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ПИАСТРЫ ОСТРОВА ГРАЙГЕНDetails of the burial of the hoard is well known and more like a novel than a documentary narration. But, we specify for doubting, every action of any character of this bloody story is confirmed by witnesses and protocols of interrogations...

This story began in the early nineteenth century, when the British Navy Midshipman the Robertson (who served under the direction of Nelson) tired of life under the Charter, and he in 1820 appeared off the coast of South America as a filibuster. And soon the assessment of benefits, he was replaced by black flag on the flag of the Chilean Republicans who fought against Spain for independence.

In 1822, Robertson was a senior officer in the rebel-frigate " Galvarino". Defending the independence of Chile and dreaming to become rich, and he had no idea how close to the most fatal thing in his life that would deprive him of all...

In the Chilean province of Concepcion against Republicans acted partisans under the command of a certain Benavides. In one of the operations crew "Galvarino" managed to capture Lieutenant Pacheco supporting the link between the guerrillas and the government.

Having landed on the shore, Robertson gave the order to torture Pacheco and very soon found out where people are Benavides. Half dead Lieutenant he kill not, and just left the Spaniard tied to a tree. But he managed to survive...

Following received from Lieutenant information, "Galvarino" came to the Bay of Arauca, where the detachment under the command of Robertson captured 70 partisans. The Benavides with the closest assistant of the Italian Martellini managed to escape, so vexed Robertson immediately hung all prisoners, and many years later this episode played a fatal role for him.

Benavides, Martellini, shocked unusual cruelty, vowed to avenge Robertson for his friends. Benavides, however, was soon caught in the Chilean port Topically and drawn.

Robertson also quite rich and left the rebel fleet, settled near the Gulf of Concepcion on a desert island Urine. With him were a servant-Negro and two wives. Robertson wished for example tiny island States to base on the island pirate Republic and become its king. But the worthy citizens of this Republic to dial it was difficult, and former middy has increased its population by natural means: his wife was constantly given birth.

Martellini, a little partizanov, gave himself up to the insurgents and receiving Amnesty, was hired as a boatswain on the schooner "Las Quatrac Hermanas", which was to carry the shipment of cocoa in Mexico city. But near Guayaquil Italian and earned half the team raised on the vessel riot, twisted captain and hung a black flag. Those who did not want to accept the new rules of the game, put the boat left at the mercy of the waves.

"Las Quatrac Hermanas" headed South, to the island of Chiloe, which still retained the power of the Spanish crown. There Martellini got a new ship and began to scour the seas, plundering and destroying court of the Chilean and Peruvian Republicans. And because our world is very close, and soon he heard about his old familiar Robertson, now the inhabitant of the island Urine.

Martellini landed on the Urine, killed wives and servants Robertson, and he was captured and decided to take in Chile, on the place of the former camp near the Gulf of Arauca to kill where killed his comrades. Here's how echoed the Robertson his old cruelty...

But on the way began a violent storm, and the team, seeing the inability of the land, in General, Italian to sail, delivered an ultimatum: the lives of the crew more personal revenge, and Robertson must be released from the hold and appointed a co-driver. And it was done.

Robertson safely brought the ship from the storm, and when Martellini tried to throw him back into the hold, the team threatened to revolt. Robertson remained on the bridge, until I saw him on the head ship of the English flag. He jumped overboard, was picked up by the British and after a series of adventures in a year became the first mate on the ship "Congress"in pursuit of Spanish pirates, ruined the Chilean coast and oncoming vehicles.

But his service lasted not very long. A couple of years headed the detachment of the Peruvian militias he stormed the Spanish Fort at Callao, but, slandered, he landed in the basement and was sentenced to the gallows.

Passing over while walking the prison fence, Robertson ran and got to Lima. In this period fate was to him not too supportive, and a few years Robertson openly badly off. But in 1829 he knew that standing in the roads brig "Peruvian" stores in its hold 2 million gold piasters.

Remembering stormy youth, Robertson with the help of his friends, experienced pirates George and Williams scored a gang of thugs and, having got the night on "Peruvian", cut the whole team and seized the ship. In the hold, and indeed found a chest of 2 million piastres. Without turning on the lights, "Peruvian" was released in the sea and went on Mariana Islands - an archipelago lying in 11 thousand miles from the South American coast and 1800 - East of the Islands of the Philippines.

But the 28-man squad still too much for "only" 2 million gold piasters. And Robertson began to slowly get rid of the team. He sent 10 people on the beach in the water, but as soon as the boat was moored to the shore, "Peruvian" sail and went to sea.

When the "Peruvian" stopped at Tahiti and 8 sailors, after coming ashore returned dead drunk, Robertson ordered to immerse them sleeping in tied behind the stern of the boat. And he came out into the open sea, ordered to cut the rope. (By the way, one of the cast in the boat sailors still survived and was picked up by an American whaler.)

Remaining on Board Robertson explained that cast them into the sea sailors were planning a revolt. His plan was simple: he wanted to hide the gold, then get rid of too conspicuous ship, buy a new one and return for piastres, already fearing nothing...

On the Eastern edge of the Marianas archipelago was selected secluded island Hrigen that on old Spanish maps was named San Lorenzo. It coordinates: 18 degree 44' n and 145 co 39' C. D. Thugs "Peruvian" landed on the beach and found a suitable place, buried piastres. In the surrounding trees were markings, and on a nearby stone smashed the letter "R" and a special mark - a machete and a sombrero.

Then "Peruvian" went to Hawaii. Near the island of Oahu Robertson has allowed the team to celebrate the success of the campaign to open the barrel of rum. When the pirates get drunk, Robertson, George and William dragged them into the aft cabin and closed her score. Then opened at the "Peruvian" the Kingston valves, and they went on a boat in Honolulu.

There's three friends gave himself for shipwrecked and soon got barkentine, marching in Rio de Janeiro. But in that city where "all go to white pants", they became two - George was shot dead during a drunken brawl in the port tavern.

In Rio Robertson and William settled in English bark transporting convicts at botany Bay in the South-Eastern coast of Australia. Soon they were in Sydney.

And then, it was found that those 40 thousand pounds, which Robertson found in the captain's cabin "Peruvian", already on the outcome, and not allow to buy a ship to go to the coveted island. Addition of friends has problems with the local police, and they had to move to Tasmania. Here Robertson met Thompson, owner of a small fishing boat, and took her in rents, allegedly to catch pearls.

And Robertson, William, as you might imagine, by this time already worshipped in each other's soul" and most of all wanted to divide the gold and run. Or not to share...

Williams, seeking in Thompson ally, told him about the secret purpose of the expedition, but this did not save it: once again, after drinking whiskey, he "fell" overboard.

Meanwhile, Thompson and Robertson continued to hold the path to the North. The journey was hard and it took nearly two years: the crew had to endure constant wind, problems with drinking water and to beat off several assaults Indians. Moreover, in an effort to maintain their existence, Robertson and really had to catch pearls. But here his luck did not forgotten: a few very large pearls in the world's collections still bear the name of Robertson.

When they finally came to the Mariana Islands, Thompson admitted to Robertson that he knew the purpose of the expedition, and demanded his percentage. In the ensuing brawl experienced pirate threw "blackmailer" overboard. Two members of the team, after receiving assurances that they also get anything, calmed down and continued his journey.

But Thompson was killed - the tide carried him to the island of Tinian, where it picked up the natives and taken to the residence of the Spanish Governor.

B this time to the island went well armed Spanish trading brig, which was commanded by a captain of Paceco, brother Lieutenant, who was once Robertson was tortured in the Chilean jungle.

Hearing the story Thompson, Pacheco went to sea and caught up with Robertson in the Bay of Islands, Saipan, North Tinian when he bought the natives food to replenish the reserves of fresh water. Robertson, probably not even realizing why his look, he tried to escape on the island. But Pacheco quickly found the natives, and Robertson was floodplainsthe Academy of Sciences and issued.

The next day the ship arrived at the island and Hrigen. Robertson taken ashore and told him to show where the treasure. But Robertson too many suffered because of this gold and didn't want to give up - with shackled hands he managed to escape from the Spaniards. However, just as soon as he was caught, taken to the ship and subjected to torture.

Realizing that further it is useless to resist, Robertson promised to show the place where the treasure is hidden, and asked for a break. Give him a break hour, and when Robertson began to descend from the ship into the boat, he threw himself into the water head down.

One of his men dived for him, but Robertson disappeared into the dark water.

The local Governor of Medinilla, learning about the incident, had sent 600 people with orders to comb the island Hrigen and find the treasure.

The island was scarred all over like head cheese, but nothing was found. Did not find even a stone with the carved sombrero.

...Since Grigane have visited a lot of hunters, but luck was not accompanied by anyone. Some believe that an experienced sea wolf Robertson had planned to get rid of all of their podelnikov and therefore, setting a course that deceived them and said the name of the other Islands. Like it or not, nobody knows.

But 2 million gold piasters still waiting for the one who will find them.
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