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Новые загадки таинственной БетельгейзеRecently astrophysics, watching the red supergiant Betelgeuse, found around it a few dust arcs. Most likely, it traces emissions of material at different stages of the evolution of stars. In addition, it was found oblong object whose nature is as yet unclear. However, it is clear that the star could face him over 12 million years.
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Экзопланеты найдут по полярным сияниямRecently astrophysics proposed a new original method for detecting exoplanets - they should seek the polar lights! The fact that they generate not only electromagnetic waves of the visible range, but also radio waves that are relatively easy to catch because they are well distributed and carry the information about detection processes.
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Откуда взялись реки на Марсе и куда они пропали?Real Wallis - region of Mars, structure similar to the trace from the river channel, which took the spacecraft "Mars-Express". Scientists believe that this structure was formed thanks to the moving stream of water in the distant past of the red planet.
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Луна: визуальный обман. В чём секрет?The moon has a unique visual property, which is that, looking at it from below, it seems to be less than when it is on the horizon. Previously, most scientists assumed that this phenomenon occurs on the basis of the theory of relative size, which is called "the illusion of Ebbinghaus".
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Найдены загадочные отверстия на лунеSpace probe called the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter transferred unique pictures of the lunar surface to Earth. These pictures show 2 huge holes with a completely smooth edges.
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Бесконечно повторяющиеся истории Вселенной относятся скорее к философии, чем к физикеFrancisco Jose Soler Gil from Seville University and Manuel Alfonseca of the Autonomous University of Madrid (both Spain) considered two of the most popular variants of the concept of an infinite Universe in which history repeats itself an infinite number of times in various far-spaced points of space.
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Комета PanSTARRS будет видна уже в мартеWe flies another comet, capable to become the brightest in 21 Vetka writes Space Weather, just over a month left until the moment when the comet PanSTARRS will cross the orbit of mercury and will probably become so bright that will be visible to the naked eye. Star observers around the world will be looking for it in the sky at sunset in early March, when the space wanderer will be closest to the Sun and the Earth. Before the observers will need a telescope, you can review the images obtained in Argentina, under the leadership of Martin Maseca. The team used a remote-controlled telescope F(/Ph)otometric Robotic Atmospheric Monitor - abbreviated as "FRAM”.
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Земля исчезнет мгновенноIf neighboring measuring the Earth formed, or our physical laws do not apply, the result of a breakthrough in another space appears that the us simply does not exist
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Земляне - самые умные во ВселеннойBrothers on reason seems to be full... With the space telescope Kepler (Kepler) established: more than 500 millions of planets in our galaxy suitable for life. In connection with what astronomers and joined them mathematics insist that only in the milky way - that is our galaxy have to be thousands and even tens of thousands of advanced extraterrestrial civilizations. And as in the rest of the Universe - there are innumerable.
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Внеземная жизнь открыта! Или нет?British Professor astrobiology faint voice announced that the meteorite, found in Sri Lanka, contains microscopic fossil, which is conclusive evidence of extraterrestrial life.
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Космолайнер к 2050 году: прожект или неизбежность?SpaceLiner, presumably, will be able to transfer fifty passengers from Europe to Australia in 90 minutes - or 100 passengers from Europe to California for an hour. To do this, he should accelerate to M24 - more precisely, up to 25 200 km/h, and at altitudes up to 82 km
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НАСА разрабатывает шестиногий транспортёр для лунной базы Any construction base on the moon (and not only) will require effective means to move freight in conditions of loose surfaces and low gravity.
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Астрономы обнаружили космическую туманность, которая выглядит как морская короваAstronomers have tested a major update of the Very Large Array telescope and discovered a strange remnant of a supernova that looks uncannily like sea cow (manatee).
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Установлено, какой была температура Вселенной 7 млрд лет назадAstronomers from the three Western European countries: Germany, Sweden and France has teamed up with Australian colleagues in order to measure the temperature of our Universe at the moment when her age was twice less, than now. The task they were able to perform with the help of a telescope, provided by the Australian Government Association of scientific and applied research CSIRO.
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Разработана технология, позволяющая развернуть космический солнечный электрический парус, радиусом 1 километрSpecialists of the research laboratory of electronics of the University of Helsinki has developed design and technology deployment electric space sails (ESAIL)with a radius of 1 kilometre, which, interacting with the charged particles of the solar wind, would ensure constant acceleration of the spacecraft traveling to a long and distant journey into the depths of space.
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