jars with water, and no special equipment is required to travellers in these harsh conditions.

Following received from "aboriginal" recommendations, travelers after a while breathed a sigh of relief seeing in the distance a tall building "Biosphere". When they reached her and met up with the rest of his group, Ramirez told the audience about the strange meeting in the wilderness. Carefully listening to him Harry de La Pena, the present head of the laboratory, didactic tone noticed that in the wilderness neither peasants nor other people, in addition to visiting reporters and those who is a permanent contingent "Biosphere". And of course, there are no sheep and goats, which ought to look. Conducted in the days following the survey area has allowed to ensure full bezlyudnoj desert for dozens of miles around. But if met creatures were not local residents, who they were?

Nordic visitors and other humanoids are not the only mysterious entities, gets in the eyes of people in this region. There are reports of meetings with a strangely dressed creatures growth of only a few tens of centimeters! When a local businessman Ruben Lopez was driving through the night "Tethys Sea" , the engine of his car suddenly began to give interruptions. He was very surprised, onua.org because the machine has just passed the full maintenance. Suddenly the front thirty meters, Lopez noticed five short figures, standing at the side of the road. At first he thought it was a lost child, but then I saw that they put silver jumpsuits, and heads covered with a helmet similar to a motorcycle. When they started to come closer to a stopped car, how would surrounding it, Lopez was seriously scared.

He sharply "hasanul" in neutral, engine howled, and stunted beings scattered into the darkness of the night. After strange dwarfs disappeared from sight, the engine is working again normally. There are in "Tethys Sea," and another mystery and archaeological. These are the ruins of a very ancient complex of gigantic stone structures. So far, scientists cannot fairly be called the age of these ruins, but we are sure that this remains an astronomical Observatory, built few years ago. And, of course, this Mexican Stonehenge could not create primitive tribes, who settled near the striker out of the land of springs. So, in ancient times some other people or other intelligent beings were also very busy.

Perhaps they, like modern astronomers and geologists, was interested in meteorites, in a large number falling to the ground in "Tethys Sea". And a meteor in the late 50-ies near Chihuahua, the main city of the Mexican state of the same name, contains crystalline structure, much more ancient than our Solar system! According to Professor Louis Maeda of Villalobos, the material of this meteorite as old as the universe itself. Solar system five billion years, and this meteorite, according to scientists ' estimates, about seven billion years older!

What is the main cause of the strange and mysterious events in "Zone of Silence"? UFO with their crews, aliens from parallel worlds, which is easier to act in this region that has a magnetic anomaly, or just poorly understood natural features of this area? The answer to this question yet. Perhaps there was a thousand years ago the ancient builders mysterious Observatory, the ruins of which in themselves we are one, yet unsolvable puzzle.
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