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ЛУНА — ОБИТАЕМЫЙ МИР?After another successful expedition to the moon "Apollo 17 in December 1972, the Americans suddenly stopped exploration of the moon seemed to have lost interest. He woke up only in the spring of 1994, when the moon went launched by the Pentagon (and not NASA) intelligence AMC "Clementine" ("Clementine"). Officially it was reported that its main task is a photographing the entire lunar surface for the subsequent creation of the obtained images is full of "mosaic" map of the moon. However, some American selenology believe that it was not the only and perhaps not the main objective of the launch of the "Clementine".

But two years earlier "Desk" studies of the lunar landscape began in the U.S. the band the Mars Mission" ("Martian mission"), or TMM headed by Professor Richard Jaglandom. The employees of TMM decided to closely examine all the available pictures of the lunar surface, containing any oddities. And above all these, where sealed rock formations unnatural appearance, which could be man-made structures or their ruins. Images with similar images were subjected to computer analysis under specially developed program.

First, the researchers found on one of the photos upland correct form, which was rejected on the moon shadow of the appropriate shape. They were now well-known "lunar dome". To explain their origin by natural causes is difficult, especially given that, according to most researchers, volcanic activity and tectonic processes on the moon stopped about 3 billion years ago, and is characteristic for its modern relief annular mountains (circuses) and craters were formed due to the impact of meteorites.

Following the sensational discovery of TMM became pictures small crater Alert with distinct triangular shape. The images were from the series, passed in 1967 with probe "Lunar Orbiter-3" ("orbital perennial"). It is noteworthy, that is exactly in the middle of the crater visible from Earth with lunar disc. On the other frames depicting surroundings Alerta, visible pointed upland, which researchers have identified as the "Peak". It towers above the surface of the moon, almost 2.5 km. Knowing the mechanism of erosion of the lunar surface, it is impossible to imagine the existence of her natural formations, preserved in its present form for billions of years.

As the study of photos unexpected discoveries followed one zadruga. It turned out that behind the "Peak" is another hill, like a comet, standing on its tail. This "Tower", its height is 11 km. When image "Peak" and "Tower" has increased and subjected special computer processing, then, according to Dr. Hoagland, "it turned out that the surface that reflects light to the greatest extent, are not outside of these formations that would be logical, if it were a natural rock formation, and inside! Our research suggests that we found some artificial construct of cryptocrystalline or glassy material, which is superimposed layers to obtain a required shape constructions".

On one of the frames TV shooting, made by the probe "Lunar Orbiter-3" and designated in the catalogue of NASA as 71-N-1765, visible as much as 5 formations similar to terrestrial pyramids in Egypt or Nubia. However, the members of the group TMM learned that this probe conveyed to Earth not all of them made pictures. 2 March 1967, NASA announced that the transfer of their latest episodes suddenly interrupted because of the failure of transmission cameras onboard the probe. Of the 211 shots on Earth were received only 29.

In the process of learning images employees of TMM found on them many mysterious objects. The presence on the moon's surface all these "domes", "peaks", "towers" and "pyramids" refutes many views, established in modern selenology. If the objects mentioned above had such shapes and sizes, from the very beginning of its existence, now they would not have been so high and relief due to systematic "fire" by meteorites. If they are man-made structures, their creators, undoubtedly, take great care of their buildings. By the way, it is known that in developing NASA's lunar base project it is planned to use as building and protective materials steel and quartz glass.

Very interesting was one of the pictures (4822). He was executed in may 1969 in the area of craters Alert, Trincel and Manitius U.S. astronauts who flew around the moon on the Apollo-10". If you increase the snapshot was able to distinguish clearly defined area of the lunar surface, explicitly covered with panels of rock protecting underneath the structure. When this snapshot has increased even more and subjected to computer processing, it became visible new interesting details. For example, building constructions, rising to 1.5 km above the surface, connected to each other beams and serve as a support for a giant dome, which, according to some researchers, is designed to protect beneath the city. And on the images received recently from Board the "Clementine", managed to find that inner side of the dome is covered with a layer of a glassy substance.

But that being said, not all yet.

For more than 30 years among a very respectable and respected scientists and researchers, there are persistent rumors that some reports vysazhivaetsya to the moon American astronauts were never made public, still have stamped top secret and lie in armored safes NASA and the Pentagon. The reason is that the messengers of the Earth allegedly saw some objects and phenomena that do not fit into the framework of modern scientific knowledge and, in General, contrary to common sense. On the possible nature of these objects and phenomena is eloquent testimony to the fragment of conversation that, according to the former employee of NASA Otto binder, intercepted (again "allegedly"), an unidentified radio Amateurs. This conversation took place on July 21, 1969 between space center and NASA astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin-Oldrini that, having left the ship "Apollo-11", remaining with Michael Collins on the lunar orbit, fell in the landing module on the moon.

Space center: the Center calls the "Apollo-11". Well, what have you got there?

Astronauts:...these "baby"... They are huge, sir! Simply huge! My God, you won't believe!.. I tell you, there are other ships they stand at the far edge of the crater. They are watching us!..

And here is a fragment of a conversation (again - "allegedly") between a certain Professor, who asked to remain anonymous, and Neil Armstrong during held at NASA Symposium.

Professor (P): So what actually happened there with the "Apollo-11"?

Armstrong: It was incredible... the point is that these aliens gave us a clear message that we have left their territory. Of course, neither of which lunar station cannot be and speeches.

P: What do you mean by the words "made it clear"?

A: I have no right to go into details, I can only say that their ships are much greater than ours in sizes and technical perfection. See, they were really great! And terrible... In General, neither of the lunar city, nor about the station on the moon to us and nothing to think about.

P: But after the Apollo-11" have been there and other ships.

A: Of Course. NASA did not dare suddenly and without explanation to stop its lunar program. This could cause panic on Earth. But the tasks of all subsequent expeditions have been simplified, and the time spent on the moon reduced.

There is information that on July 21, 1969 spaceship "Apollo-11" has made landing on the moon, during a live telecast of this historical event or Neil Armstrong, whether Edwin Aldrin said at the edge of the nearest crater (or within) the visible light source. The mission control center the information is not commented. Since then continues to live the rumor that the astronauts saw at the edge of the lunar crater UFO.

One of the founders of UFOlogy in the USSR physicist Vladimir Azhazha and Maurice Chatelain, developer and Creator of communication systems and information processing for ships Apollo, expressed confidence that the UFO on the edge of the lunar crater really was. However, Dr. Paul Lawmen of space flight Center name Goddard, one of the divisions of NASA, in an interview with the English writer and UFO researcher Timothy hood said about this the following: "the idea that such a purely civil organization like NASA is working openly And publicly, may conceal from the public such a discovery is absurd. We just couldn't do it even if they wanted to. In addition, it is known that the majority of radio transmissions between spacecrew of "Apollo-11" was passed down to Earth in real time."

Meanwhile, on the question Timothy hood head of information Center of manned flights in Houston (now Space center, Lyndon B. Johnson) John Maclis 20 may 1970 wrote: "When the astronauts asked about a private conversation or when management in the control Center, believes that the planned conversation must wear a special character, it is conducted in the ordinarybut used the range of radio frequencies, only passed by special channels for voice. And unlike other negotiations between the control Center and located in a space ship, the content of these conversations, not for public. Tools that allow astronauts to conduct confidential discussions with management Center, already existed, they exist and now".

A curious detail: when group members TMM asked the leadership of NASA negatives some pictures with images of strange formations and structures, they replied that these negatives... disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Moreover, when a part missing negatives suddenly found (also under mysterious circumstances), it was found that those areas, where was interested researchers images have been carefully retouched.

"I have no doubt, " writes Professor Hoagland, is that both employees and NASA astronauts knew about the existence of the moon these rising upward objects. Otherwise it is difficult to understand how it was possible to "Apollo" to avoid them during orbital flight around the moon at low altitudes".

To date, the Pentagon is concentrated several millions (!) images of the moon and circumlunar space, but only a small part of this huge video library available for viewing and research.


Why is shrouded in mystery everything connected with the mission "Tangelo"? Which of the existing and what is happening on our natural satellite so carefully kept hidden from the public NASA, the Pentagon and the US leadership?

The results of the work of researchers from the group of TMM, including the study of the few made available images transmitted from the "Clementine", confirm the plausibility of the hypothesis put forward by them of the fact that representatives of some scientific-technical civilization (STC) was founded on the moon their colony. According to Dr. Hoge Landa, it happened a few million years ago, and the photographs as seen by astronauts live, because they neezdil on the moon more than 100 km) construction giant and protective structures is only ruins.

Who and when has built all these structures and facilities, will be available only after the beginning of systematic research of the moon. And even with the current level of development of space technology to realize this program is quite real - expedition American ships Apollo convincingly proved it. "We should restore the previous space program, " said Professor Hoagland, and to return to the moon, because there we can expect such a scientific discovery, which we are not even able to imagine."

Have long believed that there is no water on the moon. And never was. But the instruments installed on it by the crews of the ships "Apollo", refuted this "immutable" truths. They recorded concentrations of water vapor, which looks down on the lunar surface for hundreds of kilometers. Analyzing these sensational data, Professor John Freeman of the University of Raisa in Houston came to an even more sensational conclusion. In his opinion, the readings suggest that water vapor will seep to the surface from the depth of the lunar subsurface!

Legends about the existence of lunar cities appeared, probably, simultaneously with the appearance of the first major cities on Earth. But legends are legends, and some European astronomers in the XIX century argued in his writings that he had seen the ruins of such cities on the moon. American astronomical journals published photos and pictures of the pyramids, domes and bridges that scientists observed on the surface of our moon. And Polish researcher and writer Jerzy big in his three-volume description of the moon On a silver ball" even indicated the exact coordinates of the ruins of one of lunar cities, which were in the Sea of Rains. It is not excluded that he himself saw these ruins in the telescope during a visit to the astronomical Observatory of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, where he often visited, when he collected materials for his monumental work.

Cannot be explained by natural causes and the presence on the moon white domed hills with a diameter of up to 200 meters They found more than 200, and the most surprising is the fact" that at times they disappear in one place and appear in another, as if moving on the surface of the moon. A large number of "domes" are concentrated in the vicinity of one of the mysterious element of the lunar landscape - perfect line "wall" with a height of about 450 m and a length of over 100 km

On flat surfaces Sea of Tranquility and Ocean Storms are isolated groups of rocks. Among them are the monoliths in the form of huge spires and pyramids, surpassing the height of any earthly design. Their availability and the form is confirmed, in particular, the photos taken from the Board of the Soviet automatic interplanetary station "Luna-9". A detailed description of these strange formations and their pictures can be found in the book by David Hatcher Childress "Extraterrestrial archaeology".

It is possible that today one of the most ambitious (in direct and figurative sense of the word) of the riddles of the moon is the "Bridge Of'the Nile".

29 July 1953 John O'Neal, editor of science division of the American newspaper "new York Herald tribune and Amateur astronomer, discovered on the moon something unusual. In a telescope-refractor with a 100 mm lens he could see in the South-West of the visible disk of the moon, around the Sea Crisis, the arch of large extent - its length was greater than 19 km! Being sensible and not prone to fantasies, O'Neal found seen bizarre creature lunar natural forces.

Three weeks later O'Neal wrote about his discovery of the famous English astronomer Hugh Percy Wilkins. It laid the cards on the most detailed of which the disc reached a diameter of 7.6 m, has laid the trajectory space probes, flew around the moon.

Having received the letter, Wilkins, who considered himself an expert lunar landscapes, decided that the Amateur astronomer just made a mistake. But he pointed the telescope-reflector diameter mirrors 375 mm on this plot. To his surprise, there really was absolutely incredible structure (later Wilkins described it as "a bridge, under which there is the light of sunlight, and the shade of his arch falls on the surface of the surrounding plains").

English astronomer immediately wrote About'Neal, a reply message, which confirmed the observations and congratulated him on his inauguration. Unfortunately, O'Neil died suddenly, and had not time to get this letter.

Speaking in the scientific program of the British broadcasting Corporation Bi-bi-si on 23 December 1953, Wilkins said that "Bridge Of'the Nile", or "Moon Bridge"is an artificial construction. "The appearance of a "Bridge" testifies, " said the astronomer, " that such education is almost certainly could not arise in the course of a natural process during the formation of the moon. But even if this happened, then this structure of natural origin for the past since then, millions of years would surely destroyed, she could not survive till our days."

Article with description of a "Bridge" in may 1954 was printed in the magazine "Sky and Telescope" ("Sky and telescope"), published by Harvard University (USA). The article cited a detailed description of the mysterious constructions, photographed on the moon's surface and connects two mountain range near the Sea of Crises.

In June 1954, based in mount Belanovskoe astronomical Observatory (Pasadena, California), Wilkins again considered the "Bridge", this time on the telescope-reflector with a long mirror, and again, convinced of the reality of his existence. Already many astronomers saw the Bridge, but all the same some scientists doubt in his reality remained. At the same time between supporters beings tation of the "Bridge" was right in the controversy about the nature of this mysterious structure. Convinced was the existence of the "Bridge" and tended to the recognition of its artificial origin while still very young astronomer Patrick Moore, who worked together with Wilkins over his lunar maps.

Here is what he wrote in his book "Guide to the Planets" ("guide to the planets"), published in 1955: "At the beginning of 1954 great interest among astronomers has caused the opening of a unit, dubbed the "Moon Bridge". It is obvious that this arch is really there on the edge covered by lava plains, called the Sea of Crises, it was discovered by American J.. O'Neal, his discovery confirmed the Englishman Dr. X. P. Wilkins, and I personally have seen this arch".

According to the calculations of the Wilkins this bridge had a length of approximately 20 km and Polish researcher Robert Lesnikovich[21] adds that "Bridge" towered above the surface of the moon on 1600 m, and its width was about 3200 meters Truly cyclopean construction!

What hypotheses can be put forward on the basis of the above information about the origin of unnatural objects and events on the moon?

/ Moon inhabited by the SELENITES - representatives of extraterrestrial the SEC and is seen as a private area. This explains, in particular, observed from the Earth mysterious phenomena on the surface and high activity unidentified space objects (NGOs) in an orbit of the moon, and also demonstrate the SELENITES unwillingness to see on the moon "outsiders," which, by their terms, are modern humans.

/ In a very distant past the moon colonized the earthly representatives of the SEC, which preceded the current and died for reasons unknown to us, possibly as a result of the global civil war or as a result of the attack of the alien NTC invaders from space.

/ The moon is a huge spaceship, who came to us from outside the Solar system and delivered to the Earth those creatures, from which happened genus Homo sapiens - the person reasonable. Now the Moon is a giant space station with living inside it reasonable aliens from other worlds or descendants of former earthly supercivilization. They are the "producers" of all objects and phenomena we perceive as UFOs and NGOs.

Currently among scientists from different fields of science conducted a lively discussion about the possible nature of those oddities that we constantly demonstrates our nearest cosmic neighbor. Not the last place (and the word belongs in these discussions ufologists. One of the hypotheses to explain what is happening on the moon developments proposed to held in 1998 in Prague the international UFO conference Robert Lesnikovich.

In his opinion, in the past existed on Earth civilization, natives of which have mastered and populate Mars and Venus, and inhabitable satellites of giant planets of the Solar system. But 12 - 15 thousand years ago mentioned civilization perished when the Solar system was invaded by aliens from a different planetary systems, for example from a system nearest to us star, Proxima of the constellation Centaurus. And they arrived on the spaceship, the role of which has fulfilled... the Moon! However, flying on its way near Pluto, proximion brought from the previous orbit and he stayed until then in the role of a satellite of Neptune, became an independent planet.

Reaching pre-selected places in the Solar system, aliens "slowed down" the moon and brought it into orbit around the Earth. Probably, soon between the Terrans and proximally broke out a brutal war with weapons of mass destruction. In the result, Mars has lost water and almost lost the atmosphere, and there was a rapid volcanic activity. On Venus military action led to the boiling all the seas and oceans. This caused greenhouse megaevent - over time, the surface of the planet was like the fiery furnace. On Earth, too, was a fierce battle. Their remnants are preserved in the myths of the peoples of the world as stories about the struggle descended from heaven gods among themselves and with people... It's the signs of the activity of the great civilisations and we have started recently to discover on the moon and on Mars.

As for the suggestion of using the moon as the spacecraft, then, no matter how fantastic it seemed at first glance, there is some reason. It is possible that the inhabitants of other worlds travel in space, using the planet as a means of transport. The thing is that today, astronomers know about 30 planets that are not whirling in a permanent closed orbit around its star and wander freely in space. One of them is the object TMR-1C, located in the constellation of Taurus and remote from Earth at a distance of about 500 light years. Perhaps astronomers will do a detailed study of these cosmic Wanderers and understand what are the reasons (or force) allowed (or forced) to go in "free flight".

And here's another interesting message that came from Japan. On the evening of 9 September 2003, the known scientist-UFO researcher and journalist Dr. Kyoshi Amamiya from the city of Tenryu, Nara Prefecture, was observed near the moon's mysterious glowing object. It was a bright spot, which appeared near the lunar disc, approached him, and then as it merged with him. This whole process Amamiya filmed on a digital camcorder with teleconvertor. Looking through the next day images on the monitor, he was convinced that NGOs are really flew to the moon and possibly landed on its surface.
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