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Перед тем как статуи Будд начали шевелить губами...In the Buddhist centre Pu Xian Service Center, located in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), numerous visitors could observe an incredible phenomenon. Some of the statues of Buddhas suddenly began to move his lips, blinking, moving the chest and arms and radiate light. Amazing phenomenon lasted about an hour, after which all ended as suddenly as it began.

Those who have caused harm to the Buddha, incur enormous suffering and book yourself a ticket for a Charter flight in the worst hell in samsara

According to The Epoch Times, eyewitnesses reported as the first one of the statues start to "breathe" (her heaving chest, then Buddha are massively move his lips, blinking and even move my fingers. And this despite the fact that some of the statues were made of bronze.

Situated in the centre of the pilgrims, according to media reports, grabbed their mobile phones, and the phenomenon was recorded on video, which was subsequently posted on YouTube.

On one record can be seen as the swastika on his chest Buddha statues several times glowing. On another video behind the statue of Buddha appears blue light.

"Before the statues of the Buddha began to move her lips, some visitors have seen the statue became a beam, and they immediately began to move, as if they came in life", - told the publication Guang Ming Daily, the representative of the Buddhist center Jan IDUs.

The Dean of the center of Chu adds: "Seated outdoor Buddha suddenly rose in the air and began to describe the circles above the ground!" However, according to him, the statue radiated very bright divine light, which on the video it is impossible to consider the wonderful flight bronze Buddha.

Meanwhile, other statues began to produce sounds. "Their voices were particularly loud and harmonious, " says Chu - and sound like from another dimension".

Even more incredibly, that some people who were in the center, stated that he had not seen the statue of moving. Others, on the contrary, were able to witness the miracle, but the record is not affected.

Some witnesses of the incident at first, the miracle did not believe and tried to explain the movement of Buddhas collective hypnosis, but to explain the video depicting the phenomenon and could not.

According to employees of the centre, such miracles in Pu Xian Service Center was recorded earlier and, as a rule, it is always coincided with the looming on the country the next cataclysm!

Meanwhile in Buryatia vandals broke the upper part of the Buddhist religious buildings Suburgan Padmasambhava, located on the Southeast slope of the Holy mountain of Chelsea, and stole the statue of guru Rinpoche, who, according to Buddhists, became famous for the fact that he was a magician and sorcerer unimaginable force. It is largely thanks to him in Tibet began Dharma teachings.

Apparently, according to Interfax, the thieves found a Golden statuette and thought inside it were hidden jewels. However, clerics warn that any action against Buddha and its objects, does not cause harm to Buddha himself, but will cause immense suffering to the one who does it.

"According to the experience of those who have caused harm to the Buddha, incur enormous suffering and book yourself a ticket for a Charter flight in the worst hell in samsara (the cycle of rebirth) - avice," said local Buddhists.

They also believe that the attackers have to incur the wrath Sadakov guardian areas and different groups of invisible beings who will doom their entire race on poverty, dementia, lack of will and disease...
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