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Загадки острова ПасхиAbout Easter island we know a lot and at the same time almost nothing: his mysterious stone statues remain silent witnesses of an unknown culture. Who was cut down from the rocks, these monumental figures? Suppose it were Polynesians, who settled on the volcanic island in the period between IV and XII century When in 1774, arrived at the English Navigator James cook, most of the statues were already flushed with pedestals. A fierce civil war destroyed the ancient culture. To tell you about archaic cults and the value of the stone giants might unique hieroglyphic writings of Easter island, but they still decrypted only partially.
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Техника древности"...We found geological data, which, obviously, will lead directly to archaeological discoveries," said Dr. Roald Maxwell at the University of Washington. Dr. Maxwell, Dr. Harold Made and Virginia Steen Makinia reported at the annual meeting of the geological society of America that at the bottom of the stream in Mexico, they found intricate stone tools...
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Тайные знания древних цивилизацийMayan astrology. In the II - X centuries ad in the southern part of Mexico's territory Guatemala, Honduras and Belize there was a very high and very peculiar culture of the Maya. The Mayan civilization had a network of city-States, most of which was destroyed in the late ninth century In the XV I century, the Mayan culture was destroyed by the Spanish colonizers who, rejecting the local religion, burned almost all manuscripts contained and learning, and the history of the nation. When in the nineteenth century began to discover the ruins of the Mayan cities, were found and the remains of huge temples-observatories. One of the most famous Mayan cities, founded in the eighth century, Chichen Itza (in the North of Yucatan) was a ruin by the time the Spaniards. But the remnants of his grandiose religious and astronomical facilities ( including the Observatory "Caracol") and now amaze researchers.
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Последняя загадка СфинксаIn late November 1986 in the newspaper "Moskovsky Komsomolets" published an article by Nikolai Bankovskogo and Savely Canicola "the Last riddle of the Sphinx", dedicated to the hypothesis of Anatoly Vasilyev. The researcher suggested that the famous pyramid of Cheops built quite differently, according to Herodotus (out of the hundreds of thousands of separate blocks), and represents, in essence, built on a rock. Vasiliev has revolutionized the technology of construction, from which it followed that, in addition to the well-known galleries in the pyramid should be hidden tunnel. He may lead to the tomb of the Pharaoh and his treasures. Vasilyev was proposed to test his hypothesis and pointed out several points in the pyramid, the study which would confirm (or deny)... to Do it decided Nikolai Bandrowski, today, chief editor of the newspaper "Architecture", the honorary academician of the International Academy of energoinformation Sciences. Here is his story.
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Непознанное "Золотое сечение"Whether the pyramid in proportions "Golden section" generator of life?
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Загадочный ЕгипетEvery year II of November, the Day of St. Martin, the residents of the Swiss village of Sursee (Canton of Lucerne), magnificently celebrate the feast called Gansabhauet. The crowds listening to the stories of the local patriarchs that this day marks the resurrection of nature, the return of fertility and the glorification of the life-giving Sun. The culmination of festivities is an ancient (by the assurance of the elders) and very curious ritual. On the main square in advance erected a scaffold, where on the rope hung by the neck carcass killed the goose. Executioner in a bright red dress, face is hidden behind the Golden mask in the form of a solar disk, under a storm of delight of the audience up on the platform and one stroke of the blade (in full conformity with the name of the holiday: Gans - goose, abhauen - cut, cut) separates the head from the body. It is believed that such a symbolic penalty is a vestige existed in these parts of the solar cult...
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Тайны жрецов МайяAbout 2500 BC, in the area of modern Huehuetenango, Guatemala, there was a group of tribes whose members spoke the same language, called scholars Protoria. Over time, this language was divided into different languages of the Maya, the speakers of these languages emigrated and settled in different areas, and formed a wonderful civilization. The Mayan Civilization
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Тайна Американских цивилизацийWho are they? One of the most interesting and exciting history, remaining to this day to the end not resolved is the issue of colonization of the American continent. And though the Word of God and does not give a direct answer to this question, recent scientific discoveries have confirmed the biblical concept. But before we move on to its consideration, let's take a quick look at the version on the settling of America.
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Следы погибших цивилизацийThe creation of human hands, immured in rocks Dating back millions of years, until recently ignored. And not just anyone, but the scientists themselves. Because finds violated generally accepted fact of human evolution and even education in Earth life. WHAT artifacts caught in the rocks, in which the current theory of the origin and development of man there should be absolutely nothing?
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Скифы - таинственный древний народOn horses, fast as the wind, galloping horsemen, leaving clouds of dust. It returns the nomadic tribes with loot. 700 to 300 years BC they dominated the steppes of Eurasia. Then they disappeared, making a mark in history. About them even mentioned in the Bible. These were the Scythians.
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Сарматы. Русские амазонкиOn the outskirts of Russia and Ukraine there are tombs, where are the skeletons of women, buried with weapons. They lived in a time when the Greeks even told the centuries-old traditions of the nation's women warriors, but thought they were fiction. Because of the recent finds of archaeologists, there was again a question about the Amazons. Perhaps they once existed?
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Рапануйцы. Остров Пасхи преподает важный урокRapa Nui is an island of volcanic origin posadu 170 square kilometers, with almost no trees. It is considered to be the most isolated inhabited island in the world. (Although the islanders call your island Rapa Nui and themselves ramanujam, the island is known as Easter island and its inhabitants are called pasalinami.) The whole island was declared historical monument, than he is obliged, in particular, stone statues, called moai. This statue is the work of the once prosperous civilization.
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The history of the Huns still full of secrets. Why is only one of many peoples of Asia moved his tents to remote Rome? Why other barbarians, winning many lands of the Roman Empire, retreated under pressure from the Huns cavalry? Where did the Huns after the death of his terrible leader Attila? Finally, where hidden treasures looted by the Huns?
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Набатеи. Сокровища древней ПетрыStories about lost among the rocks and Sands of ancient nabtesco city agitated the minds of European scientists and travelers since the days of the crusaders. These lands in the middle ages controlled fierce Bedouin tribes, but because of their inaccessibility further fuels the imagination, until finally, almost by accident, Peter was not detected by Swiss Explorer Johann Ludwig Vardhana.
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Кельты. Их влияние ощущается и сегодняAlthough today little is said about them, but in the Western world they have left indelible traces. They became known for more than 2500 years ago. They had an impact on European history, art and religious customs. And - as it may seem strange - they had an impact on our daily lives. They were of Indo-European origin, and, during the height of their fame, they dominated over a huge area of the ancient world, stretching from the Atlantic to Asia Minor, from Northern Europe to the Mediterranean coast. Who were they? - The Celts.
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