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Неопознанные объекты под водойFrom the ocean floor are strange sounds. Who publishes - unknown science the beast, or the inhabitants of underwater civilization? The depth of the oceans is so unknown that there may be hiding even aliens. So says the head of the International project acoustic monitoring Professor Christopher Fox. Mysterious underwater inhabitants are not visible, but, in his opinion heard.

For several years already, the scientist writes and analyses in the laboratory for the study of the marine environment of the Pacific ocean in Newport, Oregon, mysterious sounds coming from the abyss. The sounds of the sea picks up the system, which came in science from the military. In 1960th years the specialists of the U.S. Navy established under water global network of underwater hydrophones, which was aimed at tracking of Soviet submarines. However, in 1991 it had made and civilian scientists.

Posts listen, located at a depth of several hundred meters, can recognize most of the sounds on the spectrograms kind of voice prints. It is possible to calculate the "songs" of whales, the roar of the propellers submarines, the friction of icebergs on the bottom or peals of underwater earthquakes. But Professor Fox hears something else.

Unknown sources broadcast in long waves that spread on huge distances, in fact, across the ocean. They note the sensors that are located on different sides of the globe. The sound is low, similar onua.org the echoes of the work of any equipment or addressed to someone signals. Recorded on tape and scrolled faster they become visible and human ears. Moreover, acquire characteristic features. The researchers gave them their names: "Train", "Whistling", "Braking", "Howl".

- Take the brakes," says Fox. - This sound is similar to the one that makes landing the plane, first appeared in 1997 in the Pacific ocean. He now moved into the Atlantic. The source is located far from the hydrophones, and to detect it.

Modulated frequency and seemed meaningful signal is called "Ascending" constantly sounded in the period from 1991 to 1994. Then suddenly disappeared. But this year appeared again noticeably increased and became more diverse. Analysts at the U.S. Navy who try to understand, conducting research in parallel with the civil scientists, until hands are. Whose signals - it is not clear to anyone. Where exactly does come is unknown to pinpoint the source of the mysterious sounds impossible. They seemed to be deliberately "nest" far away from the hydrophones and moved. The site, located between unidentified sound objects. So call these anomalies by analogy with UFOs.

Who noise? Unknown to science, monsters or aliens? Maybe this "floating plates"?

From time to time the U.S. air force fixed mysterious underwater objects, which move at a depth of 6,000 meters with incredible speed of 370 km/hour. And now the speed is the most powerful nuclear-powered submarines does not exceed 60 - 80 km/hour. The depth of immersion standard submarines - a maximum of 1.5 km. Here is one of the cases, told a researcher of anomalous phenomena Maxim Bulle.

In March 1966 USA specialists performed a test of the far underwater communications. Kilometer antenna paved along the continental shelf. In the sea has sent the ship down to the bottom locators. But after the start of the experiment started to happen is something strange. At first took the signal itself, and then something like repetition of a signal, as the "echo", and strange, as if the encoded message. The experiment was repeated several times with the same results. It seemed, was recognized onua.org later one of the participants of the experiment Colonel Alex Sanders, "someone there, in the depth, took our signal, imitated it in order to get our attention, and then began to transmit the message on the same wavelength." When you've located the source of these signals, it is discovered that he is in one of the least studied areas of the Atlantic ocean at a depth of 8,000 feet. To understand the anomaly could not, and the experiment was stopped as failed.

However, 30 years later, in 1996, the recorded signals pass through the computers of the Pentagon. Giving details, the cryptographers the U.S. Navy still has not told, but the military oceanographers considerably activated the research as the bottom in the area of the Atlantic, and all sorts of options of how far underwater communications.

- Nobody really knows what from them (monsters) you can hear, - remembers her Christopher Fox, alluding to the mysterious sounds. But it is unclear something else: whether living beings, or any other objects to rush through the water column at a rate of meteors? It turns out that there is such surveillance.

For more than a hundred years, the sailors of merchant and military vessels reported about strange phenomena - bright lights and unidentified objects under water. Most of the messages refers to the waters of the Persian and Siamese bays of the South China sea and the Straits of Malacca. And to explore one of the deepest canyons Mindanao depth of 9 thousand meters, where in recent times hears strange sounds, scientists from the National Department for the study of the ocean and atmosphere US is preparing an expedition. Maybe this trip will finally reveal the secrets of the underwater world?
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