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Мистики: голый философ Порфирий ИвановCan the mystical doctrine to be primitive? Among mystics with world names of different countries and epochs were philosophers, poets, public figures, scientists and even the actors, but to the mystic was a man of genius simplicity, which is inherent spiritual UPS, this is truly a miracle of miracles. Such was the son of a poor peasant Porfiriy Ivanov. He is known as "Parsek" or "Winner of nature, the teacher of the people, God of the Earth". Was it at the same time something of Russian fool, and from the Chinese Taoist.

Porfiry Ivanov was born on 20 February 1898 in the village of Orekhovka Slavyanoserbsky district Ekaterinoslav province into a large peasant family. Nothing in this young man from the provinces of the Russian Empire were no signs of the future Creator of health and spiritual system, later named in honor of the founder of the movement of Ivanovo. In 1910 he dropped out. Up to the end of his life and wrote a simple country language, not caring about the punctuation, paragraphs, and other Muti. Following his release in 1918, married. The marriage produced two sons, Andrew and James.

Up to 35 years Ivanov led the life of ordinary people, whose youth coincided with the revolution and civil war. With 12 years rotten, 15-year-old got a job at the mine. The youngest son of Porphyry Korneyevich recalled that his father does not stand out among the surrounding guys. Drank vodka, Smoking, swearing, played cards. In 1928, was sentenced to two years under article 169 (fraud, failure to pay the patent tax). She had served punishment on a tree felling in the Arkhangelsk region and for shock work ahead of schedule 11 months free. In short, lived a man - God candle, neither the line poker.

In the 1930-ies, before it changed many jobs, porphyry received the Caucasus advantageous position of the forwarder. Then left the family and went to live with another woman. Then suddenly returned with thick books on physiology of man and went with the family to Ukraine. Since then, Porfiry Ivanov never worked. Sometimes against their will. on April 25, 1933 in life Ivanov made a great change. Ivanov not only refused from alcohol and tobacco, but also from service, reducing the consumption of food and water, trying whether people live, using "three living body of nature" - air, water and land. He understood that it is impossible to live at the expense of nature.

"The man's own fault, the dependence created, scared (nature), retreated, " wrote Bishop Porfiry Ivanov. - 't want to do the independence, so he made a mistake and killed. Who is to blame? He was afraid, and cowards drives nature won out. Dependence teaches to love only pleasant, warm, cozy... from time immemorial his exploration of looking at the nature of life and the continuation, and stumbled upon death".

In the spring of 1934 Ivanov had a serious conflict with the authorities. After dismissal he half a year I couldn't get a job. During involuntary unemployment porphyry learned to live "with nature along", spending a long time in the desert or in the forest. In summer and winter. At first he did not eat food or drink water once a week, gradually increasing the number of days. As a result, it is claimed, he had learned to do without food and liquids week, two weeks, and then a month or more.

Ivanov started developing its own methods of healing. Many cases of healing, often wonderful, convince him of the correctness of the chosen path. In 1935 he was able to rouse paralyzed woman who did not stand for 17 years. Then Ivanov decided to abandon shoes. From the spring of 1935 mystic always, including winter, started to walk about barefoot and in his underpants.

In November 1936 Ivanov went to Moscow, where was held the VIII extraordinary Congress of Soviets, which was going to take a new (Stalin") the Constitution of the USSR. Half-naked and barefoot wanderer police detained only on the red square. When a citizen Ivanov had no documents, only made them a letter to Congress. In it the author has stated the idea to introduce in the draft Basic law amendment rights of prisoners and the insane. At Lubyanka with such an interesting subject talked chief security officer of the country comrade Yezhov. Next mystic-bum was on the plank-bed remand prison "sailor's silence". Rescued diagnosis Rostov psychiatric hospital, Ivanov delivered in early 1936. Through 67 days dressed (though not perfectly) Ivanova under convoy delivered to the place of residence.

A little over a year and the NKVD arrested Ivanov as the "down" in the town of Mozdok. With 17-degree frost for long periods of time pouring water from a well. Three months before Porfiry Korneyevich apologized and released on all four sides.

Once the channel Russia" showed the movie "the God of walruses" (while in the West, where with the teachings Ivanov very uncomfortable, he is known as "the God of the Earth" - A God of Earth), the authors argued that in the autumn of 1942 Ivanov met with the commander of the 6th army Wehrmacht at Stalingrad Friedrich Wilhelm Ernst Paulus (Friedrich Wilhelm Ernst Paulus). Porphyrios issued the document in German signed by field Marshal. The document was written that Ivanov "is of interest to world science". Despite of safe conduct, in November 1942 Ivanov 27 days "tortured" in Dnepropetrovsk the Gestapo. Buried at night naked in the snow in the bitter cold and drove naked on a motorbike through the city streets.

We do not know who and what made a mess in history with Porfiry Ivanov, and may all it was really so. First, gabarnica, then the Gestapo. Not from a joke if 1980s about a drug addict, asking Fritz more tightly close the door vans to "Kumar" never left, was born the story of the remarkable Russian. You may have confused his life with the death of General Karbysheva, which the Nazis in a concentration camp tortured to death by pouring cold ice water. But this adventure Ivanov does not end there.

In December 1943 Ivanov decided to seek a meeting with Stalin and offer him to make peace with Nazi Germany. Naked man in the winter, the police detained right at the railway station and taken to the Institute of forensic psychiatry them. Serbian. When the stranger turned to the Professor I.N. Vvedenskogo with a request to talk with Stalin about the world with the Germans, he replied that it, that is, Vvedensky, or shot, or will put in the mental hospital where Ivanov.

Oh, it is not easy to be a mystic in the era of totalitarianism and materialism. In the 1970-ies Ivanov pursued by the local authorities. They say that in the hospital, where he was taken by force, he gave some injection why he almost died. Then it was transferred to the disciples, hoping that Porfiriy will die at their hands. Every 15-20 minutes devoted people were lifeless body of a teacher on the street and doused with water. The next day, Ivanov came to himself.

In 1980-ies of Porfiry Ivanov, like Chinese Taoists, began to speak of the immortality of man. Most likely, a peasant's son, Ivanov did not know about the teachings of his countryman philosopher-mystic Nicholas Fedorovich Fedorov. The writings of the founder of Russian cosmism, presented by him in the "Philosophy of the common cause", as well as ideas about the need to raise the dead by means of modern science were forbidden in the Soviet Union. Again a mystery, but with mystics so happens at each step.

Ivanov died April 10, 1983 in the Ukrainian farm Top Andruchi at the age of 85.
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