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Астрономы обнаружили космическую туманность, которая выглядит как морская короваAstronomers have tested a major update of the Very Large Array telescope and discovered a strange remnant of a supernova that looks uncannily like sea cow (manatee).
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Этот динозавр изменит взгляд ученых на птичью эволюциюThe opening of the new feathered dinosaur will change the opinion of scientists on the evolution of birds. This fossil of 30 centimeters in height from the Jurassic period challenged the widely accepted views on the origin of flight.
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В ЮАР с фермы разбежались 15 тысяч крокодилов About two thousand individuals have already managed to catch in the nearby bushes, however, other freely roam the African continent
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Off the coast of the island Kona Hawaii Dolphin asked divers who swam near, to release him from the scaffold, enveloped his fin.

Дельфин попросил дайвера о помощи + ВИДЕОДельфин попросил дайвера о помощи + ВИДЕОДельфин попросил дайвера о помощи + ВИДЕО
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Почему крупные звери редко болеют ракомIn the 1970-ies the British epidemiologist Richard Peto from Oxford noticed that the probability of cancer in large animals are no more than small ones. Meanwhile, everything had to be the opposite: the larger an animal is, the easier it is to get the tumor. This consideration seems logical, given the fact that all cells are about equally likely to transform into malignant. And if the large animal cells more, and tumors, they have to appear more often. This, however, is not observed, what Mr. Peter concluded that large animals have some anti-cancer mechanisms that are not small animals.
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Как донные животные путешествуют между сероводородными источникамиMany organisms living at hydrothermal vents on the sea floor, depend on a very specific energy resources like methane or hydrogen sulphide. Usually such animals cohabit with bacterial symbionts that and process this alapetite "chemistry" in more available to the body shape. However, such sites on which of the strata of the earth in the water facing methane, hydrogen sulfide, etc., can defend from each other for hundreds of kilometers. And then the question arises: how animals that depend on such sources are distributed between them?
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Акулы с детства боятся электричестваIt turns out that fears remember not only people were fears have even more power over such ferocious predators like sharks. These marine killer afraid specific electrical discharges. This behaviour is formed already in embryos - a kind of electric field akulenok can understand, there are any number predator, or not.
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Необычная дружба: кашалоты приняли в свою группу дельфинаIn the animal Kingdom, many beings constitute "friendly" communication with representatives of other species. They usually short-lived and have the purpose of additional protection from predators or more efficient feeding.
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ООН подтверждает: гибель пчел – глобальный феноменThe mysterious phenomenon of the disappearance of the bees does not find an explanation, one thing is clear - this phenomenon has acquired a global character. To such conclusion came the authors of the report, dedicated to the mass destruction of these insects-pollinators, which was commissioned by the UN environment programme (UNEP).
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На то и шмель, чтобы пчела не дремалаRecently a group of American biologists have discovered that the bees pollinate the plants where the best, if you are surrounded by other pollinators. In the presence of these competitors productivity collectors can grow twice! So for our gardens and meadows flourished, you need to provide them the most diverse set of neighbors.
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Ученые выяснили, почему киты выбрасываются на берегPeople have long found marine animals, which were thrown on the shore for unknown reasons, as evidenced by the ancient Greek and Roman documents. To date, marine biologists are ready to give reasons only half of such incidents, the reasons for these can be very different.
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Идентифицирован один из первых гигантских ихтиозавровDescribed "the first sea monster" - the earliest giant marine reptile that lived 244 million years ago. The length of one of the first ichthyosaurus is estimated 8.6 m
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Scientists from Japan for the first time managed to shoot on video giant squid that live in the depths of the Pacific ocean.

Unique footage was made a joint crew of the Japanese TV station NHK and the American Discovery Channel, and the initiator of the shooting was the national Museum of science and the environment of Japan. The expedition took place near titidzima Islands, located a thousand miles South of Tokyo.

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Ученые-генетики создали бактерии, вырабатывающие топливо из солнечного светаGeneticists have created bacteria that produce chemicals from fossil fuels and plastics, which is a breakthrough for the chemical industry.
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В Якутии нашли пригодные для клонирования клетки мамонтаIn Yakutia found suitable for cloning cells mammoth. During paleontological expedition the scientists discovered cells, which can be cloned a prehistoric animal, news agencies reported.
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