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Если Сфинкс рассмеетсяIn late November 1986 in the paper "Moskovsky Komsomolets" published an article by Nikolai Bankovskogo and Savely Canicola "the Last riddle of the Sphinx"dedicated to the hypothesis of Anatoly Vasilyev. The researcher suggested that the famous pyramid of Cheops built quite differently, according to Herodotus (out of the hundreds of thousands of separate blocks), and represents, in essence, built on a rock.
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Древние римляне тоже обожали орхидеиItalian historians suppose that the fashion for images of orchids on the works of art and decoration of premises appeared much earlier Renaissance, as it was considered. After analyzing many ornaments era of Imperial Rome, the scientists found that this flower was very popular among the ancient artists, sculptors and their clients.
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Шаг до АпокалипсисаMoving the Mayan calendars in the modern system of chronology, some scientists have learned from ancient inscriptions information, according to which on Earth on December 23, 2012 will happen catastrophic event. The experts, however, disagree on the peculiarities of disasters: "solar system will die in the explosion in the center of the milky Way"; "the return of the chief deity of Maya will cause earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, huge tidal waves that will destroy the planet"; "Land will collide with an asteroid"; "Land will be arriving aliens, to make it a lifeless plain".
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Найдена могила любимой жены Македонского?Greek archaeologists near the modern city of Serres (where in ancient times there was an ancient Greek Polis of Amphipolis), discovered the tomb in which, perhaps, are buried the remains of the wife and son of the Macedonian king Alexander the Great - Roksana and Alexander IV. Leaders of excavations claim that it is too early to speak about the person buried.
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In Giza after three years of restoration for tourists finally opened the second largest ancient Egyptian pyramid of Khafre. The famous tomb of the son of Pharaoh Cheops is close to the great pyramid of his father.

	В Египте после реставрации открылась пирамида Хефрена	В Египте после реставрации открылась пирамида Хефрена	В Египте после реставрации открылась пирамида Хефрена
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Говорящий крест майяBy the mid-nineteenth century, when invaders-Europeans with fire and sword walked across America, sowing "civilization", in Indian village Chan spoke... the cross. The human voice is the symbol of Christian faith called the last of the descendants of the ancient Maya on a Holy war against the invaders...
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Мистические сокровища РимаLong ago the Romans believed that in ancient palaces of the city inhabited by spirits, ghosts, and even deity. And there, in the Palace dungeons, if stored untold treasures, treasures and magic artifacts. But to take them it is possible only with the help of magic - or misfortune to those who dare to touch them, or at least to otmechaet about it.
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Когда слово золото. Сенсационная тайна майяGerman mathematician, until retirement - school teacher, Joachim Rittstieg assures that made a sensational discovery: has revealed one of the secrets of the code Maya. According to him, he deciphered "the Dresden Codex" - ancient manuscript Maya - and figured out where the hidden cache of gold legendary Indian tribe. According to the version of the scientist, countless treasures are buried at the bottom of lake Izabal Guatemala.
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Египетская мумификацияMummification process, required to sustain the body of man or animal. This can be a spontaneous process, or it can be tailor-made. Egyptian mummies were made by drying. The Egyptians had dried up the body using the salty mixture called 'oxide sodium'. It 'oxide sodium' is a natural substance that is common on the river Nile. 'Oxide sodium' consists of four salts: sodium carbonate, acid sodium carbonate, sodium chloride, and sodium sulfate. Sodium carbonate works as a drying agent 'pulling' water from the body. At the same time bicarbonate in the presence of moisture increases the pH, which creates a hostile environment for bacteria. Egyptian climate has provided a lot of favorable conditions for the mummification process.
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Эксперты: майя действительно предсказывали, но не конец светаAs arrows annual hours close to 21 December, experts try to convince people that the Mayans never predicted the Apocalypse at the end of this year.
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Календарь Майя – ключ к датировке былых катастроф?Lost date. Tremendous disasters shake the Earth from the time of its inception and till our days. Many of them fall on the existence of Homo sapiens, many occurred by historical standards recently. Huge Gobi-Altai earthquake of December 4, 1957, floods in Bengal in 1737 and 1876, with thousands of victims, the eruption of Krakatau in 1883, the tragedy of Pompeii in 79 ad - all these events clearly dated. However, the farther into the depths of history date of such shocks quickly lose their clarity. Already a volcanic eruption on the island of Santorini, what happened fifteen hundred years before our era, dated back with an error of about 100 years, what to talk about more ancient cataclysms?
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Древние египтяне предсказали события 2012 года в Книге мертвыхToday, many argue, predicted by the ancient Egyptians global event in 2012 or not, because their civilization reached certain heights in astronomy and mathematics. Similar questions arise in connection with certain similarities in cultures of ancient Sumer and Egypt.
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Судьба Скотты, дочери Нефертити"Scotty (cattle, lat. scotti) - group of the Celtic tribes. Originally Scotty lived in Ireland and Isle of man. In Roman sources-Scotia usually called Ireland. The name of the tribes immortalized in the name of Scotland - "the country Scott")."
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Жертва инков оказалась смертельно больнойExamining the molecules of proteins mummy teen girl, which many years ago Incas sacrificed, scientists have found that it is in life he suffered from tuberculosis. Original research methodology applied by experts, have allowed to determine the form of the disease - chronic pulmonary tuberculosis. And here was found next to her boy was absolutely healthy.
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Что за чередой смертей?The problem of safety of property of the Egyptian pharaohs, with whom they were sent to the afterlife, excited still builders of the pyramids. Robbers used a clever system of traps, false moves and cameras, zamurovic and artificial gegraphic. But relied extensively on the terrible power of spells...
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