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Аномальные места Крыма Across the land scattered many mysterious, abnormal places where the most incredible things. Especially full of such places of the Crimean land. There are plenty of places that attract and ufologists, and ordinary tourists, lovers of everything mystical, mysterious and unusual. Call such places and abnormal, and the Seats of Power, and power seats. Indeed, they are, first of all, give the man a harmony, happiness and unity with himself, joy. But surprise, fascinating, amazing, and sometimes even frightening. And certainly they are full of mysteries, secrets and mystery. Such places are scattered all over the Crimea and here quite a lot of them. The most popular Crimean Stonehenge.

Crimean Stonehenge
This is the most famous Place of Power in the Crimea. It is situated near Sevastopol. The name of this place has been for the fact that there are vertical rocks with the sharp ends very high: the average height of the blocks is 2.8 meters). Estimated age of these menhirs - as the pyramids in Egypt. The peculiarity of menhirs is that if to touch them in the hot weather, they will pour palms ice cold.

The nature of the artifact
For what purpose and by whom were erected these stones, nobody knows. One thing is clear: this building has clearly not of natural origin. Someone believes that this structure was magical background, someone that is part of a huge astronomical complex times. In any case, no one can say with absolute certainty purpose of stones.
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