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Onua.org - this site created to familiarize the user with the world of the unknown, news of technology, space discoveries and mysteries of the Earth UFO, Video , Photo, the Witnesses, the mysteries of history and ancient civilizations.
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Как планеты влияют на погодуOne of the oldest areas astrology - astrometeorology. It is a system of knowledge used for weather prediction, taking into account the location of the planets, their interaction and the strength of their influence on different geographical areas.
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10 интересных фактов о Северном и Южном полюсе ЗемлиThe polar regions of the Earth - the harshest places on our planet.
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Австралия вновь задыхается от жары: в Сиднее побит абсолютный температурный рекордThe unprecedented heat is returned to Australia on climate map, which previously had to introduce a new color. In Sydney on Friday was beaten temperature record 74-year-old: the thermometer rose to the level of 45.8 degree is half a degree greater than it was in January 1939.
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Разрушить теорию эволюции способна... водаEvolutionary theory became the main religious movement modern atheists who believes that it's correct. However, scientists once gave birth to this theory, to the amusement of believers, atheists are faced with an increasing number of facts, which beat out a stool of the classical theory of evolution, and from under all diverse and contradictory theories, United in the special theory of evolution, designed to become the second breath stillborn child Darwin and his ilk.
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ЗАКАТ ЧЕЛОВЕЧЕСТВАThe essence of the growth of primitiveness is that the spiritual life of society in General and of the individual in a particular year is simplified and coarsed. The process takes pathological character, spiritual life of society and individuals is reduced to a primitive animal displays. By all means, blurring the differences between Nations, gender, religion, humanity is trying to turn into a faceless gray mass. All truly great individual is destroyed, mocked, rejected. In idols society impose mediocre, and often mediocre actors, writers, singers, fashion designers, most of which are perverts.
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Девятая планета спасла ЗемлюIn the Solar system once existed nine planets, five of which were giants. Ninth planet was literally vyvinute outside the system that has saved the Earth from catastrophic destruction. So says astrophysicist David Nesvorny from the Southwest research Institute in San Antonio.
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В ожидании суперурагановLeft behind due date on the Mayan prophecy. According to the chronology of ancient Indians, the modern era began on 12 August 3114 B.C. and was to be completed on December 21, 2012. The singularity of this prediction is that the exact date is specified, but a description of what happens there.
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Внеземную жизнь будут искать в подземных океанахWhere there is water, can be life, for the existence of which water is absolutely necessary - it is solvent, thanks to which it is easy to assemble complex macromolecules that are necessary for living systems. Yes, on Mars now is lots of orbital apparatus, and it is covered with geological evidence of a long-standing presence of water. But nothing more. The most encouraging to date, the conclusion is that found a place where millions of years ago flowed streams. Scientists do not stop the search. But the irony is that "just" a couple of hundred million kilometres from Mars there are a lot of potentially habitable places with plenty of water.
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Новая теория возникновения живой клеткиScientists bill Martini from the University of Dusseldorf and Neal lane from the London University College offered an interesting theory for the origin of living cells with different bioenergy properties. In their opinion, the emergence of life is a by-product of the reaction energy.
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10 самых невероятных катаклизмов будущегоThe earth is in a constant state of change. The future of the Earth is guaranteed to be more than interesting, but not without chaos. The following list presents ten of the key events that, under forecasts, will take the Earth within the next billion years.
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Поглотит ли нас черная дыра?In our Galaxy astronomers have found an enormous concentration of stars.
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В ближайшие 7 лет нас ждет 8 апокалипсисовThe end of the world according to the Mayan calendar on December 21, never happened. But in the Network walks schedule Apocalypses for each year up to 2020.
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Жизнь неизбежна?As from non-living chemical elements appeared living organisms is an old issue facing scientists. But in a study published in the journal Physical Biology, researchers from Santa Fe offers quite plausible and integral explanation.
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Как спасти человечествоNothing is eternal in this world. Ever life on our planet will stop. Why this happens, it's hard to say. The only way to salvation, scientists say, that resettlement to other planets. But how to implement it?
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Отчего небо голубое?To reach the earth's surface, the sun's light must pass through these objects. But part of the light does not reach the surface, and if it comes, then indirectly.
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