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 Обезьяна или Адам? (В поисках прародителя) Mighty tribe of dinosaurs yet ruled on the Earth, but under the feet of the colossi already prowling small oboronka animals, suckling their babies with milk. Their time soon broke - whether from climate changes on the planet, or from other causes dinosaurs died out, and at the forefront of evolution out those "poor" mammals, soon settled in the Land of sets of species, as herbivorous and predatory. And on the periphery of these new rulers of the planet was, as usual, one of the weakest types - melkoroslymi, without sharp fangs and claws, without hoofs and a thick skin, without quick feet and without powerful tusks...

Where to go weak? Clearly, somewhere down with eye strong, on a deserted mountain plateau, poor food places with no large predators, and where the very circumstances force you to constantly shift, to become omnivorous, dig edible roots, to eat small rodents and insects... So began the formation and development of hominids primates, which became "working material" for occurrence of the person reasonable. The harsh living conditions made hominids to develop a grasping limb - useless claws transformed into the nail, from a distance to see the enemy or prey, had to stand up on his hind legs. To survive in a constant struggle, the hominids were United in flocks and flocks have mastered the ways to communicate, to understand each other. It took already a certain improvement of the brain...

Thus, the weak and the seemingly doomed view not only survived but has managed to oppose the rest of the animal world of their own, quite effective, system of survival. And under the influence of the constant fluctuations of the Earth climate and changes in the living conditions of certain groups of hominids began one by one to receive their new species: gigantopithecus, "nutcrackers" Darth, Australopithecus, kenyapithecus... These kinds of hominids sometimes differed from each other as the wolf from the cow. But as a result of natural selection today there remains only one species - Homo sapiens. Homo Sapiens (about parallel existence of other species such as the Neanderthals, reliable information as yet).

But where did this most Homo Sapiens? The easiest way to assume (and assume)that the person reasonable is a result of evolution of one of the branches of hominids. But with the evidence of this hypothesis, alas, things are bad: among a string of fossil remains of hominids is not something most critical element, which would link together the living reasonable man and his ancestors.

Search this "missing link" has long been a stumbling block for the paleo-anthropologists. Probably with regularity once a year, world news agencies reported the next sensation: that's it! Finally found it! But after a while there comes a disappointment: no, again, not something... Some desperate head even go to the forgery, as was the case with the so-called "Piltdown man", which, of course, brings science only harm. In search of the "missing link" spent huge and useless effort, and it is not surprising that all the louder voices of skeptics, saying that no "missing link" in nature do not, and the mystery of the origin of man lies on a totally different plane...

"The study of differences in the structure of the DNA of people living in different countries, has led to the conclusion that mankind descended from a common ancestor female. Modern man leads his family from the only foremothers lived 350 thousands years ago."

This message was published in 1983 in the journal "Science News", has caused a real shock: so, the biblical eve and found it remains to find Adam? The error could not be: genetics of Berkeley has explored many samples of DNA from the mitochondria. Each macromolecule such DNA contains 35 genes that are passed to the offspring only from the mother, without the influence of his father's genetic material. Changes in such DNA is possible only under the action of mutations.

The result confirmed the hypothesis that approximately 350 thousand years ago has made a decisive leap in evolution, after which the humanization of man many times accelerated. The decisive event for this could be the emergence of mutant female hominid with impaired cycle of reproductions offspring, females, able to conceive, not two or three times a year as in the whole animal world, and year-round, with a monthly birth of her body active eggs. Are genes we all still carry in their mitochondria?

But what (or who?) caused mutations? While one can only speculate and think of lots of reasons - God, the interference of aliens from outer space, radiation... But by chance it was not! Even purely materialist Friedrich Engels, one of the founders of Marxism, argued that "nature created man to know itself" - that is, Engels acknowledged that the creation of man was not accidental, but deliberate act. But then the nature reasonable?

...Say hypotheses about the origin of man as much, how many people on Earth. Those who believe in God, believe that God created man in his own image. Others believe that man evolved from monkeys. Well, everyone has the right to present their ancestors on their own way.
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