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Могилы, которые "ходят"
How would you react to the fact that the coming one day to the grave of a relative not found a tombstone on the allotted to him? To say that you would be surprised, then, to say nothing. But among African and Polynesian tribes such phenomena do not cause absolutely no violent reaction. Moreover, for grave stone, followed by the grave of the deceased will not "gone", the shaman at the time of the ritual of the burial drench them in a special broth and lines shells.

Maybe for the Polynesians and Africans wandering the grave - it daily, but disappeared in 1928 with the Scottish cemetery city Penispill grave, made a lot of hype. All Newspapers around shouting about it. Moreover, this happened when the deceased's relatives arrived at the cemetery. Instead of a grave stone with the name of an ancestor, they found a freshly dug pit, prepared for use. Looking for "their" grave for a long time, but never found.

Someone is lost, someone is acquired. As, for example, a Kansas farmer, who on the morning found in his field alien grave mound with a broken plate. Read the label failed, but when the earth was excavated, find a coffin with human remains.
What this story ended, unfortunately unknown.
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