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Открытие, которого не было!Exciting stories about encounters with UFOs, "green men", the other space aliens cause concern of the reader, perhaps, not less than concrete earthly problems.

Original starting point intriguing stories, sensational confessions "eyewitnesses" can be considered an event which occurred over 50 years ago. Then the inhabitants of the U.S. state of new Mexico was observed in the sky unusual luminous objects like a flat disk that was wrecked. It was alleged, in particular, that in the place of the debris found humanoids, not similar to the famous creatures.

News about aliens spread around the world at breakneck speed, causing all sorts of rumors, speculation, speculation, versions and assumptions. The American authorities immediately classified unusual phenomenon. And only a few decades later, the Pentagon has put an end in this landmark case, published a voluminous long report entitled "Rozalski incident", which is probably caused more questions than gave the answers to the existing ones.

A year later, in 1948, the aliens again visited America. This time they made their appearance Kentucky. In the sky there appeared a strange subject of the round form. The alarm was raised aircraft. And the captain of Mantell, flight commander, unable to resist the temptation to try to meet a mysterious stranger face to face, with a bullet rushed in pursuit of the unknown and disappeared from the airwaves. Soon there were found fragments of the plane and the remains of the unfortunate captain. The authorities and this time classified the incident. And only ten years later admitted that "unknown" it was a military weather balloon recognized by pilots as UFOs.

However, the stories about encounters with extraterrestrial life forms did not end there. On the contrary, their number every year grew like a snowball. Could not resist the temptation to get in some sort of book of records of encounters with aliens and American astronauts. Some seriously argued that met the alien spaceships enormous size on the moon. Others swore that he saw a UFO flying next to the American ship, after which aboard "Apollo" exploded oxygen tank. Who has helped you? Of course, aliens! The third General "lucky", they met on the moon not only alien space ships, but also themselves "green people" in suits. And again, the earth, the public is intrigued: it is the recognition of the astronauts-witnesses, and not idle speculation journalists or fantasy writers.

However, years later one American astronaut, "the direct witness" those unique "meetings", admitted that the date on the moon with aliens dreamed him... in my sleep before the flight. It is clear that the same breathtaking dreams saw and others "eyewitnesses".

But Russian cosmonauts "lucky" less't flying alien creatures and vehicles during their travels through the vast cosmic expanses for the 38-year history of space exploration them to meet and failed.

Who benefits from the spread sensational stories about meeting flying saucers, aliens from outer space? Why do the American authorities, having (if, of course, there are unique information about contacts with alien civilizations, don't want to share it with specialists from other countries, assigning these documents vulture perfect secrecy for decades?

To answer these questions clearly difficult. There are different versions. Each case, as it seems, should be considered separately taking into account the political situation in the world. Not excluded that increased secrecy was used by certain circles in the West for fomenting "cold war". Another version of attempts to conceal their own incompetence, not to shame, as they say, Esprit de corps in terms of recognition "alien" objects, which in fact was the result of human creations various probes, balloons, unmanned planes and so on. And perhaps to justify in the eyes of the public exorbitant costs allocated to the implementation of the relevant costly military projects.

Nevertheless, to consider the existence of unidentified, extraordinary phenomena in nature with the wild imagination of journalists, writers, other "professionals"hungry for cheap sensation, it would be wrong. It is, of course, not about the aliens "the green man", the notorious flying saucers. The problem, as they say, wider, and deeper. The scientific problem that requires a serious approach.

The fact that people actually watched the strange phenomenon in various places of the Earth. In connection with this remarkable results in scientific terminology, visual and radar observations, when UFOs could be observed simultaneously in heaven, and on the radar screens. According to eyewitnesses, these phenomena represented some of education similar to metal, accompanied by the glow of the air.

In the daytime this glow is almost imperceptible. In some cases, eyewitnesses observed the occurrence of orange clouds, which, according to specialists, is the formation of nitrogen dioxide in the border of the air layer of ionized plasma.

Such UFO, in particular, were registered twice in July 1952 in Washington airport, in August 1956 about English bases of Bentwaters and Lakenheath, 30 November 1973 at the airport of the city of Turin (Italy)in September 1976 at the airbase Shah rocky under Teerana...

NOT SPARED these wonderful things and our country. So, for example, on 28 October 1989 impact UFO on radar station of Irkutsk airport was so strong that I had to change the routes of some of passenger aircraft. In different years the radars of the airport of the city of Kharkov and departmental radar stations in Nizhny Novgorod has also noted the presence of intruders.

But, perhaps, the most attractive place for UFO on the territory of the former Soviet Union can be considered as the area of Borisoglebsk, where, according to official data, for the period from 1974 to 1989 registered hundreds of strange phenomena. Here are just some examples.

on August 9, 1974 technical personnel training military planes, observed the movement of an unknown object in the form of white ball that was left behind a blue-green footprint. But the most surprising thing is that the radars did not react to the appearance of the stranger, the trail from which disappeared from the sky after an hour after the flight.

Exactly a month over the airfield "Povorino" suddenly appeared a black cloud, and on the radar stations of the circular review two blowout, reminiscent of the mark from aircraft (aircraft currently in the sky was not)Ustanovili that the observed object is situated at the altitude of 7,000 meters. In the airport area in the range of medium and long waves were recorded strong interference, had poor telephone connection. Once triggered, the alarm plane was inside the UFO, it immediately began to occur unexplained metamorphosis: in headphones, headsets siren howled, sound capacity which exceeded the threshold of pain. In addition, fired up the banner "Dangerous height", and the plane shook a strong turbulent weather. The pilots were forced to turn off the engine. As the plane came out of the cloud, mash immediately stopped. After power earned devices. Specialists carefully studied the plane, found no problems.

However, not always meet with the unknown passed harmlessly. It was in October 1981, in the district of Kaliningrad. Coming in for a landing military plane was suddenly faced with a five-meter fire-red ball, inside of which were brownish kernel with red veins. After no more than three seconds UFO disappeared.

The pilot felt then not the most pleasant moments in my life. Suddenly the engine started to falter, and after the disappearance of the object came cotton, there was a smell of burning, although emergency signage ire" is not highlighted. Repeated attempts to increase the speed was not a success.

Despite the brevity of what is happening, the alien has left its mark not only in the memory of the pilot, but also on the plane. Special Commission, examining "su-32",discovered the destruction of radio transparent fairing on the tip of Kiel, a blown fuse in the system of automatic registration of flight parameters ("black box"). To record the incident, alas, failed.

It is clear that numerous contacts with unidentified flying objects are interested in the Armed forces. What is the nature of these phenomena? How do they affect human health, the functioning of equipment? As can affect the combat capability of the Armed forces?

To answer these and many other questions, since 1978 in the 22nd research center in Mytishchi near Moscow, work began on the study of abnormal aerospace phenomena. The center became a leading organization. Here were received information from similar structures of the armed forces. In total for a decade (1980 1990) SIC gathered a vast data base, which allows to recreate the image of some incident in great detail, and scientists to draw some conclusions about the nature of these phenomena.

They are almost identical, says senior scientific expert of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation on the problem of anomalous phenomena candidate of technical Sciences, Colonel Alexander Plaksin. They all appear suddenly and talso suddenly disappear.

It is not excluded that observed in the atmosphere UFO, according to Alexander Alexandrovich, sustainable plasma formations of different density, similar to the invisible during the day and cool at night ball lightning. Appearing on the radar screens of interference, the scientist believes, can occur because of the turbulent phenomena in the troposphere, massive accumulations of birds and insects ("angels"). Noted also that the number of "angels" increases in the morning, and from November to February, the area of coverage decreases. However to speak about the nature of UFOs have not.

Closer to unraveling the mysteries of abnormal aerospace phenomena could interact with the scientists of other countries which have repeatedly offered to establish contacts with our military colleagues. But "for reasons of secrecy"...

It is likely that today Russian scientists could learn about these unique natural phenomena. So, in the end of 70-s was created spectrophotometer, which allows to obtain spectra of any radiation, including in the visible range, at high altitudes, in the ionosphere (200 kilometers). However, to use it to study the UFO is not yet possible as for objective reasons, and subjective.

As for the impact of these phenomena on human health, it, said Colonel Alexander Plaksin, minimally and is expressed mainly in the psychological effect - worries pilots during flights. But affect the degree of combat readiness of the Armed forces in General, is convinced a military expert, these objects are unlikely.
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