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Сибирь спасет человечествоFifteen years ago, in the Siberian village Okunevo came on foot from India... Rasma Rosita. Eight years this woman held in the Ashram (spiritual community) Sri Babaji, until the death of the great guru in 1984. Successor Babaji - Munyagi told Rasma that in Siberia there is a place associated with Hanuman - loyal assistant God Rama, and she must find this place in the interests of Russia and the whole world, for there is a communication channel with space that you want to discover and activate before it closes.
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В пустыне США количество мусора превысило количество животныхIn the South-West of the USA is one of the hottest and biggest deserts in North America - the Sonoran desert. Despite the extreme conditions, Sonora is home to hundreds of species of animals and thousands of species of plants, among which, for example, local endemic - Carnegie giant.
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Грядет эпоха Великих географических закрытийTo open a new land, but the "close" it, i.e. to prove that that does not exist is more complicated. Recently, however, scientists from Australia managed to do it. A group of researchers has been able to prove that sandy island in the coral sea, although he noted on many maps, is actually a product of the imagination of cartographers.
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Европа-2050: как подготовиться к изменению климатаEurope is running a race with the climate. To reach global agreement on reducing greenhouse gas emissions little hope, and by 2100, the temperature would likely increase by 3 or 4 C compared to pre-industrial levels. We must have time to prepare.
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Как климат реагирует на углекислый газ?As recent events have shown, even the world Bank want to understand the trajectory of global warming. There are several ways, but most rely on such factors as the climate sensitivity. Method rough, and simple: a doubling of the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide, the average temperature on the planet increases to a certain value.
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Подо льдом Антарктиды бушует жизньDry valleys McMurdo, Antarctica may seem one of the least hospitable places on Earth. It is a cold desert where only the wind searches rocky land and water exists only in the form of ice, the remaining including those times when the valley was covered by the ocean. In short, it's so sad area of the planet that NASA decided to simulate Martian conditions.
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Самая интригующая загадка воды разгаданаScientists have managed to solve one of the most intriguing mysteries of water: they found out how it can save the information about those who inhabit it. It turned out that some organic molecules trapped in the water, can be stored in it long enough. This is strange - in theory, they must be immediately destroyed. But for some reason this does not happen.
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Звуки планеты раскрывают секреты подземных глубинIt seems incredible that the Earth can talk. Voice in 60 registers she constantly makes sounds, but to hear the eleventh octave impossible, sounds too low to detect people.
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Биотопливо - друг природы?To become truly "ecotoursim"little one only of biofuels. Researchers from Switzerland undertook a detailed analysis of the most common types of biofuels - and have come to the regrettable conclusion. Most of the scenarios is not so much solves an environmental problem as it dumps the burden of responsibility on others shoulders. The question arises: biofuels - the nature of each?
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Парниковые газы достигли нового потолкаThe concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has reached a new record high in 2011, and the level of carbon dioxide amounted to 391 part per million, according to the world meteorological organization in the annual Bulletin. According to its authors, carbon dioxide accounts for 85% of "radiation heating of the"leading to global warming.
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Как Новая Зеландия украдет ваше летоHere in Auckland 48 dormant volcanoes and very low seismic activity, in contrast to Wellington, which is at fault or Christchurch, which is a thin plate. I think, for anybody not a secret, that both the kiwi-island are at high risk, and generally relatively recently emerged from the ocean depths due to the collision of several tectonic plates. As in Japan in General.
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Глобальные природные катастрофы после Великого ПотопаThe Russians will never forget the summer of 2010. A wave of heat swept Russia from the end of April lasted until the middle of August, almost holding and not giving exhausted people no respite. The morgues in large Russian cities were crowded, but no one will give us a truthful statistics of how many people died from the heat, because, in contrast to the cold, not die from the heat, and from related reasons. The temperature of 40 C in the shade was normal for most regions of the country in July.
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Снега Килиманджаро скоро останутся лишь в воспоминанияхThe top of mount Kilimanjaro, the tallest free-standing mountains of the planet, by 2060 can remain without ice, experts say. In the period between 1912 and 2011 ice mass at an altitude of 5900 meters above sea level on top of a dormant volcano in Tanzania decreased by 85 percent, said the researchers from Earth Observatory NASA.
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Соль ЗемлиIn the knowledge of the real world, there are no trifles. Even ordinary salt can tell us about global change in the nature of our planet. You only need to look attentively and ponder what lies before our eyes...
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Есть ли жизнь в стратосфере?Who lives on the edge of space? That is, who, apart pilots and rare divers in the sky? To this question and was about to answer one of the employees of NASA.
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