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ГОРОДСКИЕ РОДСТВЕННИКИ ЙЕТИUsually Bigfoot or traces of people see in the dense forests, in remote mountain areas, generally in remote, unexplored corners. Obviously it is not near to settlements and especially in the cities.

However, throughout the summer of 1973 in the vicinity of the American town of Greensburg in the County Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, residents often reported in the local Society for the study of mysterious phenomena that have seen unusual, very large animals, like people. The specialists of the Society, leaving on a "designated event", usually discover that it has a large following, and often also scraps of wool and excrement unknown animals. Eyewitnesses usually told that the "evidence" has left a huge APE-like creatures with fiery orange-red eyes, from which came the disgusting smell of sulfur, rotten eggs and rotten meat.

And in February 1975 the owners of mobile homes-trailers, "was encamped in the town Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, began to complain to the owner of the site allocated for Parking, that at night somebody knocking on the walls of their mobile homes. Several times after such complaints owner called the police, but she never managed to find troublemakers or reasons arising noise. Then the owner had to arrange the light in the Parking lot at night. After this blows on the walls of the houses has not stopped, but now their owners sometimes you could see the night bullies.

28-year-old Elizabeth Cahill, just returning from neighbors, where he was invited on Cup of tea and party bridge, suddenly heard a knock on the window. Assuming that it causes someone Yves recent company, it turned out the light and opened the door with the intention to go outside. What followed, was plunged her in horror... Elizabeth saw the door-a huge jump meters on five bounced creature resembling a gorilla. "At first I thought that someone so dressed and decided to play with me stupid joke, " she said. - But the longer the Joker stood there, not moving or saying a word, the more scared I felt. So it took a few seconds then the creature slowly began to approach me. I remember I cried, began to call for help, then rushed back into the house and locked the door. I am most frightened eyes of the creature - a huge, solid and shines red. And even squeezed in a narrow crack motionless lips.

Having heard the despairing cry Elizabeth from neighboring house ran Maurice Hiller and his son, holding an air rifle. Other weapons they had. They examined the territory around of the house of Elizabeth, but none was found. The most surprising, that being left on the sandy ground no trace.

Calming down a bit, Elizabeth added to the description scared her the monster that it stood still on the folded legs and with bent arms, was the increase of the average man, covered with shiny coat, and his face was somewhat reminiscent of the monkey".

Soon other inhabitants of this Parking started to tell him about his meetings with disgusting "the beast folks". One woman claimed that it jumped the beast, gorilla-like, and grabbed her jacket. She managed to escape and escape, and the jacket was left at the hands of the attacker. In another case, a man of 40 of the road to the Parking lot around 8 PM, highlighted the headlights "big gorilla", a leisurely walking past the houses.

In August 1975, several teenagers of 12 to 15 years played ball on the school Playground, located near the Parking lot. Suddenly they noticed as out of the bushes at the far end of the field, adjacent to the school building, has become "a beast, like a man", and headed in their direction. The guys got scared, and ran away.

By year end the meeting with a mysterious monsters in the area of the Parking lot became less frequent, and soon stopped. But next spring, 1976 everything started over again.

On the evening of March 29, about half-past ten, the couple Williams was prepared in his house-trailer to sleep when Mrs. Williams noted that the space of a few acres in separating the Parking area from the nearby pine forest, suddenly brightly lit up. At first she did not realize this, but soon, under the bedroom window, she heard a strange growling. Mrs. William became alarmed and called her husband, who, however, could not see the light and not heard a growl. "Is this your stomach grunts", - joked the husband. But the growl was immediately repeated, now it was heard and Roger Williams. Grabbing his gun, he ran from the house and ran to the opposite wall. There he saw from the house to the side of boron slowly withdrew dark humanoid figure.

This incident forced Williamson different way to relate to the story of his little daughter, who they heard six months ago. Once the girl briefly left in the house alone. She trawl in the living room and casually glancing out the window, saw the "big bear, trying to hide behind the growing near the tree." The girl was so scared that lay on the floor and lay there until the arrival of their parents.

When her parents told her daughter asked her to tell, looked like the "bear", she replied that the beast was higher than the father, that is a growth of more than 180 cm, covered with long and thick brown hair. When asked by any of the animals in the zoo or from television beast was more like that, the girl said that, perhaps more than a monkey than a bear.

Ended epic in Elizabethan the fact that the leadership of the national guard of Pennsylvania in August 1976, organized on the entry and exit of the Parking two permanent security post. After this meeting the guests with "the beast folks" stopped.
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