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Упадок цивилизации Майя: изменения климата, конфликты и жизнь у моряEach civilization have their UPS and downs, but no other culture has not experienced such a serious decline, as the Mayan Empire, which was swallowed up by the jungle after several centuries of prosperity and progress in construction of cities, culture, knowledge and agriculture. What went wrong?
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Чародеи Древнего ЕгиптаAbout the ancient faith in the power of magic evidenced by the inscription on the stone plate, placed between the paws of the Sphinx, the keepers of the pyramid of Khafre at El Giza. The inscription reads: once Pharaoh Thutmosis IV, who was then still a Prince, tired after hunting, fell asleep at the foot of the Sphinx.
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Цивилизацию майя сгубила засухаThe Mayan civilization, which gave the world a lot of secrets and mysteries, it seems, has lost one of them: scientists have managed to find and to prove the causes of decline of this significant for its time culture. To the question why killed the Maya civilization, scientists now have a precise answer lies in fatal climate change.
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Тайна гробницы египетской принцессы озадачила ученыхThe newly discovered tomb of an ancient Egyptian Princess is a mystery that has puzzled archaeologists. Scientists are trying to figure out why the tomb of Princess Chert NELTI is at a distance of about one kilometre from the graves of other members of her family.
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Храмы бога ХроносаThere is nothing that manages the life, all of our lives, as the time. People in prehistoric times already knew how to count the days, months and years with great accuracy. At first, they looked at the sky with the naked eye, watching the Sun, Moon and stars.
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Реабилитация Галилея - покаяние Рима20 years ago, the Pope has publicly repented of the condemnation of Galileo by the Inquisition Galilee and returned him to the status of a faithful son of the Catholic Church. Does the Church have always been at odds with science, and it really is incompatible faith and knowledge, as approved now? In what became "grim" Inquisition? And what role was played in this process over the Galileo?
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В гробнице властелина майяThe dead man lay in his underground shelter 1600 years. About it long forgotten, and no one disturbed the peace of the Lord of the ancient Maya. Tireless archeologists discovered in Guatemala, the tomb of the unknown ruler.
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Сардиния: забытая цивилизацияThis summer we had a chance to travel in Sardinia. Always try to combine holidays with learning a new, unexpected and interesting. But that was opened on this Sunny Mediterranean island, has surpassed all expectations. We were able to see the amazing tracks mysterious, very ancient civilization that existed in Sardinia from ten to three thousand years ago.
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Нулевая полоса. Интернет активно обсуждает заявление тибетского монаха о том, как пережить Конец светаRecently the network began to actively discuss tips for preparing for the End of the world Lama monastery Ghandruk under the Kailas, known as the Oracle of Shambhala, which has made a Declaration for NASA.
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Найдено звено между майя и ольмекамиRecently in Central America archeological lucky to find ancient burial, which appeared in the epoch of change of civilizations. At that time in the States of the Olmec in southern Mexico has reached the age of decline, and on the territory of Guatemala bloomed the Mayan civilization. Found the tomb serves as a symbol of continuity of the two great cultures.
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КОПИ ЦАРЯ СОЛОМОНАIf you believe the Bible, and not the results of conventional methods of archaeological research, the king Solomon was fabulously rich. In the Third Book of kings says that the gold that came to Solomon in one year, the weight was six hundred threescore and six talents of gold.... descriptions of the various precious metals and stones, and other luxury and exotic things clearly indicate that Solomon them were taken, and, obviously, from distant countries. On the Egyptian bas-relief depicts the countless treasures looted from the temple and the Palace of Solomon successor of the Queen of Sheba Pharaoh Tuthmosis III.
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Надписи на камняхThe ancient Greeks, who founded in the VI century BC on the Northern Black sea coast a lot of cities have introduced a completely new here to this earth customs and traditions. Among many of them are of special interest gravestones with inscriptions. Today we will talk about Olvia and commemorative signs (the Dnieper-bug Liman, Nikolaev region).
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Краткая история СирииSyria fell under the blows of the Ottoman Turks in 1516 and for four centuries was under the rule of the Ottoman Empire. During this time, Syria has been a significant deterioration in the economic, social and political conditions. In 1916, using the First world war, the Arabs revolted against the Turks.
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Главная тайна ЕгиптаI have to say: I saw him, and miracle of miracles, not on the hot Giza plateau, where stands the three most famous of hundreds of Egyptian pyramids, not in the Valley of the Kings on the West Bank of the Nile and not dawn on top of mount Sinai.
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Найдены новые следы викингов в АмерикеOver the fifty years that have passed since then, as on the island of Newfoundland were found traces of the Vikings on the East coast of North America, the professional archaeologists and lovers unsuccessfully sought new evidence. And recently, they lived up to the expectations were found another settlement brave Scandinavians navigators on the American continent.
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