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Изменение климата в Африке 2 млн. лет назад, возможно, является причиной эволюционного бума человекаResearchers from Penn State University and Rutgers suggested that a series of rapid environmental change in East Africa, which occurred about 2 million years ago, is the cause of severe human evolution.
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Науки о Земле-2012The history of relations between citizen and science interesting and monotonous to the same extent as the history of relations Romeo and Juliette: all the way is the same, but each time in a new way. The year is almost gone new stories are not written, but the old stories got an exciting continuation of what we are here and will pobraniem a slightly sweet Christmas mash.
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Ученые выдвинули новую гипотезу происхождения жизни на ЗемлеFor many years, scientists scratching their heads wondering, trying to see how there could be life in all its diversity from inanimate matter. Researchers from the University of Santa Fe introduced a new interdisciplinary theory to explain the mystery of the universe.
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Ron Blakey, Professor of Geology from Northern Arizona University, posted a Youtube video that shows how varied the location and shape of the earth's continents over the past 600 million years, and how they will change in the future in the next hundred million years.

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Концы света к которым мы не доживемThroughout the lifetime of the Earth gets rid of protecting the life of the atmosphere, until finally she will not lose. But worry not worth it, this will not happen in our lifetime, and it will be not the first scenario the end. First of all, our planet will absorb red giant. And it will happen in 5 billion years - about the different scenarios of the end of the world says Geofizik.
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В Марианской впадине зарождается жизньWhere can I see life the way it was at the time of his birth? The famous film Director James Cameron is convinced that this can be done, down to the bottom of the Mariana trench. Ecosystems that have found a brave traveler, reminiscent of those that existed on our planet more than three billion years ago.
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Отчего погибнет человечество?One of the major Internet forums was poll "do you expect the end of the world"? As usual, opinions are divided. Those who do not believe, was slightly less than those who believe that soon there will be some fatal event. Many explained their apocalyptic expectations that something depressing and scary literally felt in the air. As if something had happened already, even with time itself. This unshakable constant of our world has become different. The time is now rushing running, and people simply can not keep up with him.
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За последние пару дней два астероида прошли рядом с ЗемлейOver the last couple of days two asteroids, XE54 2012 and 4179 Toutatis passed close to Earth. 4179 Toutatis, the asteroid lump form about 5 km in length, is classified as potentially dangerous object, according to astronomers.
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Many of these natural wonders are able to see only a scientist, as they are in the cold, sparsely populated areas of the planet.
Here are the 10 most beautiful ice formations of nature from glaciers, frozen waterfalls up to the ice caves and icebergs.

12 удивительных ледяных чудес природы12 удивительных ледяных чудес природы12 удивительных ледяных чудес природы
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Орбитальные циклы Земли могут активизировать вулканыThe rhythm of the climatic changes that occurred during the past millions of years of Earth's history, is determined by the orbital cycles: depending on the amount of sunlight glaciers grow or recede. Changes speaks the whole planet - from circulation of the atmosphere and ocean to ecosystems and even erosion and sediment transfer.
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Насколько вечная мерзлота поможет потеплению?Recent authoritative assessment of the amount of carbon associated ground in permafrost areas, was made in 2009 and called the figure 1.6 trillion tons. However, this work was not complete, it was based only on the 45 analysed points soil testing and practically did not include main global permafrost region - North Asian part of Russia.
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Смещение полюсов в истории ЗемлиMost of us know that the geographical pole constantly make complex loop-shaped motion in the direction of the daily rotation of the Earth ( precession axis with period period in 25776 years ).
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21.12.2012. Магнитное поле Земли. Исчезнет или нет?A change of magnetic poles he is reaching the alleged causes of the end of the world, which is expected on December 21, 2012.
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Битва за Антарктиду"The world community", infected with parasitic habits, she tries to usurp Antarctica, opened in 1820 Russian scientists Bellingshausen and Lazarev. They think that Russia badly weakened, and it can Rob...
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К Земле стремительно приближается огромная кометаIt promises to be the brightest in the history of observations and the Eclipse of the moon.
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