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ДУХ ПРИНЦЕССЫ ИНКОВ СТОРОЖИТ СОКРОВИЩАOn uphill to the castle Nidzica in the Polish Spisz (Eastern Tatras) is a sign "beware of a Ghost!"

The most famous local spirit is the spirit Princess Inca beauties Umeni, who was killed here in the end of XVIII century Spanish mercenaries.

Castle Nidzica was erected in the beginning of XIV century, when the area belonged to the North of Hungary as a defensive line against the Hollow". Since then, Nidzica five times changed nationality, moving from Hungary, Austro-Hungary, then Czechoslovakia, and in 1920 was annexed by Poland. But until 1945 owners of the castle remained the Hungarian nobility.

After the nationalization of the castle in 1946 under one of the stairs was found a cache with a tin-cylinder, in which there were several Indian gold and pile - nodular letter of the ancient Incas. All attempts to decipher so to anything and not brought, and later the pile mysteriously disappeared.

...The history of this discovery, you can start counting from 1760, when Sebastian Begovici, a distant relative of the then owners of Nidzica, went to Peru in search of gold of the Incas. There he fell in love with a direct successor of Atahualpa, married her, but during childbirth Princess died, having had time to give birth to a girl.

Berzeviczy remained in Peru and even participated on the side of the Incas in the last major revolt against Spain. His daughter Amino he was married to the leader of the revolt, the great-grandson of the last ruler of the Inca Tupac Amaru, after which, together with her daughter, her husband, Tupac Amaru II and yard Inca went to Europe. First, the court was in Venice, but after the murder of Spanish Tupac moved to lock Nidzica, together with the court Indians and the Princess, if you believe the Polish historians, and traveled part of the mysterious treasure of the Incas, In 1797 yard Indian Princess again tracked down the Spaniards. They killed Umino to interrupt the rod of the rulers of the Incas. Sebastian Berzeviczy gave his grandson, the last Prince of the Incas, as adopted son to his relatives. Treasure same as the legend says, he was buried somewhere in the vicinity of the castle, marking the place in the stack.

The last direct descendant of Tupac Amaru - Anton Benes lived in the XIX century, near Brno and died, never to know the treasure. But his grandson, Andrzej Benes, who later became Vice-President of the Parliament of the Polish people's Republic, this topic is very interested. And in the 30-ies of the last century he began a search of treasures of their ancestors.

In 1946 Benes found in Krakow document for adoption his great-grandfather, and the fact that stores the pile, which was found in the hiding place under the stairs.

But to decipher the letter was not easy. Language pile was forgotten even by the Indians, and people who know him, all over the world can be counted on the fingers of one hand. In 70th years in Peru went two Polish expedition, which were to decrypt the pile. But both disappeared. And at the end of February 1976 himself Andrzej Benes was killed in a car accident on the way from Warsaw to Gdansk, where he was to meet with two foreigners, experts nodular letters.

His son, a lawyer from Gdansk, still refuses to speak on the subject, and believes that damn gold was the cause of his father's death.

...Polish historian Alexander Rovinjsko studies the history of the mysterious treasures for 30 years. He believes that the treasure lies about 70 km North of Nidzica - in the ruins of the castle, which stood on the Dunajec river. They say that the last owner of the treasure, Krakow businessman, ordered to immure the entrances to the castle dungeon 300 tons of concrete, explaining that it did not wish not that to get the treasure, but even to think about it, because it brings only misery...
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