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Неопознанный летающий проектOn the remote control automatic start-up of ballistic missiles themselves began to catch fire teams fighting the Soviet military attacks ... "plates" is not confused. They was afraid. And at the same time was ashamed to tell the country and its political leadership about his fear. And suddenly will accept for loonies? "What other plates - muraci? Take a NAP, Colonel!" - shouted, was from headquarters General for HF communication dumb child who has window fun gleamed silver disk. However, in the 80-s in the USSR Ministry of defense was created and put on rations special unit for the monitoring of unidentified flying objects.

50-th division of the strategic missile forces. 1982. Ordinary summer evening. In the bushes near the gate of the CPR peacefully chirping cicadas. About running across the screen locator observations green scan does not portend anything unusual. The duty officer is spinning out of boredom on a rotating chair. And suddenly - a sharp burst on the screen, call combat anxiety and have time sleeping on duty hang jaw. Locators fix that unknown entity does strange and illogical evolution over launcher mines Intercontinental ballistic missiles. At the same time on the remote one after another start up button the automatic system of fighting start - as if already received a command from "nuclear suitcase" Commander in chief. But there was not a single phone call! Duty runs cold sweat. Paralyzed by fear, it casts aside, ten-storey swearing, officers, at one point in the PU heart-rending howl of sirens. Meanwhile on the control panel lights up fatal "start". Someone guesses and manages the emergency switch, disconnect the whole system. In the silence all, wiping the sweat that poured into the streets - the sky above part, as usual, clean and serene. No UFO. But just almost started a nuclear war!

About the state of emergency was described in the reports of soldiers. There was actually who flew? Nobody knows. Reports from similar unpleasant incidents near military facilities began to accumulate in secret folders MO since the mid 50-ies. Strange flying contraption different forms suddenly appeared directly over military objects. In several cases, they were able to attack with aircraft or missiles"ground-to-air". And always to no avail. Similar plate boom began in the United States and Western Europe even earlier - in the late 40-X. But if the U.S. air force almost immediately organized a study of the UFO phenomenon ("Project "the Blue book"), and the many observations and pictures were published in print, in the land of the Soviets everything connected with "Skeet"secretions, and to publications in the press was taboo.

In 1969, "Blue book" as pseudoscience project was closed on the recommendation "Committee Condon", headed by a leading physicist at the University of Colorado. But, according to the Soviet intelligence service, the project has just passed in a secret area of the work of the Pentagon. Our military authorities became worried and didn't know what to do: quite reasonably feared that intelligence is a deliberate leak, "local" by sly Yankee wishing that we military spending money on crap. On the other hand - secret reports about unexplained of state of emergency there were continued.

After long hesitation in 1979 the USSR decided to organize collecting exotic information. Signed by Deputy head of the arms MO on the radio electronics and Metrology Colonel-engineer P. Pokrovsky out methodical instructions on action with the observation of anomalous phenomena. The document is strictly determined the procedure of observation, the need sketches, and recordings of what is happening, the procedure of preparation of the report. And in 1980 he published a Directive of the General staff for commanders parts devoted to UFO sightings, - the collection of this information became mandatory, and in parts even appointed for this special case the responsible officers. It was considered that the analysis of the collision of a UFO with the military, especially when unknown reacted technique, could give the key to protecting weapons from extraneous interference to, or targeted impacts, and also to encourage scientists to create new weapons. Then monitor the unknown set on a Grand scale - in Mytishchi on the basis of one of the closed military Institute was organized special laboratory for the collection and analysis of data about UFOs.

On the territory of the Union revealed several areas, especially loved by unidentified objects. One of them is the Boris and Gleb aerosol complex runways, radio beacons, means of control of the airspace, military bases, etc. Here on average was recorded as 20-25 such incidents per year. Everything is documented.

2 October 1984. Plesetsk. A routine test of a ballistic missile. During the engine start the second stage of the accident occurs. What amazement specialists when deciphering records of photostencil they suddenly see clearly next to a flying missile strange glowing object, and more faint glow. When deciphered the writing on Board the rocket, saw that refused one of the nodes at the very moment when there appeared a UFO. Later these photographs announced defect film, but to date the cause of the failure was never found.

In 1981 pilot guard Lieutenant Korotkov performed the task on the su-32. Suddenly he was facing a big round glowing object that flew before the nose of the aircraft. Immediately denied all instruments and that is absolutely unique in the world practice, passed out "black box", which can be only in one case - when the destruction of the aircraft. Some time later recovered, and the object disappeared, but Korotkov numb arm. This feeling has passed only through the day. Evidence of a case is not only the words of the pilot, but the destruction of parts of the aircraft, in particular the skin. Let's remind, this data is not taken from UFO magazines, and from dry military reports.

For 15 years of work the laboratory has collected about 1000 evidence about the so-called anomalous aerospace events*. Only some of them, scientists have been able to explain. In 70 cases were observed direct and unexplained impact on the technique. One of them, as mentioned in the beginning, almost ended the launching nuclear missiles.

Now Mytishchi laboratory has passed away. Plates ceased to frighten our military, which is hardly possible to have something to scare more than life in the post-reform Russia. But a former employee of the laboratory, senior scientific expert of the defense Ministry on the problem of anomalous aerospace phenomena, candidate of technical Sciences, Colonel Alexander Plaksin (as he had), together with a group of employees continues the study of UFOs. They, he said, are now almost at the Amateur level, and almost without financing. Colonel complains that the activities of the MOE in this direction faded. This requirement similar to the old Directive of the General staff, but not now. If any reports and, accidentally, and only by the good will of observers. And other witnesses for information and require money!

Meanwhile, the U.S. military continue secret study "neopoznannyi". At least, so consider international enthusiastic ufologists and American journalists, requires from the authorities of official recognition of the relevant programs. The authorities are hiding. And our?

Wake up in the press service of the defense Ministry. Question: "does the Ministry officially abnormal aerospace phenomena"? A: "NO".
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