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Правда о засухеIntergovernmental expert group on climate change, predicting the active expansion of arid areas as a result of global warming, apparently mistaken. According to the results of a new study, it was found that current methods for estimating the strength of drought wrong. The situation is not so sad, as climatologists predict.
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Глобальное потепление может стать причиной падения на Землю космических телCarbon dioxide is essentially a natural part of the atmosphere, but its accumulation at the altitude of 15 km above sea level leads to the greenhouse effect. The consequence of increasing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which is caused including man, is global warming.
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Топ 10 массовых вымиранийLife on Earth is always struggling for survival. Animals live in constant stress, to get enough food and adapt to the environment.
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Уровень загрязнения атмосферы достиг своего максимума за всю историюEmployees of the Institute of renewable energy in Germany stated that the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has broken all records. Statistics shows that their number in comparison with 2011 increased by 2.5 percent. Also for comparison, we can take the data 1900, according to which the total volume of harmful emissions in the atmosphere has increased in 2 times. It should be noted that more than 25% of all pollution comes from China. For example, emissions of the USA in two times less than in China.
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Новый проект по изучению снега принесёт лавину данныхMountain - barometers of climate change, but so far science has no answers to the simplest questions about them. How much snow on the top and slopes? As the snow cover varies from year to year?
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Прощание с ледниками в АндахInterdisciplinary research group that received $1 million from the National science Foundation, will try to clarify the fate of glaciers in the Andes. Hydrologists, geochemists, geographers and historians (mainly from the USA and Canada) should answer the question, how will the melting ice on the water supply of millions of people living in South America.
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Извержение древнего супервулкана аукнулось на обоих концах ЗемлиAbout 74 thousand years ago on the island of Sumatra there was a terrible eruption of Toba. According to estimates, it was 5 thousand times bigger eruption of mount St. Helens in 1980. Yes, there is a major eruption on the planet for the last 2 million years!
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Экспедиция к Затерянному мируNear the shores of Antarctica, at a depth of 2.4 thousand meters, a few years ago,unknown before the anomalous zone, which scientists themselves called "the lost world".
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Арктика превращается в Средиземноморье 21 века.Открытое море ("Foreign Policy", США)If the forecasts of climate scientists that the ice cover of the Arctic melts, indeed justified, we will see such changes in the geopolitical arena, which had not occurred since the opening of the Panama canal.
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Капитализм погубит людей и планетуWe live in perilous times, especially spiritually. Several hundred arrogant and empowered people (they can be called Bilderberger, Illuminati, trilateralists) decided together to rule the world in the name of"trade and imagination" - once ruled, Cecil Rhodes, founder of the first version of ' new world order" and the first concentration camps.
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Будущее принадлежит микробамThe last form of life on Earth will fall through to 2.8 billion years old, burnt down a dying Sun is a red giant. In about a billion years before that, the only living things on the planet will remain single-celled organisms, hiding in isolated hot and salty waters.
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Проект 'Кластер' раскрывает тайны магнитосферы ЗемлиAccording to scientists, the project Cluster" will help to make first three-dimensional map of the Earth's magnetic field It is the Alliance of four satellites, scanning parameters of the magnetosphere, revealed huge, up to 40 thousand kilometers, vortices at the magnetopause. And apparatus Cluster" found many other interesting things - for example, the zero point of our magnetosphere.
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Распыляемые с воздушного шара аэрозоли охладят атмосферуIn the American state of new Mexico will be conducted the experiment on the cooling of the atmosphere of sulphate aerosols. Such aerosols emitted by volcanoes erupted. They reflect solar radiation and contribute to the cooling of the Earth's atmosphere.
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Инверсия магнитных полюсов безопаснаResearch group of scientists from Germany have proved that in the memory of mankind once happened very fast inversion of the magnetic poles of the Earth. It happened approximately 41 thousand years ago. And no catastrophe on the planet at this moment deslocados, although magnetic security, according to calculations, fell in twenty or thirty times.
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В неудержимом стремлении загадить планету человек добрался и до арктического днаScary, but the fact is that the Arctic ocean floor littered with plastic and other waste.
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