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Долина обезглавленных тел
In Canada at the end of the 19th century, people are sick of "gold fever" Thousands of gold miners rushed into the canyons and river mouths. It then became widely known about the Valley Headless.

In 1898 in the valley disappeared group of six people. And, in 1905, lost three of gold. Their decapitated bodies found much later. Since then, the valley got its name.

However, notoriety, the facts of disappearance and found the bodies did not stop people from visiting these places, which later found, but no goals.

In 1962 here was directed by a group of researchers found beheaded. And three years later the same thing happened three other scientists.

People living in a small village, which is close to the cursed valley, unable to give explanations, sin on Bigfoot. Police on its part, writes off atrocities on gold miners who cannot share the gold. There is a version that the Indians living in the valley, so guard their territory.
In 1978, in the valley again were sent six scientists. This time they were equipped with the latest technology. After some time they submitted the message, which read: "From the rock appears blank. It's terrible..."

The military, who came to the aid of the group did not find anyone or anything. A week later there appeared a decapitated body. Now the police and military have believed that all this is the work of unexplained otherworldly evil.

And now recently in 1997 in the expedition went again to the people. This time it was not only scientists, but also with military whole Arsenal on vehicles. After three days they had received a signal that the valley coming thick fog. When he disappeared, to the place of the expedition were sent helicopters, which found no traces.

Probably not very soon people will solve the mystery of this terrible place. Or maybe never. Who wants to part with own head?
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