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Неравномерность появлений НЛОOne of the characteristic features of UFOs is the extreme unevenness of their observations in time (by hours, days, months, years) and by country.

Statistical analysis of the number of reports of UFO from different countries shows that the largest number of observations during the day it usually happens evening hours (from 20.00 to 23.00). During the night the number of observations is reduced, probably because of the fact that the potential observers sleep .

The distribution of the number of observations by months of each year, too, is uneven, although there seems to be viewed with some regularity, for the greatest number of reports of UFO sightings in the USSR and in the USA accounts for the period from July to October (2,96).

Initially attempts have been made to explain this pattern by increasing the number of potential observers in these months, for in summer and autumn, people spend more time on the nature. But it turned out that the increase in the number of observations in these months in the southern hemisphere, where the winter is. Therefore, the reason for the increase in the number of observers UFO in July - October, apparently, should look for something else.

However, according to the statistical analysis of UFO sightings across the Moscow region during 1984-1988, the second "peak" of the message was in December - February .

Irregularity of UFO sightings over the years is that in many countries worldwide for a number of years was recorded only a few cases of UFO sightings, and then suddenly "rolled" a wave of such observations.

For example, in the postwar years "peaks" of UFO sightings in the United States were in 1952, 1957, 1966 and 1973, while in France, Spain and Italy maximum occurred in 1954, in New Guinea is in 1958, and in South America in 1963 .

We in the USSR such a sharp increase in the number of reports of UFO sightings were reported in the summer of 1967 in the South and in the autumn of 1977, in June 1980, and in may 1981 - in the North-West of the European part of the USSR.

Attracts attention and that on the background of a General increase of UFO activity, measured in months, there is a sharp increase in the number of their occurrences in some days, called "active date". Moreover, this increase in the number of observations is in a fairly wide areas. Attempts to identify the causes of UFO activity in some years and days in certain areas of the globe and to find any pattern so far not been successful, although some massive influx of reports of UFO sightings in our country, probably, can be explained.

For example, the sharp increase in the number of messages in 1967, apparently, was the result of his speech, the General-major Pastrarea and Pushes on national television, in 1977 - due published in the Central press notes onua.org the appearance of UFOs over Petrozavodsk, and in June 1980 to may 1981 - as a result of observations of spacecraft launches, accompanied near side effects.

The reason is that the population of our country are insufficiently informed about how they look a true picture of launches of spacecraft, often perceive them as something unusual, as some witnesses in a hurry to take observations of these phenomena in the category of UFO. From here can be easily explained by the fact that in many letters sent to the Central Commission for AYA, describes runs.

Currently, the Central Commission has developed a methodology to distinguish messages that describe the picture runs seen from great distances from anomalous phenomena.

Description run at night is as follows: first, an angle of about 25 degrees to the horizon, there is a moving brightly lit point, which is formed contrails. Then the front part of the track located at a high altitude, expanded, acquiring the shape of the bubble or fish, which are visible streams flowing gases similar to the rays. Bright luminosity footprint caused partly by luminance gases, basically - lighting them the Sun, due to the considerable height above the Earth's surface (Il). So is the work of the first stage booster.

Then luminous point there is a bright flash, and formed a fixed oval, giving the impression hang glowing object. Around her sometimes there may be divergent concentric circles.

Here is the separation of the first stage booster occurring at an altitude of about 50 km approximately 2 minutes after the start. And motionless oval region is formed by the evaporation of residual fuel emitted in this moment from the tanks through the drainage holes, resulting in a cloud of gases, which can glow in the sunlight.

Further movement of the second stage is observed in the form of further movement of the bright points with divergent behind her cone jets gases, like rays. Here it is possible observation of one flash at the moment of separation of the second stage of the rocket, which occurs at an altitude of about 200 kilometres, approximately 5 minutes after the launch.

It should be borne in mind also that the decrease thrust rocket engines when working both stages is achieved by sudden release of pressure in the combustion chamber through the opening of additional holes located on the side or the front part of the body of the rocket. The form of jets divergent gases for observers located in the alignment with the direction onua.org run, may resemble a giant flower, or the cross, and if stabilization rockets carried out by its rotation around its longitudinal axis of the jet will spiral. After the movement of the bright points (after 5 - 7 minutes) is sufficiently rapid dispersion of emissions.

A sign that described the phenomenon occurs in the far distance, are almost the same azimuth observation witnesses that are located at a considerable distance from each other.

Confirmation that the observed run it spacecraft, can also be obtained by comparing the time of the observed phenomena with the publication in print date for the launch of an artificial Earth satellite or spacecraft.

Separate consideration deserves increase in the number of UFO sightings occurring in the periods prior to some of the launches of spacecraft, during and after a while.

Annually in our country are launched about 100 of space objects, however, for the past 12 years only in three cases - in September 1977, in June 1980, and in may 1981 was observed similar phenomena.

Especially great resonance in our country caused the publication of the message about the so-called Petrozavodsk phenomenon. In the newspaper Socialisticheskaya industry” (1977. September 23) he was described as follows:

"September 20, about four o'clock in the dark sky suddenly flared huge star", impulsive sent to earth the shafts of light. This star" slowly moved to Petrozavodsk and, sprawled over him as jellyfish, hung, showering the city with many subtle ray jets, which gave the impression of a heavy rain.

After some time ray glow is over. "Medusa" turned bright semicircle and resumed movement in the direction of lake Onega, the horizon of which were covered with gray clouds. In this veil then formed a semicircular gully bright red color to the middle and white on the sides. This phenomenon, according to eyewitnesses, lasted 10-12 minutes."

Color figures phases of Petrozavodsk phenomena were placed in the journal "Technology" (1978. 9) (Il).

It is known that during the observation of Petrozavodsk phenomenon at 4.00 September 20, 1977, was launched Sputnik "Cosmos-955" from the Plesetsk cosmodrome, located to the North-East from Petrozavodsk. But it turns out that another 19 September, the day before the start, has already been observed flying some unknown objects in the district of Leningrad, Vilnius, Tbilisi.

Before the launch also has been committed by unknown objects: 1.00 over the Medvezhegorsk, at 2.30 over settlement of Louhi of Carasso, and at 3.00 above the village Kovdor Murmansk region and over Palanga in Lithuania.

During startup, too, was observed flying some unknown objects in a variety of ways:

- over the Leningrad region (according to the Pulkovo Observatory) and above the town of Kem - from South to North, above the village of Kalevala Karass - from the North to the South ; in the area of Priozersk and Lomonosov in Leningrad region from West to East ; - above the town of p?ltsamaa in Estonia - from North-West to the South-West, etc.

It is also interesting that the observations of unidentified flying objects in the early morning of 20 September were recorded at great distances from Plesetsk in Dnepropetrovsk, Yalta, Ochakov, Tbilisi, Novosibirsk, Altai and even in Vladivostok. Characteristically, that such observations continued after startup: on the evening of September 20, Ufa, Tomsk and South-West of Ashgabat, and September 22 in Pudozh of Karass. And, we believe that all of these observations is not svazas by launching "Cosmos-955" .

In this regard, we must stop repeatedly changing and contradictory attempts to explain Petrozavodsk phenomenon undertaken over many years

corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Sciences Who, responsible for the study of anomalous phenomena in our country.

For the first time this was stated in the "Week" (1979. 3)where VVMYulin claimed "Petrozavodsk phenomenon is one of the most striking events which have not been explained yet".

In the French magazine "La recherche" for August 1979, Migulin, too, could not explain the observed phenomenon, but only expressed surprise why anything that night was not observed in Arkhangelsk region, where he performed experiments.

In the "Soviet Russia" (1980. April 19), Migulin suddenly says "Petrozavodsk phenomenon we expected in this area, and by this time it was timed the experiment on atmospheric sounding".

But only a month, and Migulin in the paper "Moskovskie Novosti" (1980.25 may) again writes that, "despite the facts, we cannot explain the essence of the wonderful phenomenon that was observed in the autumn of 1977, near Petrozavodsk".

Essentially, a similar statement Migulina was printed in the "Literaturnaya Gazeta" (1982. October 20), where he emphasized, "the nature of Petrozavodsk phenomenon is still unclear because we know too little about the processes that have caused the totality then observed phenomena".

Another three years, and in the journal "Change" (1985. 4) Migulin suddenly declares that Petrozavodsk case is now explained. He reports that on 20 September 1977 was a powerful solar flare, which has created a complex of geophysical situation. At this time, IZMIRAN spent South of Arkhangelsk experiment with a new device for the study of the magnetosphere. In addition, immediately launched a unit for space exploration, the individual elements of which, burning in the atmosphere, were clearly visible in the sky. And here "on complex geophysical situation was superimposed consequences technical activity of man, and all this, taken together, give the observed over Petrozavodsk phenomenon".

The wording is very vague and unclear, from which we can conclude that the causes of the phenomenon was the combination of solar flares, experiment with a new device and run the unit for space exploration (apparently, satellite "Cosmos-955"

The years go by, and "the Week" (1989. 33) Migulin gives again a new explanation, saying that "it was just an unsuccessful rocket launch with our Northern test site, which could be observed not only in Petrozavodsk, but also in many areas of the Leningrad region, although the rocket was rather far away, even from Petrozavodsk".

So, the latest in a series of contradictory explanations, data Migulina, - "it was just an unsuccessful rocket launch" . And closest aide Migulina research AYA Uplatu in "Science and life" (1989. 8) specified that it was the booster companion "of Space-955" , launched from the Plesetsk cosmodrome, and even shows the diagram of its trajectory passing significantly to the East of Arkhangelsk.

But if this is so, then why in Arkhangelsk, as written Migulin in the French magazine, nothing extraordinary has not been noticed? Whereas in the description Platov in the journal "Around the world" (1985. 2), stated that larka star turned left and approached the Petrozavodsk”, then around her was formed medetomodine radiance, and this luminous cloud hung over the city (!).

Only mapping this data gives the impression that the launching of an artificial satellite "Cosmos-955" and the phenomenon observed by the citizens of Petrozavodsk, apparently, were still different phenomena. In addition, for the study of Petrozavodsk phenomenon was created a special Commission headed by the same Migulina that no one would be created only for the collection of impressions of eyewitnesses about a failed missile launch.

Something similar Petrozavodsk phenomenon occurred in June 1980, when the satellite launch "Cosmos-1188" carried out in 23.51 June 14 from the Plesetsk cosmodrome, also was accompanied by a number of strange phenomena, although data on the time of observation, direction and elevation angles, the majority of witnesses coincided with the relevant data "of Space-1188" .

In this case there was also the observation of unknown objects, even before the launch.

Thus, in the second half of the day on June 14, a number of eyewitnesses watched through binoculars cigar-shaped object, suspended for 15 minutes over the Sheremetyevo airport, which then with great speed went straight up.

In the period to 23.00 23.30 on the Balashikha was observed hanging motionlessly object with two straight rays.

In the period from 23.15 till 23.40 a number of witnesses in Moscow, the Moscow region and the cities of Michurinsk and Bologoye observed flights unknown to all objects with red plumes in various areas (with azimuths 90-240V degrees). And in some places it was observed how these basic objects flew some other small objects and doing various maneuvers at low altitude.

These messages came from IUSE, Kurova and carpet Moscow region and Yemasova Ryazan region.

About Chkalovsky was observed hanging motionlessly cigar shaped object with two rays, joined by some small object. Some of these objects move on the wrong path.

Ivanteevka and Pushkin (Moscow region) saw egg-shaped object, rising on a spiral trajectory, and over the Iksha object moving zigzag.

But if all these anomalies can be explained by their different perceptions of eyewitnesses, the cases when observed at this time, the objects affected people and technical resources already onua.org completely exclude the possibility of linking them with the launch of the satellite. I mean the supervision of engineer-Colonel Vcherashnem in the village of Chkalovsk hung at the height of 2.5 m above the ground ellipsometria object around which was a kind of protective shield that enabled Karjakin to come closer. This case is described in detail in the third Chapter of this book.

According to credible data, in the period between 23-50 14 June to 2.00 June 15, near the town of Volsk, Saratov region was observed ball-shaped object flying at low speed at the height of 100-200 m and throwing out towards the earth five points, which are then merged into one. Characteristically, that were detected faults in operation of the motor vehicles, which was near the ball.

It is also interesting that at 18.00 June 15, that is 18 hours after launch, the residents of the settlement, Russia, located not far from the Chkalovskaya, watched hanging in the sky, a small black cylinder . As September 20, 1977, was observed an unusual phenomenon in the points located very far from Plesetsk (Penza, Samara, Saratov and Rostov-on-don).

In the journal "Science and life" (1989. 8) indicated that about an hour after launch "of Space-1188" unidentified luminous objects observed over the cities of Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Aruana in Argentina.

The third case of coincidence of the launching of the satellite with the observation flight of unknown objects took place on the night of 14 to 15 may 1981

The analysis of numerous eyewitness accounts show that in this case most of them described the launch of one of the satellites "meteor-2" , which was produced in 1.45 15 may again in Plesetsk. However, it was also observed flights of any other objects, not related to the launch.

For example, according to credible data, in the period from 0.50 to 1.50 prior to the launch, the station of Balasheika Kuibyshev region was observed flying some flattened sphere with a beam aimed down, which then appeared rays radiating in all directions, and while this observation in balasheyke refused wired connection.

At the same time, a group of soldiers close to the Vyborg observed hovering object from which, toward the airfield, slowly ran visible beam.

About 2.00 on may 15 in Lodeinoe pole (Leningrad region) by several eyewitnesses observed the luminous ball, flying from East to West, which, after a 2-3 circle over Lodeinoe Field, flew to the North-East.

In Leningrad were collected over 100 witnesses of this phenomenon, some of them claimed to have seen two or even three objects.

Sightings of unknown objects in the night of 14 to 15 may has been also received from Moscow, Tula, Tambov, Smolensk, Kaliningrad regions and Lithuania.

Thus, in all cases examined, the launches of spacecraft were accompanied by the flight of some unknown objects observed in large areas of the European part of the USSR, and sometimes even in Asia and in the territory of other countries, and these flights took place and to launches, and during, and after them.

To find some reasonable explanation of this strange coincidences yet.

Typically, even correspondent member of the USSR Academy of Sciences Wegelin ("Week". 1984. 52) was forced to admit that "some features of anomalous phenomena, observed in September 1977, in June 1980, and in may 1981, we were not quite comprehensible".

Separate consideration should be given to the story of the observation of anomalous phenomena described in the paper "Labor" (1985. January 30) article CENTURIES Vostruhina "Exactly at 4.10" . In this article described how the crew of the passenger aircraft Tu-134a, following on a route of Tbilisi - Tallinn, in the area South of Minsk saw from some unknown object was approximately onua.org at the same height with the plane was directed towards the earth thin ray of light, which is then turned into a cone. On lit the ray of the area were clearly visible houses and roads. Then this beam was focused on the plane. Now the crew members saw the dazzling white dot surrounded by a colored concentric circles.

On their readingsm, this point then broke out, and in its place appeared a glowing ball diameter in half of the disc, which suddenly fell down, then vertically rose up, went right to the left and fixed in the original position. The pilots took this as a signal and answered periodic on and off the headlights and navigation lights of an airplane. Once the ball has appeared green "tail" , which first was sent to the ground and then took the horizontal position. After 10 minutes of the ball appeared a thin beam of light, directed viewer, and in 25 minutes - another beam aimed down and illuminated the clouds above Pskov lake.

At the same time on the same corridor flew another passenger aircraft Tu-134 from Leningrad in Tbilisi. According to the testimony of the second pilot of this plane Tabachnikova, they got the order of Minsk Manager to find out the situation, after a while I saw some unknown entity of the oblong form, from which came five points bluish color (two up and three down). In the area 25 km to the East Borisov one of these beams outlined on earth rectangle 10 to 15 km and sharp zigzag movements right - left consistently passed over the entire area of this rectangle.

By the way, there are indications of a policeman from Borisov, who observed at this time over the city unusual source of light .

Later another ray of light from the object for a short time was focused on the plane.

The total duration of the observation of the object by the crews of both aircraft was about 35 minutes, although radars Minsk, Riga and Vilnius airports are not recorded in the area of aircraft flying any of unknown objects.

When you publish articles "Exactly at 4.10" Labour intentionally not specified date of the event (September 7, 1984), to ensure maximum objectivity eyewitness testimony. So among the many letters received by the Central Commission for AYA, was of particular interest to those that began with the words: "something like this I saw in the night of September 7,..."

The analysis of these letters showed that in most of them, apparently, described the launching of the satellite "Cosmos-1596" , made on 7 September from the Plesetsk cosmodrome, about what was reported in the newspaper "news" (1984. 9 September). However, anecdotal reports of independent witnesses confirmed the data of the crew about the observation of unknown objects with rays of light, illuminating the area (at the distance of 1000 km from the Plesetsk?)

So a former pilot-Lieutenant Colonel of Akbalyk said that he and five other adults witnesses (including one aircraft manufacturer) observed in the first hour of the night of 7 September 1984, 40 km from Baranavichy at the distance of 0.5 km from them cigar-shaped object with a length of about 100 m, the height of flight which was about 500 meters and a speed of 60 km / hour. From the front and back parts of the object have been directed vertically to the ground two blue beam. When one of these rays illuminated high-voltage line, there was a strong Bang, and immediately went out outdoor lighting in the nearby village.

Message Kovalchuk has confirmed that on the night of September 6-7 over Belarus were some unknown entity .

All this allows to assume that in this case during startup and on the background of the start was something abnormal phenomenon.

As for the views expressed in the paper "Labor" (1989. 16 September) onua.org that it was "scientific-technical experiment on the study of the atmosphere by spraying it special reagents", it looks not convincing, since it does not explain the origin of the rays, consistently going from an object on the ground and in the aircraft.

Same looks unconvincing and statement Yoy in "Week" ( 1989. 52) that the phenomenon was caused by a special state of the atmosphere at the time then testing missiles, because such a missile could not be observed for 35 minutes and re-emit the light rays.

The U.S. government has always paid special attention to the investigation into allegations of allegedly occurred explosions and UFO crashes, after which on earth was detectable fragments or whole, but corrupted objects. Not by accident in the model questionnaire, developed by the U.S. air force, there is a question: "Busted if the object into separate parts or exploded?"

It is also characteristic that in the instructions for the us air force 200-2 indicated that the observed part of the flying saucers should immediately be delivered in the research center of the air force, and staff of the air force was ordered to ensure the safety or suspected of the materials from which is made the UFO.
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