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Что ждет нас в 2014  годуMany people has become a tradition before the coming of the new year to read, what awaits them, according to the predictions of clairvoyants and prophets. Although to a certain extent, not always and not all predictions come true, however, people are becoming more relaxed when they are warned and they have some information.

Alarming prophecy
For our planet trend is quite controversial and disturbing. This is evidenced by the predictions of many clairvoyants: for example, Nostradamus, Vanga.
First, again predicting the end of the world. In 2014 it is planned on June 1. And there it was: the Earth will be covered acid mist. This cloud scientists discovered back in 2010 and believe that when it is as close as possible to the Solar system, will perish and Earth, and in General the whole system.
Second, we are predicting disasters and disease. And Vanga predicted the destruction of the Earth, and the terrible disease for people: skin diseases and cancer.
Third, terrible things predicts humanity Nostradamus: industry, etc. so will pollute the atmosphere that we immerse yourself in the dark and years will not be able to see the sunlight. Naturally, this will entail changes in society: would be anarchy, anarchy, will begin the war, including on religious grounds. So will last until the end of the century.

However, for some countries not all that bad
Quite interesting prophecy has prepared a clairvoyant for developing countries and, in particular, for Russia.
According to the predictions of Vanga, developing countries will go to the mountain, and Maria Duval (French astrologer) says that Russia will have prosperity and wealth. But it will be very expensive to the people, will have to pay lives. Most likely, Russia will have to fight with someone for the sake of strengthening their positions in the political arena.
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пиз..... а если и правдо то тому и быть

но но только через проверку админ. а так сразу тусануть другим нельзя?

как это вообще возможно пол части земли тю тю, а другая живи!!! -это чюш полная, такого
не может быть такого. хрень полная. вот ладно война это уже давным-давно понятно что будет. А вот куда палку так гнуть? Это уж слишком.........


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