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СРЕДНЕВЕКОВЫЕ АСТРОНАВТЫ АМЕРИКАНСКОГО КОНТИНЕНТАAt the turn of the 40 - 50s years of the XX century began excavations Palenque city that existed in the III-VIII centuries in Mexico in the state of Chiapas. One of the most surprising findings of archaeologists was a sarcophagus with the mummy of Pacala - ruler of the ancient Empire of the Maya. Scientists have found that the remains of Pacala were mummified in full compliance with the ancient Egyptian (!) technology. And the coffin was placed inside a stepped pyramid tombs.

But the greatest sensation caused a huge 20-ton tombstones covering the sarcophagus. It caught attention not only of archeologists and paleontologists, but also ufologists and even experts in the field of aerospace Sciences. Surprise and controversy caused a mysterious pattern on its surface. Representatives of the "traditional" science interpret it as a religious and symbolic and, of course, relative.

Italian and Japanese researchers, on the contrary, considered that if the plate depicts real people (and it is), and surround it with real objects, not mystical symbols. Starting in the course of further research of this version, they concluded that on the plate shows the internal structure... manned spacecraft.

This idea was picked up and developed the famous paleontolog[22] Swiss Erich von d?niken. It offers the following description of the figure, which, in his opinion, should be placed horizontally: "in the Middle of the sitting man, leaning forward. On his head a helmet, which runs back wires or hoses. The face is a device that resembles an oxygen machine. His hands are manipulating the controls. Right hand he presses the button or key, and the left shrinks the lever. The heel of the left leg rests on the pedals. Attracts attention and that "Indian on the stove" dressed very modern. On the neck in his collar sweater. Hoses over knitted cuffs-rubber bands. At the waist the crotch with the safety belt buckle. The pants fit the leg as breeches. But about the way they dress modern astronauts when they are not in suits...

...Before fastened to the seat of the pilot cosmonaut are breathing apparatus, remote control power unit and communication devices, the levers of manual control of the spacecraft and the instruments of external supervision. Still further ahead placed two electromagnet, which probably create around the head of the apparatus of the magnetic field for the scattering of cosmic dust and micrometeorites. Behind space nuclear reactor. Next to him schematically presents the nuclei of hydrogen and helium, and their synthesis. Finally, from the rear part of the apparatus comes reactive flame"...

In the book of the German art historian Wilhelm Isolda "Thou art" ("Du und die Kunst") there is a pattern of staromaryinskoe manuscripts, Dating back to 1450. According to the Polish ufologist Waldemar Lusaka, the figure shows the pilot of a spaceship, from the nozzle engine which beats the stylized flame. But everything else in the picture is not stylized, and shows real. The right leg, booted in boots, cosmonaut presses the pedal control, right hand in glove lying on one arm. To the mouth of the pilot suitable long oxygen hose", to the other end of which is connected "some equipment". Neither the origin nor the age of Tiahuanaco, the ancient city, located in the North of Bolivia near the border with Peru, the scientists could not determine yet. Reference books called the I Millennium A.D. the Bolivian researcher of Austrian origin with a Polish surname Arthur Poznan, who devoted his life to the study of Tiahuanaco and rescue him from the barbarous destruction (over the centuries, the ruins of the buildings were smashed and blew up, getting in this way building stone), believes that the city was founded in 12 - 17 thousand years ago. And some scientists, in particular Dr. X. C. Bellamy, believed that the ancient city not less than 250 thousand years.

One of the main surviving attractions Tiahuanaco are the so-called Gates of the Sun, carved from monolithic stone block and decorated with numerous reliefs. Two of them have attracted special attention of ufologists. Both are stylized images of people in the profile. On the background of the head of the first of them visible form, zaintrigovala archaeologists. That is a picture of some of the engine? Space suit? Or unknown vehicle? Raises as many questions and the second relief. If we accept the version that the reliefs captured some of the technical device, what is their purpose and how they could be on the inhabitants of one of the oldest cities on Earth?
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