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КОШКА С ГЛАЗАМИ БУДДЫThis story Arthur Conan Milked masterfully told in his "Adventures of Sherlock Holmes". You probably remember when apprehended by the police thief hid large diamond in plaster figure?

And in fact that is what happened.

About two large rubies, which later acquired the name "cat Eyes", first became known in 167 BC the Astonished travellers stopped in front of the Golden statue of Buddha in one of the Korean churches and admired his eyes, leading unbearable horror on visitors. Those eyes were shining with blood and fire and were made of two large rubies.

Through many centuries and in the XVI century, rubies moved out of the sockets Korean Buddha in the Treasury of the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire of Suleiman the Great. Soon he gave the stones one of their favorite concubines, but rubies did not bring her happiness: a few years later, the woman was killed by a thief who stole rubies. Later the stones "surfaced" in Europe, and changed several owners and was owned by the king of France.

Louis XV gallantly gave them Madame Pompadour, but she decided that cash is more important than "pebbles", sold them to count Orlov. Almost 100 years rubies was in Russia, but in 1894 legend then the thieves ' world robber-professional Klaus Sudden suddenly appeared with them in Berlin.

To sell such a large stones, with a rich history, especially in the pair, and even surrounded by such mystical aura, it was very difficult. So soon about rubies already knew the police, and under the guise of the buyer on Gudena came disguised as a policeman. But that is not for nothing was considered a legend in the underworld - feel danger, Sudden threw customer at the cafe table, and he tried to escape. However, German police ate my bread for good reason: the meeting area was blocked, and Sudden realized that he was not to leave. He tried to shoot back, but was killed...

To the surprise of police, stones, which the thief had to bring to the meeting, when it was not. Failed to find any clues that can tell where it stores bloody stones. In the end it had to close down.

Three years later, in 1897, the famous art dealer and collector precious stones Michael graves independently started to investigate this sensational crime stories. He met with the police, with pals, friends Gudena, with the landlord, which he rented... But to no avail - track rubies lost.

Graves, already having lost all hope to find rubies, began to walk around the house for scrap the quarter, which was slain the thief, and methodically interviewed the local residents - have they seen something strange. That day, although three years have passed, because of the shooting is remembered by many.

And the owner of a small ceramic workshop remembered... Remembered unusual visitor who has glanced to it in the store at the workshop. And later identified him from a photograph Gudena.

It turned out that a strange man, having asked the owner about the products, chose standing on the shelf procurement plaster cats, yet soft, not had time to harden. Sudden carefully examined the figure and gave it to the owner of the shop with the request to hold, saying, go for it later. He tried to sell him a finished product, but the visitor wanted this figure, although they cast one form, absolutely nothing from each other did not differ.

The owner of shop has fulfilled the request of the client, and selected cat long kept it in a box. Two years later, having decided that strange type have probably will not return, the owner Packed unclaimed figure and together with hundreds of the same forgings sent her to America...

Graves understood, but did not despair and do not give in. He continued looking over the ocean. Here grace has managed to reach a sales agent, working with Europe, and learned that the party plaster cats dispersed throughout the country. Graves traveled all the United States, walked dozens of shops and hundreds of owners figures, but was never able to find him a copy.

Nothing is known about the fate of the legendary rubies today.

...Somewhere on the old chest still see yellow figurine of a cat about 20 cm high. Cat lies, stretching out his long tail along the body and cover them with the front paws.

Rubies worth half a million dollars is still in it...
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