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Необычное досье ФБРA few years ago, the makers of the popular U.S. news programs "Mysteries of the Cosmos" decided to find genuine FBI documents, removing the veil of mystery over the UFO. And after a while some of the documents was received by the journalists. They covered the period from 1947 until the mid 60-ies. Copies of these documents were shown on TV. But the presenter stressed that the Federal Bureau of Investigation was seriously engaged by the UFO problem only when did the message on completion of aliens serious crimes. Whether so it ?

The FBI was established in 1920-ies, J. Edgar Hoover. Originally the aim was to identify and suppress these criminal actions, as kidnapping, robbing banks, offices of large firms. But over time, Hoover concentrated in the hands enormous power, taking in his charge, counter-intelligence and counter-terrorism. By the way,this outstanding in-kind man served seven successive presidents from his post until his death in 1972.

Sunny day on June 24, 1947 came into history as the starting point of the modern era UFO. Then the American pilot Kenneth Arnold saw the formation of the nine silver objects flying at high speed.

As soon became clear, when this was not the only... Originally "flying saucers" did the U.S. air force. But soon the staff were swamped by the eyewitnesses. And July 9, 1947, the representative of command of the U.S. air force General George Shulgin sent to the FBI official request for help. In response Edgar Hoover wrote on 15 July a Memorandum to:

"I will help the air force, but before that we have to agree on full access to the detected disks. We know that the military has captured one of the disks, but did not allow us even briefly to explore it". General Shulgin guaranteed the head of the FBI, which will give an indication to provide its agents "any information relating to the disks, and to give them the opportunity to explore these objects".

In 1947 by the Bulletin of the FBI appeared document at number 42, signed by Hoover. "You will study each item provided to you and relevant to "flying disks", with the purpose of establishing its authenticity and keep the Bureau informed of research results". So the FBI started to collect any reports of UFO sightings.

The first part of declassified materials FBI has made more than 500 pages. These documents were received by Dr. Bruce Maccabee, thanks to the Act on freedom of information.

It turned out that not all the materials deserve study. Some of them say just idle rumors and fabrications. But "approximately 40 percent of the messages that arrive via telex and in decrypted form valuable information on UFO". And a small remainder notes FBI intended for internal use, which shed light on the position of the office on this issue.

One of the notes 1947 tell the finding made by the agent of the FBI in Portland, Oregon. He recorded the testimony of a witness who saw the aircraft in the mountains during the day on June 24, 1947.

The scout, who was at the altitude of 5000 feet above sea level in the mountains, noticed a shadow looked up and saw the disk, moving to the South-East, and in a few minutes found five such objects they All flew noiselessly, had in diameter of 30 feet, and every stretched footprint as for a jet aircraft.

A scout were compass and watch. He noted that before there was the first disk, the compass needle began to thrash from side to side. But once the drive was out of sight, arrow immediately took its normal position.

But the era of harmony between the U.S. air force and the FBI was over pretty quickly. This happened when the Office employees perehvati whether the letter of Colonel R. H. Smith of team defense. He wrote that "service FBI must help the air force to separate real UFO from all fakes, which ultimately could be a seat for toilets and similar nonsense". In other words, as did the Colonel, military had to deal with this fact and agents of the Bureau to dig in the garbage.

In response Hoover wrote an angry letter to General George Mac Donald in the Pentagon, dated September 27, 1947, in which he identified the words "toilet seats" from the letter of Colonel Smith. "I will not allow the personnel of this organization to have fun in this way, " wrote Hoover - And advise the air force to stop all research activities related to observations of "flying disc".

Some important documents concerning UFOs were collected Bureau in 1948-1949. But gradually the situation began to change. The FBI was no longer engaged in this issue officially. It is only on its own initiative, has continued to monitor the emergence "flying saucers" and their activities. This work was carried out until the mid 1960-ies.

In 1950, the FBI received information about the alleged fall UFO near nuclear complex in Tennessee. Again investigation was carried out. Witnesses interviewed under oath, academic experts examined the scene. But in the end no "exhaustive proof" not found. Similar incidents took place in the same year in Washington state, and in 1952 - in South Carolina. UFO seen many people, but no evidence of their fall had not been found.

In Office for many years kept dossiers on some of the witnesses of UFOs. Also preserved records of the journalist Frank Scully, author of the first book about the problems UFO "Riddle-flying saucers" ( 1950 ) and ufologist by Donald Kiho, founder of the influential once UFO groups.

One of the first who was also absorbed by the subject of UFO's, was made famous in the 1950-ies George Adamski. They mainly devoted to the visit of the FBI to Adamski home in California. George was asked to sign a statement in which it was argued that the employees of the Agency "did not approve of his statements". Further Adamski used this document as proof of the interest of the U.S. government to its contacts with "space brothers". This greatly alarmed Bureau, therefore, in December 1953, his representatives have visited UFO enthusiast.

Telex from the Department of the FBI in San Diego testified that "Adamski persistently warned that he immediately stopped references to the fact that the FBI approved his intention to talk about "flying saucers". Adamski again warned that if he did not stop such statements, against him will be put forward formal charges". But the documents dated 1956, testify, he continued to speak in the same way.

The office continued to monitor Adamski and other contactees with aliens because they all preached the non-use of nuclear weapons. As asserted by these people, they acted according to the instructions "space brothers". Intolerant attitude to nuclear weapons for many years was regarded in the US as subversive activities. Therefore, when a small group of ufologists from Detroit sponsored in 1954 lectures Adamski local office of the FBI opened a secret dossier called "the Detroit club "flying saucers" espionage".

The FBI, there are other documents related to UFOs. But in 1960-ies of them became much smaller. First of all because the Bureau had gradually lost interest to this. Its leaders finally realized simple observation and study of UFOs is not a crime.
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