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ТАЙНЫ РЕИНКАРНАЦИИ - предыдущее воплощениеThere is on earth a single person who would indifferent to death. Most often thought about the possible cause of death in people fear. Why? After all, we are not afraid of such unpleasant things, like a disease. Not glad to her, of course, but got used to the idea that ill - natural thing, especially with age. Maybe the secret is that about the disease, even the most difficult, we know a lot: it's already someone was sick before we left to live. Or still lives, still hurt if the disease is chronic. People are quite willing to tell you about their diseases, if they ask. Death we know nothing. And to ask nobody. The most terrible thing that thanks to materialism, in which we were brought up, we for the most part are convinced that with the death of our existence is terminated categorically and forever. We no longer are able to meet the dawn and watch the sunset, not the kiss of the beloved, do not take at the hands of her baby. We stop to see and hear, feel and think - what can be worse?

In addition to atheism and materialism, in the world there are many beliefs about the afterlife. Most religions say about the last judgment and the transmigration of the soul after the death of the physical body in hell or in Paradise. Believers therefore somewhat easier to die: at least they are convinced that this is not the end, which is to be continued. Although, of course, the prospect of going to hell (and how many of us can count on the bliss of Paradise?) absolutely not encouraging and not happy. And does not remove the fear of death.

Perhaps, the only theory is that relieves the fear of death, is the doctrine of reincarnation, the transmigration of souls. Particularly common are two variations of this doctrine. The first version says: we all are in the range of regular births and deaths, incarnating again after a short time after his death. The second option involves a lengthy stay in the other worlds, in which the soul prepares itself to the new birth. This means that highly spiritual soul can incarnate over large periods of time, reaching thousands of years.

To date, collected are not so many proven by science concrete evidence of reincarnation. But many, including research materials testify that the soul feels without a physical body, including after his death. Where, then, live disembodied soul? Where we get after death?

Experience of life after death is described in such wonderful books as "Life after death" Arthur Ford and "life after Life" Raymond moudi, Death and after..." Peter Kalinouski. Such books are becoming more and more as people, coming back from near-death experiences after a previous clinical death, no longer afraid to talk about what they saw, heard and felt. Fortunately, gone are the days when such stories could get the mark of a madman.

The view of man as a physical body and disembodied soul is too simplistic. According to esoteric and occult teachings, man consists of several bodies: the physical body and the subtle bodies, the main among which is etheric, astral and mental. Every subtle body has its own energy field. United energy field of subtle bodies is our aura, or aura.

The physical body is familiar to us all over the body that can be seen and touched. According to materialists, nothing other than this body, we simply do not have. According to other points of view, we are much richer variety of body, but also still have a soul.

The etheric body is "double" physical, but invisible. It repeats the form of the physical body and has shared with him the energy field. To the ethereal body is such concept, as chakras. According to the tantric teachings, people, seven chakras, that is seven energy centers, accumulating and distributing on our organism various types of energy. Directly related to the ethereal body have three lower chakras are responsible for the most serious energy. Lower chakra - Muladhara, - the corresponding elements of the Earth is red and is responsible for the physical energy. Thanks to the work of this chakra, and it accumulated energy we can do a rough physical work, repetitive and monotonous that does not require any intellectual efforts. Muladhara is located in area coccyx.

Slightly above the Muladhara, in the lower part of the abdomen at the level of the sex glands, is the chakra Svadhisthana. Svadhistana-a chakra is responsible for the sexual energy, its element - Water, and the color is orange. Svadhistana - a kind of center of energy supply total energy in our body, sexuality and emotions.

Just above the navel is the chakra manipura, responsible for energy control involuntary functions of the body. This chakra corresponds to the element of Fire and has a yellow color. Manipur connects its field ether and astral bodies, converts lower energy in a more subtle. Like the previous two chakra manipura works in the plane of the material world.

As a rule, the etheric body completely destroyed during the first three days since the death of the person. This is why all funeral traditions in which the body is buried or grimiruyut not earlier than on the third day.

The astral body is otherwise called the "body of emotions". Depending on the status and experiences of human rights it can change its radiation. It is the astral body is responsible for our out-of-body travel in space and time. The astral body sometimes involuntarily separated in his sleep, and then in the morning we remember especially bright and memorable dreams, which are in fact nothing other than the travel of our soul, while the body rests peacefully on the bed. With this ability of the astral body are related cases inexplicable from the point of view of modern medicine death in the dream, perfectly healthy people. The astral body correspond to the three chakras: Anahata, vishudha and ajna. The anahata chakra is located at the heart level and is often called the heart chakra. It corresponds with the energy of the Air and green color, favorite color is known world religions. If Manipur network energy charge higher chakra, Anahata - heart invisible connection between the two planes, the point of intersection of the material and astral worlds. If anything, with Anahata begins the fourth dimension, incomprehensible in our three-dimensional world. Anahata responsible for our creative energy, for what we used to call potential of personality. Inspiration - the gift of the energy of the heart chakra. The energy of the Anahata allow us to draw ideas and images in the upper world, for a while under the influence of inspiration completely forgetting about the existence of the material world. Anahata helps us to improve our physical material world, to transform it through love. Grasp the essence of things, the understanding of the unity of form and content - is responsible for all this chakra is Anahata. The energy of the Anahata is the energy of love and the energy of inspiration. On the energies of this chakra are all great reformers seeking to establish prosperity on the Earth and put the common good above personal. All the world process can be visualized as the descent of the astral plane in the world of material and the gradual release it from there. Between the world of the physical and the astral world, the spiritual, there is a constant exchange of energy.

At the level of the thyroid gland is the chakra vishudha. It refers to the element all-pervading ether and is light blue. The scope of the vishudha chakra - the world of our emotions. It generated energy of emotions and feelings that are "painted" and polarizing us, turning into love or hate, joy or envy, anger, or humility, fear or acceptance. Not surprisingly, therefore, some researchers are particularly associated karma man with his chakra vishudha have as a carrier of karmic energy.

Of special importance and chakra ajna, which is over the bridge at the level of the so-called "third eye". Ajna is blue and is a point of intersection of the astral and mental condition This chakra is responsible for creative thinking, as well as for the psychic abilities of the person, the concentration on the subject and impersonal detachment from the senses. Ajna - chakra intuition, through which we are able to "see" internal vision past, present and future, linking them together with a thread defy logic of reasoning.

The mental body is otherwise called the body of thoughts. Mental body is located on the top edge of the top and having purple color Sahasrara chakra. Sahasrara is responsible for abstract thinking at the highest level at which the researcher clearly distinguishes between content through the form and able to instantly assess the essence of things. It is the chakra of philosophers and thinkers. It is through Sahasrara we are constantly in contact with the cosmos, through it "connects" to the information fields of higher plan, receiving answers to their questions by the method of insight and illumination. Through the Sahasrara our soul leaves the physical body, separating themselves from him at the time of death and rushing to the higher worlds.

Aura, i.e. the total energy field subtle bodies, outside of the physical body. In normal, ordinary human biofield reaches 1 m Biofield less than 80 cm speaks about the health problems of his master. Psychics can see the aura and the color of the aura of a person. You can determine the size of the field and with the framework, i.e. the method of biolocation.

The development of subtle bodies, enables us to approach perfection. Well-developed etheric body gives man indestructible health, endurance and working capacity. In turn, highly developed, the etheric body radiates energy, feeding a thin body highest levels. Developed astral body gives us courage and cheerfulness. In the energy of the astral body we draw strength for action, the inspiration and the ability to be compassionate. The mental body energizes our mind, strengthens and enhances creativity. Developed mental body sends his master on the path of learning and attainment, forces him to seek knowledge. Healthy and full of energy mental body we owe a good memory, ability to concentrate on the subject of reflection and solid acquisition of knowledge. Thanks to the development of the mental body, we can tolerate high mental stress, and "disable" emotions in the process of reflection. Most of all the mental body is developed philosophers and thinkers.

Physical, etheric, astral and other invisible for the human body as dolls. Only in this case the visible is the smallest of the kit and, no offense if I may say so little content. Is it to destroy, as all external dolls invisible released. Astral or the energoinformational field unites all worlds with each other and with us all the worlds. According to legend, Hermes taught that with the most distant heights of heaven descends, continuously world spirit, inexhaustible source of light and fire, who by all spheres of heaven and being gradually condensed, constantly flow to the ground. This is the astral light or astral breathing planet.

Nature works not from the simple to the more complex. On the contrary. And the more subtle and intangible matter, so it is important. We know the deep things of life and personality, penetrating into these higher intangible worlds. The spirit world is the real world. The physical body is needed only temporarily. To move higher, subtle worlds we need to free ourselves from the physical body.

The transition into the world a more subtle energies can only happen abruptly. The soul passes through death and is born again in the upper world, inaccessible physical bodies. Death preceded by suffering and sorrow. At the time of death and during the life in the subtle world, we have the opportunity to reassess, partially free from karma, and to reduce the number of reincarnations. Pure righteous souls out of the cycle of reincarnation, rising higher and higher in the spiritual worlds.

The thought is material. In the subtle worlds we can create everything from nothing, completely repeating all the usual, terrestrial, without which it is difficult for us to live in a new world.

The time in the upper worlds flows much faster than in the usual world of physical bodies and physical phenomena. The life of the physical body is measured by the speed logical mind can perceive and know phenomena sequentially, one after the other, but not both. That is why many of the phenomena of the higher worlds unnoticed, Taras right before our eyes. We do not see infrared rays and hear ultrasound, that does not prevent to be to both. In order to see first and hear the second, we need special equipment.

Whether we like it or not, we must admit the existence of death. With the body all is clear - it gradually decompose and disappear completely. But how to understand the strange phenomenon, in a large quantity described in literary works, and now in scientific books that talk about the probable immortality of individuals and the continuation of life after death? Someone heard about ghosts and spirits, and someone and met with them. How to explain this? The problem is that we have come to rely in everything on science and documentary confirmed facts, but in fact intuitive knowledge can advance the science of its evidence for hundreds of years. Once laughed at the people dreaming of the wings of flying in space. On them in the best case looked like a fun Chudakov, and in the worst case considered analysandum and was locked up in psychiatric hospitals. But thanks to them we can now fly on airplanes.

In our materialistic world quite often only really happened to us unusual events force us to think seriously about the mysteries of life. This is not necessarily unusual events, but not necessarily - kicks us out of the rut of life, forcing unexpectedly be "another dimension" to the other points of reference and other values. The role of such events, which trigger trigger", can be anything: overload, conflict, turmoil and frustration, serious illness, serious physical and mental injury. For different people are "trigger trigger different events depending on features of higher nervous system, its vulnerability and emotional stability, physical and mental state at the time of shock or stress. Every person has his pain threshold, your "limit trauma". The events in the life of one person will not leave a trace, can temporarily enter another in an altered state of consciousness in which he is able to perceive information of other worlds available to contact with them.

Alexander: "unlike my wife Mariana, I have never been exposed to the "mystical" moods and States of mind. However, one case of our lives turned upside-down all my ideas. On that day Mariasha was delayed at work, and I picked her up. It was seven o'clock in the evening, when we crossed the whole town got home. Of course, I prefer short way along the embankments. It was in early December, the weather was true in Saint - Petersburg-minus two, plus the same amount. Ice these days is the usual norm. I am a driver with a lot of experience, so always drive carefully and follow the rule of "make haste slowly".

We were in a dense stream of cars in half an hour away from home and was already anticipating the calm from the cares dinner and watching a favorite of the series, as the unexpected happened. One machine in a counter flow cut in another, which driver has not coped with management, it launched sideways and brought into the oncoming lane, right in front of us. I have tried, as far as possible, to avoid getting hit. I managed it only partly, because the machine to hit the curb, and the reverse shock all the same "bounced" into us. The blow threw us into the middle of the intersection.

Fortunately, we were both wearing seatbelts, so about what to not hit. Even more fortunately, the crossing was empty, which can be considered a real miracle - as I said, the traffic was heavy. We escaped with a broken pozharnikam and pognati bumper. Saying which shocked the driver of that car, that we claim to it have not, we drove on. And here Mariana, which was with the moment of impact in some laggard, asked me a question; I myself was going to ask her: "Sasha, you are the mother saw?"

Taisiya Georgievna, mother Mariana, died two years ago. Although grooms often scare mothers-in-law and husbands complain about them, my mother-in-law was a wonderful man, and we always got along well. When she became seriously ill, Cape wife so they build up their schedules in order to care for Taisiya the Georgievna in the hospital. She's getting better, and the doctors us hope. We were in her Sunday and said that everything was prepared for her home, and doctors now it will be discharged, but Taisiya Georgievna somehow all that day was very distracted and sad. At parting she kissed us and said, "good-bye, children. Here we will not see you, but I will try managers supervise". We blamed it on mistrust and left, although somewhat alarmed, but in the certainty that nothing bad will happen. The next morning we called the doctor and said that my mother-in-law died in the early morning.

Now, in seconds, before we crashed the car, I saw through the windshield mother-in-law. Taisiya Georgievna stood forwards slightly to the right. She smiled encouragingly at me and somehow ran my hand between our machines to the moment of impact. To be honest, I was scared of this phenomenon even more than a collision with a car, because not used to hallucinations. As it turned out, Mariana saw the same thing. After the story of my materialism has suffered greatly because I received a convincing proof of the existence of life after death. Mother-in-law before his death promised "to look after us, if possible". Well, she did it!"

What was the man at the moment of death, inevitably affects what it will be after the new birth. Method holotropic breathing some people come to the experience of their past incarnations, which did not suspect. Interesting is the fact that with caesarean section are mostly related to the problem of the mother at least in one of its previous incarnations.

Lisa: "the Whole pregnancy I just great: no nausea, no complaints. Except that in recent months huge belly caused some inconvenience. I was not afraid of births and joyfully awaited the appearance of the son. I was 24 years old, and I was sure that the baby is going to be as easy Kok I bore him. REByenok wanted, my husband and I both expected heir with impatience.

But families all did not begin. On the 42nd week the doctors decided caesarean section. They did not dare to enter stimulating drugs, as the inspection showed that the body is not ready for a natural childbirth. The operation went well, know I have a sense of bewilderment: why am I not given birth as all normal women? A year ago I attended a course "the Second birth". I expected that in an altered state of consciousness will see how I was born, and find the cause of the problem with the birth of a son. But instead I saw a completely different picture.

I was lying on the bed, and bustled around two elderly women. I was hurt and scared. I wanted to come husband, but did not dare to speak about it. The pain was growing stronger. I tried to do everything you told me of a midwife, but the pain came, and my strength was gone. I thought I was and I cannot have children. At some point the pain became unbearable and then I became so-easy. The pain was over. I opened my eyes and saw motionless lying on the bed with a woman. Next on the kneeling man and sobbed. I took a deep breath and opened his eyes. This time I returned to the hall, which hosted the course, and met with voprosami eyes assistant and other participants. As it turned out, they were quite surprised that I ran, crying and screaming. He understood me only one person in the group, because he only spoke fluent German. All of my cries were about the same: "When will this end? I can not! The pain is unbearable! She will kill me! When the end?" Apparently, I got to see the end of its last incarnation. And if in that incarnation I died in childbirth, and not the birth of her child, what is amazing is that my subconscious has opposed the prospect to experience this torture again?"

Being in an altered state of consciousness, people are reporting many details of which might not know, even if I have devoted many years of his life to the study of the history of any country. There are cases when people during the session holotropic therapy begins to speak in the language or dialect, which is in an unmodified state of consciousness does not know a single word. Those who live in countries that measure the length in meters and centimeters and a weight in grams and kilograms, easily switch to inches and pounds. Moreover, there are cases when people performed the actions could not do, and never served in an ordinary state of consciousness. Experiences events that took place in different historical periods in other countries, usually accompanied by powerful emotions and physical sensations, but most importantly - a convincing sense of personal involvement, that this is not a dream or a hallucination, but it is the recollection that I had occurred.


The easiest way to learn its previous incarnation to turn to the so-called "Pythagorean tables", elaborated for our time, Carter. To make it easier to determine the sequence of work, we take the data of a person born on November 11, 1981, and learn everything about his past incarnation.

The definition of its prior incarnation with tables.

1. Look in the table № 1 year of his birth at the intersection of the row corresponding to the first three digits of the year of birth, and speakers, which is appropriate to the last digit.



ТАЙНЫ РЕИНКАРНАЦИИ - предыдущее воплощение


So, the symbol of the year for a man, born in 1981, is W.

2. After you have defined the symbol of the year of birth thanks to table 1, skip to table 2. In this table, you need to find the symbol of the year in the row corresponding to the month of your birth.






ТАЙНЫ РЕИНКАРНАЦИИ - предыдущее воплощение


Look appropriate for our example a line, get the "3F" and learn that in the past incarnation this man was a man, a symbol of the profession and character will be "F", and the number of its individual code - "3".

Born in our example, on November 11 people, as we learned in the previous table, the man with the character of profession "F". Find in the right hand column of table 3 character profession "F"date of birth "11" and get:

- code of place of birth - "58";

- the code of life's lesson is "d".

In table 4 we find the code on the place of previous incarnation.

Consequently, people from our example was born in the Eastern part of Australia. To determine your approximate year previous incarnation need to find a year at the intersection of line character of the year with a string of month of birth (see table. 5).






ТАЙНЫ РЕИНКАРНАЦИИ - предыдущее воплощениеТАЙНЫ РЕИНКАРНАЦИИ - предыдущее воплощение


It turns out that people from our example in the last time before the current birth embodied about 850 year on the territory of Australia. In General, he was a native (table. 5).






ТАЙНЫ РЕИНКАРНАЦИИ - предыдущее воплощение


Approximate list of occupations that match your previous incarnation, can be viewed in table 6.






ТАЙНЫ РЕИНКАРНАЦИИ - предыдущее воплощениеТАЙНЫ РЕИНКАРНАЦИИ - предыдущее воплощение


For a person from our example, we obtain a profession or occupation: "ataman, a ruler, a gunsmith" (PL. 7).






ТАЙНЫ РЕИНКАРНАЦИИ - предыдущее воплощение


And the nature of our chieftain loving and artistic (F is odd, since 3 is an odd number).

The task of the current incarnation for a man born 11 number with code "d": "to Be optimistic and to awaken in others the joy of life" (PL. 8).






ТАЙНЫ РЕИНКАРНАЦИИ - предыдущее воплощение<!--TEnd-->ТАЙНЫ РЕИНКАРНАЦИИ - предыдущее воплощение


We note an interesting fact: for example was taken from a specific person, a brilliant programmer and head of the firm who has a talent to love, cheerful optimist, which not only family and friends, but his friends and clients consider embodied polite and cheerful. All who know him say that he didn't agree with the theory of "hopeless" provisions, denying its existence the way out of the impasse. And really, who prevents us back from the dead end in the initial point and continue the path, avoiding the deadlock? Also note that when I met him sign mood changed considerably with "minus" to "plus". So it is very likely that this man was the chief of some tribe Australian aborigines 850 year, and where the leader of the tribe - and there ataman, and gunsmith. He was on face the same as all the natives, but loving and artistic inside. So a certain "continuity of generations" is clearly seen. And what is especially nice person already has the task of the current incarnation.

Another example is one girl in 1966 was three, reacted to not so long ago appeared in the capital of the African students not with fear, questions, forcing parents to blush, type: "Mother, why uncle black?" - what was typically and understandable for kids who saw a very unusual type of people. This girl, seeing Africans, pressed to her mother, saying, "Mother, my!" and blissfully stood still, looking at them with admiration and adoration. When the girl grew up and became an adult woman, she of the eternal feminine curiosity looked in the table of Pythagoras and learned that in the past incarnation lived in North Africa (where is now Sudan. It is not surprising that in the age when still a fresh memory of the past incarnation, it reacted to Africans. Working with foreigners, it automatically (!) learned Arabic and discos danced with pleasure Arabic dances, which nobody taught, but of the movement which she was arrested, as they say, "on the fly". Arabic music, from which the majority of Europeans quickly tired from habit, she could listen to for hours. Here there is a clear memory of the previous incarnation.

The teacher of the University, many years teaching Russian to foreigners on short courses, interested in the strange circumstance. Of course, most students came, studying your course and said goodbye to the Soviet Union and then with Russia if not forever, then for a long time. But some students as a magnet is attracted to our country. The fact that our girls marry foreigners, became commonplace. Foreign women also get married to citizens of Russia very, very rare. However, at various times, one girl from the USA and the other from the UK first, I spent several years in Russia, working with leaders of groups of students from their countries and project coordinators exchange, and then got married to Russian men. Live these families at home wives, but very often come to Russia. Another student from the UK on completion of the course a few years he worked in the branch of the British charities in Russia, then married a Russian and remained to live in Russia. A journalist from new York, has completed a course of the Russian language, then came twice as correspondent and both times spent in Moscow for almost a year, after which finally settled down in the capital of Russia and began to publish there a newspaper for the English-speaking population of our country. The rescue service of "911" in California has twice come to a course of the Russian language, then at the beginning of perestroika again came to Russia for six months teaching English. Then he got married at home at the same American, like himself, but every 3 - 4 years continues to come to Russia. Says it needs to do it for himself. Of course, this is not all examples them over the years has gained a lot more. The teacher asked the question: "Why?" Why they are so drawn to Russia? The answer was given "Pythagorean table": all of these students in their last incarnation lived in different parts of Russia, and now, quite obviously, triggered what we call "memory of past lives.

The same examples with the Russians, which, like a magnet, pulling in some country. If a citizen of Russia gathered at the New year in Egypt, it is likely a tribute to fashion or compliance capabilities wallet wish to have a rest abroad. But if a person dies from the desire to visit countries such as Peru, Colombia or Syria, - there is a possible link with past incarnations, because these countries do not run "run" and a popular tourist trails. The most interesting is that people in case of inclusion "neizmennoi" memory themselves can not really explain that they are in these countries forgotten. But the desire to visit them, this is weaker.


Suppose we find out where and when were born in their previous incarnations. Why do we need it? What is it for? It would seem that this knowledge is useless for our present life. But in fact it is not.

The first thing that gives us the doctrine of reincarnation, is the deliverance from the fear of death. Death becomes for us from the Scarecrow, devouring and absorbing, of eternal nothingness, the door opened for our transition into other worlds. Oblivion is cancelled and comes knowledge about the continuation of life in another form, on other levels, in other worlds.

We cease to wonder why we so beat in this life, and for that cause so much suffering. There are no doubts about the unfairness of the Lord and of the law of the Universe. We received a powerful incentive to live in dignity.

Seneca believed that "life is not good or evil in itself, but only arena for good and evil." He also coined the saying: "Indifferent when to die sooner or later. Who lives in the power of fate; who is not afraid of death, escaped her power."

The death of a person (if we understand it as an irreversible process of the termination of any kind of existence) makes life a man with his search, the efforts and aspirations in a meaningless way to nowhere. Quite a different life to be the person who receives information about the existence of the upper worlds, in which the soul continues to live after death and where it is stored and used all that we have achieved in their spiritual development. The belief in the immortality of the soul and the existence of the higher worlds instantly removes many issues, freeing man from the heavy yoke of the senselessness of existence.




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