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НЕИЗВЕСТНЫЕ САДИСТЫ НА АМЕРИКАНСКОМ КОНТИНЕНТЕKilled and brutally mutilated animals - domestic and wild - on the American continent are already more than a dozen years. All these years, farmers, veterinarians and scientists are trying to find out who and why. Many of them are convinced that to mutilate their victims unable either predators or by the people. Then who can? No answer yet. And of barbarity continue.

In 2002, these events are especially often happened in Argentina. Only from April to July in this country was detected over 300 mutilated corpses of cattle and simultaneously recorded dozens of eyewitnesses about observed in the sky flying lights".

A young heifer, owned by ranchero[16] Camilo Lizardo from the city of San Rufino, province of Cordoba, was found dead and mutilated on the morning of 1 July 2002. All flesh on her head from the right side around the jaw was cut off. There was also no language and the right eye. In place of the navel in the skin gaped through hole diameter of about 4 cm, part of the intestines and rectum were absent.

Two days later mutilated calf examined Hernando Brandino, local veterinarian. He made his scalpel several cuts on the body, compared them with the existing and came to the conclusion that unknown torturers used a very sharp instruments and surgical point of view was acting professional.

on July 5 in the vicinity of San Francisco del Monte de Oro found dead of a five-cow. As was mentioned in the newspaper "El Diario de La Republica", "it looked as if through the mouth inside it introduced a hose from a unit, which has sucked all of her insides. In addition, the cows were cut rectum, one eye and language from the root. All sections seemed to be burnt around the edges, on the tail also had spots like burns. No traces of blood or other fluid around."

In connection with a new wave of brutal murders of livestock to the government of Argentina expressed the view that these murders are committing so-called "red-faced rat", characterized by the ferocity and bloodlust. However, experts from universities in Rio Cuarto and Cordoba immediately rejected this assumption. Their opinion was joined by Gustavo Seigenthaler, Director of the National historical Museum of the province of La Pampa. In conversation with journalists he explained that the mentioned rats do not live in this country, they are only rarely found North of the province of Buenos Aires, between the rivers Parana and Uruguay.

Totally inexplicable case with cattle in Argentina at the end of June 2002, but was known about him only a month later. Near the TMS, West of the city of Rio Cuarto, on a plot of land belonging to large catoptromancy, inside a huge metal tanks for water storage were found 19 Pets. 9 of them were dead, the rest live, but because of the long stay in cold water their conditions were very poor. The veterinarian and the police arrived on the scene, was the question: how could the animals to get into the tank, indoor metal cover and surrounded by a high fence with a locked gate?

It is noteworthy that in those regions where there continue to find the mutilated corpses of killed animals in the sky at night appear glowing UFO, and people sometimes encounter any strange creatures.

During the first half of July near the city of Tucuman, in the sky above which for many days at night fly mysterious lights, local people found the mutilated corpses 8 cows and 7 goats. Maria del Carmen, which belonged to one of the cows, told the correspondent of the newspaper "Diario La Gazetede Tucuman"that and the next night after the discovery of the dead animal she had seen flying through the sky fire.

And on the 9th of July, more than 20 dwellers of the village Carmen de Patagones within half an hour watched the bright ball, walking zigzags, approached him, then moved away. However, he changed color, becoming in turn red, then blue, then white.

on July 17, 2002 the newspaper "La Voz de Bragado reported that in the province of Buenos Aires, near the town of Bragado found the body is torn calf. He had no eyes, ears and tongue, no soft tissue around the lower jaw, and rectum. This case, unfortunately, it was nothing unusual. Unusual was in the other. According to the experts, the calf killed at least two weeks ago, but during this time the corpse does not appear any signs of decay. And for some reason, neither Fox nor birds of prey who are found in abundance in these places, not touched so tasty for them prey.

No less mysterious events occurred in the summer of 2002 and in neighboring Chile. Dr. Corrales, Director of the Institute Spanish UFOlogy, commented described the cases as follows: "the Argentine colleagues inform me that almost all the provinces of their country people find the mutilated corpses of animals. The authorities ' attempts to attribute these brutal murders red-faced rats veterinarians and zoologists categorically deny, at least in the province of La Pampa, where these animals no one has ever seen And, moreover, not a single incident, when a mutilated corpse was discovered rat droppings.

As for the hypothesis about the relationship between the death of animals and message s observations in the sky glowing UFO and meetings of citizens with the strange creatures that resemble human beings or bizarre hybrids of humans and animals, it is not devoid of credibility. But the grounds for its adoption or refutation can give only further research. And, of course, the most indisputable basis would be able to catch the killers crime scene and capture their appearance and actions in the video".

No less mysterious and an equally dramatic incidents were reported in 2002 and in the US. Around midnight on 10 June, on Monday, artist Duin Wright and his wife, living in the valley of Apple gate valley, located in the national Park SYSKEY forest, South of the city of grants Pass in the American state of Oregon, got ready for bed. Suddenly, in the house literally burst several cats, before that, as usual, wandering on the street. They were clearly frightened - stirs, eyes round. Because the house stood alone in the forest on top of a hill, the couple decided that cats scared and coyotes or other animals, And went to bed. After a while Mrs. Wright woke up and saw outside the window bright light, but did not get up from the bed and soon fell asleep again.

On Wednesday morning, Duin noticed that low over the trees, 60 metres from the house, turning the flock Buzzards - birds of prey from the family accipitridae. Coming to the place, he found in a clearing among the tall grasses of the dead is torn of deer. It was a young female, which was not enough lip, the right half of the lower jaw, tongue, and both eyes. On the right side of the chest was cut neat hole through which Duin saw that the animal has absent all the internal organs. Another hole was between the abdomen and right rear leg. Remote was also the vagina and rectum. And nowhere is one bit, not a trace of blood. And in General no trace!

"The first thing I saw was told later, Doin, is the absence of the eyes and lips. Then I noticed a wound on his right hind leg. I thought that this is the result of a shot, but the wound was not cross-cutting. Looking at her, I could not believe my eyes: the insides of the abdomen disappeared! It looked awful, but the most strange is that neither surrounds wounds on the body of the animal, nor on the grass could not see the blood, but around the wounds were dark spots like it from the hide specially removed the hair."

Caused on a place of incident the police and workers of the Federal service on protection of wild animals at first tried to explain the death of the deer natural causes - it supposedly killed Puma or struck shot by poachers. But the nature of the injuries on the body of the victim and that the murderer did not take advantage of their prey (or use such a mysterious way), and most importantly - no traces of blood were forced them to abandon such assumptions.

However, for the version with a poacher they stayed longer, because it believed that the bright light that saw outside the window Mrs. Wright, could be the light of a lamp-searchlight of his car. However, in this national Park is found as many deer that they have become almost manual and often come straight to the house in broad daylight.

So there is no need to track them down at night in the forest, illuminating the area headlight projector.

Stumped government representatives and one more thing: how did you manage to remove the animal's body his intestines through such a small hole? And most importantly - to whom and for what it was supposed to?

In the North-East from Apple gate valley, about 6 hours away by car, is the valley of Christmas valley. Here, in the vicinity of the city Lakeview, June 10, 2002 Kate Banas, Deputy County Sheriff lake, showed another killed and mutilated animal writer Jean Belogo engaged in investigation of such cases. This time it was a cow found 18 may, under great juniper tree. According to the farmer, owner of the cow, the area where they found her in the summer is not used as pastures, and it was not clear, how it got here, the more so that no trace of her "push" under the tree in the living or the dead as was not. Even if we assume that the cow was put under the tree top and laid so close to the trunk, it had to hurt many branches, some of which certainly would break. But all branches appeared to be intact.

As in all other cases, the cow was hewed from some parts of the body and internal Organs, in particular the rectum, vagina, udder, language. Left eye was removed completely, so that through the empty socket viewed the inside of the skull. And again the same sinister oddities: no drop of blood, the lack of human and cow!) traces and imprints of tyres; and no signs of a struggle or death throes cow... it Was obvious that fallen needles, dry branches, grass around her corpse was left undisturbed, to him, no one has touched it.

And another mystery: around RAS - no flies, and the beasts and birds of prey who are found in abundance in these places, for some reason did not touch the carcass of a cow - so desirable food for them. This is especially strange, that when an animal dies here a natural death, all of cake to fall carrion - birds, animals, and insects eagerly pounce on the corpse, and a few days from it there are only fragments skins Yes scattered around it gnawed the bleached bones.

During investigation of this incident Jean Belogo told the journalists about some of the other cases, which it recently was engaged, and the related not less strange circumstances.

Of particular interest, in her opinion, is finding may 5, 2002 in the same Oregon mutilated corpse of the ox, during the life of the former huge and weighed 2400 pounds (about 1100 kg). When they got him about a month after the death, he was several times smaller and lighter, and the owner was able to identify him only on the mark. And in this case were with surgical precision and absolutely bloodless removed some parts of the body and internal organs, and had no signs of a struggle, agony or transportation of corpse to the place where it was discovered. It also didn't touch predators and other lovers of dead things. Moreover, all the ants from nearby anthill was dead!

But the biggest mystery was the condition of the bones of the bull. First, when found dead began to drag them along to another place, his skeleton collapsed in the body: almost all the edges are separated from the spine. Secondly, and most importantly, have dramatically changed the properties of bone tissue. All the bones of the skeleton turned black and become fragile, and bone mass began to resemble a very porous sponge, only hard.

According to Dr. C. S. Levengood, head of Michigan biophysical laboratory, such a rebirth of bones may be caused by exposure to certain system, radiating energy in the microwave range. A sample of bone tissue and the skin of the dead bull and soil from the place where it was found his body, probably, will help to define more clearly, what was the reason for such a radical change.

In conclusion, it is appropriate to mention that in many cases in the area of the discovery of the corpses mutilated animals local residents witnessed the emergence in the dark unusually bright stars moving across the sky, or flashes of light on the surface of the earth. As estimations show, this phenomenon occurred just a day or a day before the death of those animals, whose bodies were subsequently found.
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