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НЛО выбирает Крым!Witnesses unusual phenomena were Yalta and customers - in the evening the city passed a ball of fire and scattered sparks over the sea. He moved silently. As always, send traditional talk about UFOs. However, in the Yalta branch of Astronomic and geodesic society denied the rumors. Experts believe that it was an ordinary space "trash", which over our heads with excess.

Now in space is 7,500 objects, each of the meeting with other heavenly bodies creates thousands and thousands of pieces. They say that even if you stop all missile launches, as the result of a chain reaction among the debris over a century will be doubled. There is a serious threat for new flights to low-earth orbits.

But this fact is, most likely, does not prevent a flying saucer, taken a liking to the Crimea. If Yalta is clear, the situation remains unsolved mystery Alushta, where the middle of the night, to the surprise of the rare passers-by and lovers, the UFO hour hung over the station. And to fall down was not going.

In Alushta, by the way, worked expedition of the St. Petersburg scientific center for the study of anomalous phenomena of nature, interested in information of students. Scientists least worried about the stories of guys - they could to make it up, make a mess. But the plate, prizemlilsya on a slope, left traces of grass was burnt, plants blackened. The composition of plaque on the greens, which could not be washed away even many rains, exploring now chemists.

"The study of unknown phenomena of nature has long been banned, " says ufologist VBA. - Now we are talking about the problem in full voice. But one should not treat it as something fantastic. Is the collection of material, its analysis, in a word, there is a serious work".

Crimea the increasingly appears in the reports, which marks the appearance of UFOs. And it started yesterday. There are Plutarch about how UFO scared famous Bosporan king Mithridates. A few hours before the battle "suddenly the sky onua.org opened up and it seemed great fiery body that went down into the gap between the troops of the enemy. On his mind, it was like a barrel, and by the color of molten silver. Opponents daunted by the sign, went without a fight".

In Dzhankoy region with the dish facing the working Nikolai Konyukhov, when I went to his relatives in the neighboring village: "Only went down into the beam, see something dark. It was a great device, around which went unknown creatures. First thought: the movie shoot. Here spacecraft turned on the light and all things have become visible. Barely managed to escape".

Theodosia engineer Gennady Somov this point of view: "I was on one of the flying saucers. Disappeared last night I almost without service, in such form and returned.

The kidnapping of the Earth lasts a long time. This is done for two reasons. Extraterrestrials right stock building material for a habitation of other galaxies and the necessary energy contained in living beings, for replenishment of the special Fund.

Extraterrestrial civilization believes that the planet is doomed. Due to the leakage of the space information we have made a giant leap in the discovery of the mysteries of the atom, which ultimately will lead us to ruin. The child cannot be given into the hand of the match, if he does not understand what it is.

I concluded that the selection of Earthmen is not in physical and not in intelligence, and energy reserves, which can vary in hundreds, and even thousands of times".

Tells vacationer in the Crimean resort hotel"Blue Bay" Mikhail Markov: "Night I woke up with a huge desire to swim. Since the boarding house is on the Black sea, had no problems, but I wanted to go somewhere far away, and I went to the Bay Frog.

Even approaching this Bay, I heard some strange hum, compare that with what is not taken. In some 100-150 metres from the shore at a distance of 3-4 meters of water hung something much like the pith helmet, but more rounded and flat. On some new kind of weapon it was not like (I'm a little know - graduated from MATI). I watched it "something" within minutes 15. Then decided to approach and to examine him. Fortunately for me, the night was not dark, periodically from behind the clouds appeared moon.

I thought I sailed forever, and partly it was - I was going very slowly, because I was sick with fear. The closer gotten stronger was a palpable certain noise. When I swam to the body, it turned out that it hangs in 3 meters from the water. Even then, when I sailed, I noticed that the surface of the water as it absorbent for use. Don't know what caused it, but I was sure that I am being watched.

Poplava there for at least half an hour, I was going to swim to the shore, he saw that the center of the circle began to run down some of the cylinder. When he reached the water's surface, it appeared, that is one half went for another. And here at last it dawned on me: I was invited to enter.

For a moment I wanted to jerk, sail away, but suddenly, as if someone has subjected me to your will, I walked into the cylinder, the second half closed, instantly the water went away, and I felt myself being lifted up. After a few seconds the ascent was over, the cylinder is opened, and I saw that I was in a room that is least like the location of the aircraft.

Having walked around the core, I came into the room, it is unknown what and where lit, in which there were two chairs, and a sort of one big seats along the wall. The chairs were very unusual form, within their roar was heard in a soft, almost imperceptible form.

At that moment, when I was desperate to understand anything, nowhere came a voice. I have been asked not to be afraid, assured that harm I will not cause. About myself I can tell not had - everything about me was known. Basically, the questions I asked.

As I understood, they are not from this galaxy, with some of the constellation... of Course, that the consciousness was slightly blurred... what they showed me, not fit into the framework of our cinema. It was like waking hours, that is, had the volume, published sounds, etc.

I understood that they are able to manage the field of gravitation and much more. That this body - robot-machine that is sent here to accomplish very specific tasks. On my question why they do not directly come into contact with us, told me that at the level on which we find ourselves, it is impossible that it will bring us a lot of trouble.

When much was found out, asked me - I do not want to leave the Earth and enter into a higher civilization? Said that they have enough of the inhabitants of the Earth.

I refused and thanked them, and then still say that with the return with pleasure. But it turned out that it was wrong.

I was very kindly similarly brought into the water, and I swam to the shore. When I was on the beach, bright light illuminated all around, and I was able to safely get out".

To believe or not to believe these stories? How do I know... But there is no reason not to trust the military pilot, test pilot lion Vyatkino : "Rendezvous happened in the air during night flights in the Crimea. I flew the fighter-interceptor for performing training flight. Was 23 hours to minutes. Clarified its location, reported it to the head of operations and gradually introduced the machine to the left bend.

Was a moonless night. My flight has fulfilled half of turn and now looked tip cab towards the sea. Far below curved horseshoe fire flickered Yalta. Routinely monitor the readings of pilot devices. For banespyme chairs the noise of the working of the engine.

And at that moment I saw that I long troubled, forcing again and again to seek the explanation for what happened. I saw THIS when, after obtaining the opinion from devices, looked forward: a large, bright object in the form of glowing oval "pouncing" to me on the left.

Finding such close neighbourhood, I immediately asked the flight of: "Who is in the area?". He said that besides me in the zone no one there, all aircraft already landed.

Trying not to lose sight of the UFO, I put the car in the right turn. Avoiding dangerous approach, I tried to determine where the object is moving. However, after a few seconds it became "off", and as if it was done from within, using the rheostat.

Following the bend, my plane back to the starting point. After some deliberation I decided to complete the flight mission. At the same time tried to be very careful. The latter proved to be very handy.

Hardly I have installed the set course, speed and added momentum of the turbine, as from above flashed white light and immediately after him ahead appeared slightly tilted milky white light. He was quickly approaching and I don't take time to roll, certainly touched it nose-or, rather, the cockpit.

And yet I ended up in a ray of the left wing. However, despite the high speed of convergence, and I clearly saw and felt something strange. White beam, he barely touched the wing, instantly disintegrated into small sparkles, reminiscent of the flickering onua.org placer festive fireworks. My plane was greatly shaken. Devices have been alternately outrageous left and right with the frequency of the metronome, after a few seconds, everything disappeared and the light, and the light, and UFOs.

The feeling of the blow that I experienced in contact with ray, and how steel outrageous arrow on the dashboard, you can make the assumption that this was not a ray of light, and glowing gas, a magnetic core.

It is curious that my story in the environment pilots always perceived quietly. While some have proposed quite separate parcels. For example: UFO proposes its magnetic-gas-ray-probe. Leading him to the ground, he probes and reads extensive information about the surface, biomass, temperature, pressure, humidity, radiation energy, and other parameters, which are then fed to the memory of the device.

We note that UFOs over the Crimea appear frequently, and over the sea near Sevastopol recorded another ball with the effect of the beam".

So what is UFO - myth or reality? Anyway, this phenomenon should be studied thoroughly, aided UFO centres and laboratories. And there is no fact does not remain without attention. Secret of the universe is like a mosaic, in which important every stone.
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