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Добыча полезных ископаемых в космосе может начаться уже через два годаAsteroids can be a place mining of ores and minerals in the moment when their path passes by the Earth, because the American company Space Industries plans to launch its first exploration vehicle by 2015.
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НАСА разрабатывает тепловой ядерный ракетный двигательNuclear rocket engines are not a novelty. In 1960, the U.S. and the Soviet Union developed and tested thermal nuclear missiles. Now, in the framework of the expanded programme Exploration Systems NASA plans to demonstrate the viability and evaluate materials thermal systems of nuclear power plants for use in future deep space missions.
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Как будет выглядеть черная дыра на достаточно близком расстоянии?Astronomers have published the first images of how they think they will look black hole, but recognize that they do not yet have the necessary technology to test his theory.
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Взрыв в 775 году нашей эры был в 10 000 раз мощней атомной бомбыLast year, Japanese scientists have found evidence that in the 775 ad on Earth was unexpected burst of radiation of high intensity. This explosion has had the energy, about 10 000 times the energy of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima. It is established that in orbit around the planet disaster, which by some reason was not noticed 350 million people who lived at that time on Earth: no historical records do not mention about the strange events of the year.
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Золото и платину начнут добывать в космосе уже с 2015 года"Using inexpensive technology solutions and combining inherited space program with the innovation of the current technological young geniuses, we will be able to realize what was considered impossible just a few years ago," said the head of the Deep Space Industries Rick Tumlinson.
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Часто ли экзолуны имеют размеры Земли?Astronomers Rene Heller (De Heller) from the Institute of astrophysics of Leibniz in Potsdam (Germany) and Rory Barnes (Rory Barnes), representing the University of Washington (USA), conducted a comprehensive study of all factors habitability aktolun - large satellites of the giant planets of other planetary systems.
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Бетельгейзе готовится к столкновениюSeveral arcs identified around Betelgeuse is closest to the Land of the red supergiant - in a new image taken by the space Observatory "Herschel". The star and her curved shields may encounter the mysterious dust "wall" five thousand years.
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Ещё одна компания покушается на астероидыShelf are willing to join the asteroid wealth arrived: January 22, 2013, announced the creation of start-up Deep Space Industries (USA). His first reconnaissance probes will be sent to asteroids "till 2015". Then it is planned to create a fleet of small satellites for detailed geological exploration and subsequent production of minerals.
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Старейшая звезда во Вселенной - наша соседкаThanks to recent work of the American astrophysicists the title of the oldest stars awarded HD 140283 that shines just 186 light years from Earth. This number is 13.9 billion years, making it shone almost the same age as our Universe. But the interesting thing is that this "old" - typical star of the second generation.
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Взгляды физиков на квантовую механику расходятсяAccording to legend, one day physicist Richard Feynman said, "If someone claims that he understands quantum theory, he is either a liar or a lunatic"
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Установлены причины загадочной космической катастрофы средних вековAt a distance of 3-12 thousand light-years from Earth within our Galaxy collided large space objects, which was accompanied by a powerful burst of energy, the ability to cripple all of the spacecraft to orbit the planet.
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Сенсационное открытие: на метеорите обнаружены следы внеземной жизниScientist Chandra a Leisure (Chandra Wickramasinghe)who examined found in Sri Lanka, the meteorite, claims to have found evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial life.
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Луна и Юпитер спешат на свиданиеAmazing celestial event will be able to watch January 21, not only professional astronomers, but everyone. The moon on this day will maximally closer to Jupiter. The culmination of this event will occur at three a.m. in the constellation Taurus. The distance between celestial bodies, depending on the place of observation, will be equal to approximately one disk of the moon. And the inhabitants of South America and the Pacific will be able to see the Eclipse - Jupiter will slip behind the moon.
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«Кассини» обнаружил исчезновение кратеров на ТитанеScientists working with the data apparatus Cassini, has found that wind erosion processes result in a fast-aliasing craters on the moon of Saturn the Titan. The work published in the journal Icarus, and summary of the results of a site of the American space Agency.
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Звёздное скопление в 3DFinnish photographer Jukka-Pekka Metsavalja not be offended if we call him a magician. Just look at this amazing 3D animation scattered star clusters Melotte 15 in the Heart nebula (IC 1805)!
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