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В 2013 году будет найдена планета похожая на ЗемлюIn 2013, will be found a planet similar to Earth. To our time scientists-astronomers discovered a number of distant planets, asteroids, stars and galaxies that somehow resemble our native Land in one or more characteristics, but there was never found any in the world, which could become the true "twin" Land.

The Future Of The Earth

However, scientists promise that everything will change in 2013. About it declared confidently Abel Mendez, head of the Laboratory of the habitability of planets of the University of Puerto Rico, in Arecibo.

The first exoplanet was discovered by astronomers in 1995. Discovered celestial body revolving around a star very similar to our Sun. Passed since 17 years, astronomers have considered another 800 planets outside the Solar system, where more candidates among the planets, pending confirmation of additional observations.

It is interesting that the first planets detected by scientists were hot Jupiter-and all because they are much easier to find because of the huge sizes. With time search technology improved, making it easier to find and allowing astronomers to find a much smaller planets, including some rocky like Earth. In view of this, the scientists claim that the discovery "Earth's twin" is not far off and 2013, apparently, will bring on that path many historically important discoveries.

Catalog of habitable exoplanets

Catalog of the inhabited worlds, scientists have made, and one hundred percent of their habitability, of course, does not say, however, scientists insist on the big share of probability. So important astronomical document called Habitable Exoplanets Catalog or "Catalog of exoplanets, capable of supporting life". Now it is registered only seven planets, all of them are outside the Solar system, but, surprisingly, in our Galactia, and this is encouraging. There is also a list of the 27 worlds that are pending further studies, they have the status of candidates in the inhabited. A kind of casting for the role "sister-brother of the Earth" directs all the same astrophysicist and astrobiology Abel Mendez.

As he said, the researchers made in directory worlds in which without a doubt has the inhabitants. The researcher notes that chistenkoe appearance in mass media messages about the appearance "relatives" the Earth is not to say that it is really so. Often, scientists wishful thinking.

As scientists look for "sister of the Earth"?

This project, called katalogizacija exoplanets, started a year ago. Key tools with which help scientists find out "habitability" or that the world is a Space telescope NASA Kepler, as well as the so-called high-Precision finder planets or just HARPS (High Accuracy Radial Velocity Planet Searcher).

So, the telescope Kepler searches for exoplanets, using the so-called transit method, which is that the monitoring of the changing brightness of stars from time to time. This change occurs, experts explain journal "market leader" section of the "news of science"when the disk certain stars are other planets. The fluctuation in the brightness of stars allows astronomers to determine the presence in its environment planets.

As for the HARPS spectrograph, it is in the European southern Observatory in Chile. Its task is to search for the planet, defining small anomalies in the movement of stars. A star with the satellites is under their influence when they are moved around her, forcing to fluctuate. In the end, the star changes the speed, and such fluctuations are recorded accurately seeker.

In the future this Toolbox will be added. By 2014, is expected scientists, will be sent into orbit latest space telescope "James Webb"Uchenye hope of using it to look for 20-30 light years into space. If this can be done, it will be discovered not only the planets the size of Earth, they will also look for the presence of water and vegetation. About the ocean on a distant planet will tell "Sunny Bunny" - glare on the water surface. Such reflection of one of the local stars will catch the latest apparatus.

To distinguish water from various other liquids scientists will be able with the help of spectral analysis, which will be supplemented by a study in the infrared range. The latter is able to feel the presence on the distant planet of chlorophyll, that is, pigment, dye grass, leaves and other vegetation in the color of life is green. On the infrared images chlorophyll seen wonderfully, as it looks brightest flashes.
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