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МАССОВАЯ МАНИПУЛЯЦИЯ СОЗНАНИЕМHow to protect yourself from mass brainwashing? What to do to save their psyche? These questions sooner or later asks himself every thinking man. The more we talk about this later, but for now remember funny, but very reasonable "advice" from one of the popular novel by Vladimir Pelevin. One of his heroes talked about the fact that the main "washer", of course, is the television. Therefore, to protect their psyche, it is necessary or to mute or turn the TV that it was impossible to follow the picture...

Jokes aside, but as they say, each of them has some truth. And, perhaps, not so small. As legislated to limit the "brainwashing" is hardly possible. First, the very fact that such impacts are often difficult to detect, and, second, many legislators themselves use these technologies in the elections. But there is another important "third": very rare people, which were subjected to brainwashing"is able to recognize it. And then after the "anti washing." As a rule, victims of manipulators passionately protect them by claiming that they opened them the truth, and so on

Meanwhile way "zombie" not so complicated, and understand that you want to manipulate, very simple.

Zombie stupid "fright" or reality?

Zombie... the Walking dead, embodied chilling horror, rising out of the ground... About the phenomenon of zombie films as documentaries attempts investigation and bloody horror. About zombies written thousands of books and articles. But this dark and eerie mystery still no one has been able to solve completely...

Technology (so to speak) zombie began its journey around the world, from the island of Haiti, where it was actively used by the priests of the cult of voodoo.

The meager scraps of information managed approximately to simulate how the rite of conversion of the ordinary human into zombies. Intended for sending the victim is killed, and then "return" to life. But murder is not using weapons or physical violence, and with the help of mixed food victim strong nerve poison, prepared in the form of extracts from the poisonous fish and not less poisonous toads. After tasting food with this "filling", people instantly stop breathing, his eyes cloud over, the blue surface of the body and quickly die.

About this poisonous fish you've heard, she is called puffer - "the pearl of the Japanese cookery". In Japanese restaurants, this fish is an exquisite delicacy. If the hand chef with its preparation little tremble or he will change flair, this lunch will be the last for you and... to cook: according to the code of honor he will make a Hara-Kiri. Once in 1958 in Japan, try fugu, died 176 people, the government introduced compulsory licensing cooks involved in the preparation of this deadly fish. But in our time a year die two or three dozen gourmet - mostly Ministers, actors and businessmen, as the price of a portion fugu is around 9 - 20 thousand rubles.

To the family of Fugue includes about 100 species of fish squad srochno-jaw-family skalozubov living in the Pacific and Indian oceans and in some rivers (called also pufferfishes and fish, dogs). Fugu is easily recognized by its bright color, lack of scale, grayish-blue bars on the top, white belly with small spikes and a small mouth with a strange, almost human teeth. The poison contained in muscles and viscera of this fish is called tetrodotoxin. Lethal dose for humans is only 1 mg, and one fish poison enough to kill people 30 to 40. Effective antidote to the poison Fugue not invented yet.

The experienced cook, knowing how much of the poison contained in each part of the Fugue, leaves him just enough to cause visitors of the restaurant is a pleasant feeling drug euphoria. It happens that after tasting Fugue comes temporary paralysis, which may be followed by respiratory arrest, coma, and death. But, as recognized by the Japanese, after fugu poisoning is very difficult to establish whether the person has died. Gourmets fall into the likeness lethargic sleep, from which you can reach in a morgue or already in the coffin. Tetrodotoxin poisoning leads a man in a state of mind - not to sleep and not Wake. It is this effect and is used by voodoo sorcerers.

So, mix the ingredients for powder zombie - take dried and Intertool in powder puffer fish and - br-R-R-R-R! - mucus hallucinogenic toads. Plus some of the roots of poisonous plants.

When you receive a powder that is made for this recipe, first there is a magnificent feeling of euphoria, then tingling in the extremities, and then, quickly, - palsy: breathing ceases to determine the bloodstream almost stops, and even an experienced doctor can be only one diagnosis to death.

But the magicians clearly verify portion of the powder, and the person does not die, and as it freezes in the deepest of prostration. It remains only to extract him from the grave and by hypnothic to enter in already scorched poison the consciousness of the need of installation.

The Russian scholars A. Malenkov and B. Sarbash have unraveled the secret of how the body with practically stopped cardiac activity and stopped breathing continues to live. It turns out that in the administration of powder zombie role of the heart goes to the liver (as is known, it is, among others, and powerful blood pump) is the so-called effect portal heart. Moreover, the liver can work as heart a very long time and without oxygen.

So, a few days after the funeral (voodoo priests claim to be able to bring the man back to life even after 9 days after his "death") sorcerers kidnapped from the cemetery body "deceased" and give it back "to life." Turned into a zombie creatures without memory and without Ya own

I will cite a few documented facts. In 1966 in Haiti died Natahala Joseph, the death which has registered at the local police station. And 6 years later the villagers met her in the vicinity of his village, but she didn't recognize any of them, no husband, no children to death memory to it and did not return. Another lady in the state of mind that is close to a complete retard, own husband met 3 years after her death on one of plantations...

At particular risk of becoming zombies exposed physically strong man who is good to use as a slave on the plantation. The Haitian people are afraid of such a sad outcome and try to include in the funeral ritual actions that prevent the abduction of the deceased: the dead man turned face down or give him into the hand of the knife.

Several years ago the media was literally seething reports of people with lost memory, which were found in Rossini CIS. Found were quite healthy, well-worn, but clean clothes, and did not remember anything about his past life, nor about the time during which they were absent. The families of some of them were able to find. It was clear that a person is missing not yesterday and not a week, and a few years ago. Where was it all the time - so no one was able to find out. But there has been speculation that these people practiced latest gipotermii that can turn people into zombies and without the use of poison Fugue...

Gypsy fortune telling

About the remarkable ability of Roma to hypnosis go beautiful and terrible legends. They say that the Gypsies - Indian caste mages, for their sins scattered around the world. These stories willingly support and the Roma themselves: to work with the already prepared (read: scared) client much easier.

Here we should fledgling distracted and recall the history of the practice of the great Milton Erickson, details of which will be explained below. Haley, his student, tells the following story: "a Real pleasure to watch how Erickson held its demonstration on the stage. The most interesting were his demonstration resistance hypnosis. He started with what was invited volunteers from the audience to ascend to him on the scene and provide the hypnotist resistance. As always, Ericsson resistance client turned into cooperation. Erickson loved to show that establishment of TRANS cannot be described simply, because the trance is a lot of ways. Remember a demonstration in which he showed that TRANS you can hover without using words. He asked to go on stage and willing to resist hypnosis. Went to the scene of the young man; Erickson stood there on the stage, doing nothing and saying nothing, and the young man dived into a trance. Later I asked Erickson, how skilled and discreet reception he applied to achieve such a result. He replied that trance was suggested it is "nothing". The young man took the stage in front of an audience for his hypnotized, and Erickson stood and did absolutely nothing. "Somebody had to work this guy and hypnotized himself", said Erickson.

I remember the time when I was a green newbie and just started to study therapeutic hypnosis. I planted before a patient and conducted the procedure of trance induction from beginning to end. At some point I began to notice that many are immersed in a trance, as soon as you sit before me on the chair, and to begin to hypnotize, I call them first. I began to understand, and after demonstrations Erickson became convinced that when the client comes to saibnazarova, from a hypnotist you want only one thing - not to disturb him."

Therefore, I would like to recommend to you, like this young man, barely seeing the Gypsy, was not immediately into a trance. After all in art the Gypsy magic there is nothing supernatural. Man, at least a little familiar with hypnosis, you will immediately see in their behavior standard techniques. They have not even managed to come to you, and you are already on the threshold of trance from their loud voices, colorful clothes, bright decorations! The image in the Gypsy hypnosis - half the success.

The usual technique of the "Gypsy hypnosis" consists of five elements.

1. Attracting attention.

2. Getting in touch.

3. Fixation of attention.

4. Pointing trance.

5. Withdrawal of your savings.

Women mainly work in crowded places, where people feel unsettled. To attract attention to himself, "romala offers you to tell fortunes, to buy gold or just ask for a light. Most just pass by, but someone will stop...

Target street fortunetellers - even for a second to hold you, to pull out from the crowd. And if you at least a little bit delayed, begins "getting in touch". For centuries, women accumulate experience knowledge of human nature and almost unmistakably guess those who are frustrated, insecure, or who oppressed by some kind of thought. Gypsy immediately begins to probe gently figuring out what the person has a problem.

If this old man, he, most likely, with health. Gypsy begin to say, "Oh, see, dear, illness you have terrible!"

If a young girl, problems, apparently, can be on the love front: "Oh, see, love is waiting for you!" or "Oh, feel, problems with the guy at you!" Saying this, the Gypsy watching over your micrometrical. If you hit the target, you will manifest a kind of reaction you move eyebrow, will screws up his eyes, barely nod his head or will activate the hand. If you do not react, the ROM will continue to list all the human problems "to the victorious end". Rarely does anyone have everything goes smoothly in life, but these, in fact, Gypsies and are not suitable.

And if something in life no matter it is much easier to admit that you spoilage, rent that is much easier than to go to doctors or try to make money. Especially fast growing rates", if the damage on you, and bad about it your relatives, your mother or child.

Are you interested in?.. Gypsy immediately starts you "load", telling different obaseki and history, which includes commands that Goes straight into the subconscious, "give", "open", "present".

The secret of the Roma hypnosis is including that by building phrase, Gypsy use non-standard lexical forms, repetitions, that is, the words are followed by a bit in the wrong order, which used the ear, and consciousness, to understand the meaning, more time is needed. All pronounced by a Gypsy woman has a certain wave-like intonation, which also serves for lulling her mind.

It turns out that it is necessary to give all jewelry that is worn on the person, and money from the wallet to the Gypsy could withdraw from the evil eye: Strong for thee damage!" bemoans the Gypsy.

Meanwhile, she probes further: is it possible for you to enter into a deep trance. And, if possible, begins the story that all the things in your house, too, "infected" by corruption, so you should bring them, that it is able to work with them.

One of the mechanisms of the Roma hypnosis - a touch of his right hand, and light movement on its surface - discovered by scientists. The right hand of the most strongly represented in the cortex of the human brain, and, stroking her, Gypsy and other attributes of hypnosis) acts directly on your subconscious mind. The effect on the palm of his left hand enhances the action of suggestion.

That's how he described his fellowship with Gypsy victim Catherine K.:

- Gypsy woman called me on the street, but I did not stop there and went on. I was going to take the exam at the Institute, and because, perhaps, I was anxious and tired, that was the attraction for a swindler. She said something about my personal life, but I didn't pay attention to it, and then the Gypsy woman told my mother is seriously ill. But the fact that she really feels lately, not very good, I decided to go to the doctor. I knew that Gypsies are engaged in fraud, but still stopped, as wanted to hear what she will say about my mother: for they say that they can guess and sometimes predict the future.

Gypsy was to say that a woman brought a powerful spell to our family. He stammered out: it's been a month... year... six months ago. In fact, six months ago we began to have some troubles. Now I can understand that she just listed possible, and on the right I gave myself that this term is correct. After that, the Gypsy told me that damage lies on money and gold. I pulled from her purse all the money and took the gold and gave it to the Gypsy community.

Gypsy over them a little posetila, and then said that corruption is very powerful, induced cancer, and my mother will die. And in these things completely remove the damage it is impossible, it is necessary to bring other things to the mother. Asked me what things she likes and what often goes.

I have listed: a coat, wher... Gypsy constantly held my hand and said they would take quite inexpensive as damage terrible and she must take it off, it is her duty. And I agree with the Gypsy that the next day I brought her things to the mother so that she could remove their damage. She explained to me that money and gold while you will take with them, as they goes dark energy. Then he asked if I had money to get home, no money, and she gave me some of his: "Thy money you cannot be touched!" Told with no one to talk to, and tomorrow to bring things to the mother. All this time I was very scared for the mother. When I got home, my mother told me that the clinic she found nothing dangerous, but it only strengthened my fears: it means that the medicine against this damage powerless.

My mother later told me that she thought I was back home strange, but I said that I was all right, and she calmed down. And I could hardly wait for tomorrow, and collected all the things that went to meet the Gypsy. Gypsy I was told to bring to the meeting of the house of chicken egg. In my eyes she broke, and inside it was a black BLOB. Gypsy woman explained that this is a very bad sign.

Patting me on the hand, she looked into his eyes and told him to come the next day, and then it will give away the gold, and the damage will be charged.

I, a little relieved that the damage can still be removed, went home, but after a few hours hypnosis, apparently, was to pass, and I am terrified began to realize that no damage is not, and I just gave the crook of your things. Naturally, that the next day a Gypsy for a meeting already was not. I have a feeling, it is absurd to say, that I acted as if not herself, and my brain all the time was off. Mother to me not even really cursed, because I was trying to save her. And hails Tsyganok I have since not stop and generally trying to circumvent them away.

Ekaterina, taught by bitter experience, has chosen the right way of communication with the Gypsies. A pity, though, that so late. In order not to fall under the scope of Gypsy spells, you need to follow a few rules.

/ Never talk to suspicious strangers, Gypsy or beggars.

/ If you know that you are legkovushek, wear dark glasses. Gypsy is important to monitor the reaction of your pupils, her main source of information about your feelings. If you feel some effect, calmly put on dark glasses, and the Gypsy instantly you fall behind.

/ Avoid touching yourself. Don't look arms straight in the eye.

/ Don't take you said "prophecies" seriously. Remember that these clairvoyants not foraged on the streets.

/ If you feel that you start to lose control over yourself, you pinch yourself or acolyte pin, tap about something by hand.

/ If you are trying to intimidate bad predictions or curses, answer: "my grandmother was a witch, I'm on your head the curse see."
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