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НЛО и тайны горы ВоттоваараThe territory of Karelia, is very attractive for strange "visitors" - UFOs. The most popular among them are the areas having on its territory still preserved ancient places of worship, - Zaonezhye, Pudozh, white sea areas, Islands of Ladoga lakes and White. By chance?

Currently in circles serious UFO researchers there is a very strong opinion that the frequency of observations of celestial phenomena in many cases directly linked to specific points on the surface of our planet. These points are called geoactive areas. Typical for these places is quite specific impact on the environment, flora, fauna and humans, as well as many mysterious, yet

studied properties.

According to one of the most common points of view geoactive zones are special "acupuncture" points on the body of our planet, through which it, as if through the antenna, implements energy-information exchange with outer space. The overlay on the map of the territories known anomalous zones and azimuth spans UFO in Karelia has allowed to establish, that the UFO clearly prefer to move along the energy channels, connecting these areas, and based on many years of analysis of the regularities of geographical location foci of ancient cultures in our region, ways of migration of population, surprised to notice that our ancestors in the construction of the sanctuaries and the construction of settlements also took into account these peculiarities of the geological structure of the Earth.

One notable of the oldest religious buildings, located in Karelia, is mount Vottovaara, towering to a height of more than four hundred meters and located twenty kilometers from the settlement of Sukkozero settlement that in the Muezersky district. Vottovaara sacred mountain of the ancient Saami, which remembers the times of paganism. No one knows exactly when did it become one of the most important sanctuaries of local tribes, but by the time of her appearance in the vicinity of Slavic immigrants (in the first half of II Millennium BC), the mountain was considered sustainable glory kind of pagan religious center. Special attention modern specialists involved onua.org the study of the ancient history of Karelia, attracted extraordinary structure of stones in the form of a perfect circle, the archaeologists named cromlechs and mysterious stone heaps - famous Sami Sadie is clearly designed to conduct any ritual ceremonies. Some of Sade on the mountain Vottovaara found more than a thousand.

By the way, according to some researchers, the root "Seid" ("led", "eat" etc.) - very ancient: he goes back to that (even politicheskomu!) North language, which partly reconstructed domestic linguists. The value of this root is similar and, of course, included in the circle of sacred language. In foggy and beautiful legends of the Celts seids - this is the elves, now are gone in a different, magical world through invisible people gate in the hills and mountains. (How not to recall here the words of one of Tolkien's elves, whose wise civilization, according to legend, was preceded by a human: - the Tower of our strongholds still look at the world, but people think they are simply rocks".)

The word "Seid" means "secret knowledge". It is in this sense it is used in ancient Scandinavian epos "Edda"in the story of finding the runes God Odin.

Seid - a place of worship pagan gods and stones, which the Sami people believed the supernatural magic properties and strength, the venue of the ancient shaman rituals, the meaning of which we now can only guess. As once said English archaeologist Paul Devereux: "the Stones begin to reveal some of his secrets, but for now we are just innocent kids in megalithic kindergarten. We have a lot to learn". Vottovaara keeps not only the ancient mysteries, but offers researchers and new puzzles. About UFO sightings around Vottovaara repeatedly reported different witnesses. Some of these cases was directly above her. In 1987 one eyewitness said that observed on the mountain glowing object that suddenly "abruptly disappeared in the darkness", and then appeared again in the ring of fire seemed to be coming out of stones: only the witness tried to get the object quickly disappeared into the sky.

In October next year, the entire squadron UFO, according to witnesses, was moving over the mountain, quickly getting used. While some of the facilities, according to observers, disappeared right before his eyes. This strange activity in the heavens caused the breach in the magnetic compasses.

In March 1998, a local photographer who made the pictures on the mountain, with surprise have found out on the film, as many of footage shows some kind of "light arch", not visually observed.

Even more strange message came from a group of tourists who have heard of "strange clicking noises coming from the stones". They had no time even really scared, as their attention was attracted "strange buzzing", coming from above, as if there was spinning a huge fireworks display. A moment later appeared before them the vision of the woman, dressed in yellow. This sight followed the mysterious sounds coming from the stones left from witnesses the impression that they have witnessed something, "on the verge between the divine and the diabolical".

This case can be regarded as a typical manifestation of another phenomenon, often associated with megalithic structures - so-called mental radiation, or "fields memory space". One of the Moscow psychics who experimented in a stone circle on Vottovaara, said he had seen the images of people, like priests, moving between the stones. "They were throwing energy flows, linking stones with each other", - said the man.

The message has aroused interest in certain circles, researchers, and some time later Vottovaara was visited by a group of adventurers from St. Petersburg. They mastered the technique of laskowska and came to practice and improve onua.org his moves. One of them brought a specially manufactured wire frame. Taking them, he went on a study of stone buildings in the vicinity of the mountain. The result, as the final materials, was simultaneously striking, and very painful: burning kick, made some kind of power, was held in his hands, threw the man to the ground and stripped of consciousness. When he came to himself, he felt hands paralyzed; fully restore their mobility was only a month later.

That's such a strange story. What -- How very aptly noted one of the participants of the trip, "reality does not coincide with the presentation. Everything was much more interesting than".

In General, creating and exploring new, one should not forget that the new is synonymous with well-forgotten old, and seek solutions to many modern mysteries must-including in the past, our origins.
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