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ТАЙНЫ ПУТЕШЕСТВИИ ВО ВРЕМЕНИ Time travel - the idea, of course, fantastic. But the fantastic does not mean unrealistic and unscientific. Until August 1945 for the inhabitants of the Earth fantastic and unreal was the atomic bomb. Many knew that developed this terrible weapon, but only a handful of scientists believed that this is possible. After Hiroshima and Nagasaki in this nightmare believe all the inhabitants of the Earth.

With the idea of a journey through time in this respect, much worse. Worse in the sense that it is about time we know much less, than about the device of heavier-than-air or the structure of the atomic nucleus, the subject is quite material and therefore more understandable. Is it time, its over, its characteristics and the interface of time and man has always been the subject of myths and tales, today fiction novels and short stories?

B this Chapter we will try to look into the mysteries of time: what is it, how is connected to our mind, is it possible to move and if you can - how? And what happens when we learn how to use time as well... as, for example, electricity? Would it not lead us to the so-called paradox of the time, the problem that is best described in science fiction novels? If a bad use of time to destroy our world and even to destroy its materiality? Will the time the undertaker for the coordinate system in which we feel relaxed and comfortable? Do such trouble that, his eyes closed in their own time and on stable Land, we will open them, waking up God knows where, can, and not on Earth at all? While the answers to these questions lie in the field of assumptions, that is, again, these answers give only science fiction writers. And therefore, first of all Willy-nilly we should not start with an honest and pedantic science, and with her frivolous sister fiction. Nothing else we are not given.

For the first time about the machine of time talking in the NINETEENTH century. But why in the XIX? Because it is exactly this century brought the science of rapid development. All previous era flowed measured and relatively quiet (war and other disasters leave alone) life. And in this remarkable century due to development of industry scientific discoveries were literally blazing be entered in life: there were first electrical devices of complex mechanisms, radio, telephone, photography, cinema, aircraft heavier than air, steam locomotives, cars - everything and so on. And all this happened literally for half a century. And if in the days of Pushkin people lived with candles and went on horses, by the end of that century they lived first in the gas, then in the electric light, went by train or car, instead of turning to the painters preferred to perpetuate their faces on the daguerreotypes, and then on the pictures, and their way of life is so different that even the Pushkin's contemporaries were shocked by these innovations if they happened to visit our world on the eve of the year 1900. And all these miracles were possible due to unexpected and it is unclear how appearing to the rise of scientific knowledge. It is understandable that in such a stunning peak of scientific progress the invention of one of the machine - this time, a time machine was treated different people as a possibility and a real case. If it is possible to travel by train from Odessa to Petersburg, why not to leave St. Petersburg in 1900 in Kiev 1200 or Moscow 2000? Machines can all - it was a kind of motto of the end of XIX century. They tell us to move from one point on earth to another, will soon be able to send from Earth to heaven, that is in space, and, probably, there is nothing unreal that machine will be able to transport people and through time in the future or the past. So the way to travel through time with the help of a machine or a device is the invention of X!X century, which saw in the machines of the future of the civilized world.

The first writer who "invented" the time machine was Russian. It was he, Alexander Veltman, 30-ies of the X!X century published a novel called "the Ancestors of Calimeros". It was he who invented the mechanism able to move a person in time.

In the novel, the time Machine, H.G. wells, not only describes the device of the machine is able to carry traveler in time, but also substantiates the possibility of such a trip. According to wells, time is the fourth dimension, and it differs from the three spatial (length, height, and width) the fact that its length is perceived by the consciousness. That is time travel possible due to the fact that our consciousness arranges past, present and future. Disappearing from this, the hero wells appears in the past or future. But for others - it disappears from the spatial world. If it is not present - it is not in the three dimensions of space now. Dangerous questions about the paradoxes of time has not been defined yet. Before the theory of relativity of albert Einstein 10 years. The writer does not believe that such travel is possible, on the contrary, he many times mentioned that they are a normal person in a normal world unreal, and he used this plot is only because the fiction it was a beautiful and rich storyline, allowing the hero to get into a lot of adventures. However, the scientists of the early XX century to the time theory treated a little differently. Many believed that invented wells four-dimensional cube has a right to exist. And thoughts about the structure of the time were preoccupied not only in physics and mathematics, but also psychologists and philosophers.

After wells, there appeared a lot of science fiction, where the characters move in time. And - as a rule - all these movements do not occur randomly, and using the latest advances in technology.

The idea of creation of the machine to travel back in time to the beginning of the XX century has gone hand in hand with the idea of the conquest of space - that is flying in outer space. Both these topics are increasingly appeared in books of science fiction. The second idea is much more fortunate: scientists she grew serious, and in the end the rocket soared with the earth's spaceports. The first idea was not so lucky - the time machine and the idea of a rather fantastic, if to speak about the possibility of time travel media consciousness of man. But on this subject opens many sci-Fi books. And, the more theme is developed, the more nuances such possible journeys appears. This bus you can get from point a to point B, on the way to buying the item With a kilo of apples or doing there unseemly act, and nothing bad will happen. But in time past or future - any action traveler, consider science fiction, can radically change the course of history, because history was begotten of events in time - small or large, but leave traces.

In the famous story by ray Bradbury, And thunder boomed" time traveler accidentally occurs in the remote past of the Earth on a regular butterfly. The result of this seemingly harmless situations becomes a complete change this. Going into the past, the hero left the world, where triumphant democracy, returning, he found himself in a dictatorial state. So the imprint of a butterfly wing on the sole hero redrew all events of the present. Virtually all the major writers, raised this question: is it possible to travel into the past without disturbing the natural flow of historical time? Is it possible to travel into the future without changing world of the future?

Heroes Azimov, Simak, shackley, Wymondham, Bradbury, Anderson do wrong deeds in the past and get a distorted world of the present. They bring real world information of the future - and change the world of the future. In the end, most of the science fiction writers come to the conclusion that any intervention can create a time paradox. If we, for example, once in the past, fall in love and get married to a beautiful girl, that caused the situation when becomes its own ancestor. If we open the information of a scientific nature, generated inventions, which should not have happened. In any case - at the individual or at the state level - we break the existing to the present story. The most painful question which asked writers: what if we design or by accident will kill their own ancestor? Will there be alive himself traveler or he must dissolve in time, because it has no right to exist? Different writers have answered this question in different ways.

Some thought that since the birth of the time traveler's already happened and is an accomplished fact, he remains alive, although this will change it now. In this case, it can be born from another ancestor or perish in their journey for reasons quite natural. Others thought that the destruction of the ancestor automatically terminates the existence of this particular branch of the present, that is the death of his grandparent should crumble to dust, fade. But the writers were more interested in the paradoxes of time travel is not so much the fact of displacement as a moral responsibility of the individual and his willingness to always be just an observer, but not a party to the action. And there is not so important, what method of penetration into the past was elected - by using time machine or by chance. And prepared traveler, and unhappy people, failed through time, the same can break it.

I must say that even fiction writers expressedwas batalis commandments, what they can and cannot do, traveling in a time machine. You cannot take from the past are no artifacts, to have a close relationship with anyone, open technical secrets, to bring the devices or clothing of his time to kill their own kind. You can (and probably should) to study a life time travel, fashion, language and customs, and be always in a good way, not taking actions that can destroy the time. Travel into the future everything is much easier, and it is clear - all in advance cannot foresee everything. Somehow, most science fiction writers are convinced that people of the future will be more intelligent and more advanced than their ancestors.

In Stephen king is a story called "Crouch End". One of the heroes of the story tells about the strangeness of the God-forsaken lane: "our Whole world, everything we think, a nice, ordinary and reasonable, like a large leather ball filled with air. Only in some places this skin is thin almost through. In places where the -- where the boundaries are very thin... Crouch End is one of those places with thin borders".

And random transitions in another time (or other space-time) can only occur in places with thin borders.


Time travel is a very attractive event. As the theory of scientists on this issue a lot of arguing. In favor of what is possible to create a device that carries the river, spiral branches, string, or the tree of time, there is a lot of evidence. But this evidence is purely speculative. The main thing for science - the existence of facts. If we live in the beginning of XXI century and still do not have devices that carry people from the present to the past or the future and back, then our descendants would have to develop. If it is for science achievable. And because our descendants live after us, then at least a couple of times in the past or present, would have to remain traces of such expeditions. No wonder ufologists say more often that their evidence fully: the UFO is a time machine. It is likely that they come not from the depths of space, and from the depths of time, and in the future. Or from a parallel worlds, with branches which intersects sometimes our time. They understand how such statements "help" the evidence of possibility to create the time machine not in theory but in practice!

Scientists need not evidence gentlemen gone cracked contactees, and real objects from the future or live travelers, "fallen" out of the holes of time when witnesses who can be trusted at all one hundred percent, preferably the militia (police), the deputies, and the best of themselves as scientists. And be sure to witnesses had more, and the traveler was immediately brought to explore. So far, such facts are not available. But there is evidence of meetings with people who are not in his age or not in your reality. Science these testimonies, of course, did not believe. But somebody had to be by chance, when unidentified human object, believe necessary. Otherwise you'll have to go and give up on their own in the yellow house.

Such strange cases very little, and they are all well known. These are the stories of how the red banner, wander from one UFO book to another. We would be left aside, but the cases that are confirmed by eyewitness testimony. And they are not the fruit of activity bored hack writers. Can I trust these certificates is another question. For convenience, the facts are divided into several groups: the appearance of people from another time, personal time travel, Chrono Mirage, disappearances, mentioned in historical documents of the past.


The pilot of 1944

3 November 1996 English housewife March Crawford worked in his garden. Suddenly she heard the roar and saw flying over the garden aircraft. Some time ago the same aircraft was detected by radars of air defense, and although the pilot requested from the earth, he requests are not responded. The plane was coming from France across the English channel on a small height. Soon the radars lost it. But the strange aircraft gained March Crawford: it landed near her house, on a meadow.

The woman ran to the plane and began to pound on the glass hood stick.

After some time the pilot lifted the lantern and climbed on the wing. He felt fuzzy and moved just drunk. His indignant shouts of the women only pilot and was able to ask, could you tell it where it is? What addressed gallant "Madame" of March Crawford expressed discouraged pilot everything she thinks of it landing on a strange meadow, but added that this meadow is in England. After hearing about England, the pilot quietly slid to the ground and turned pale. March Crawford had no choice as to drag him to his house, to lay on the couch and call the family doctor. The pilot was not good. On questions of her rescuer he answered that he was just a miracle came out of the battle with Nazi "Messerschmitt", asked the regiment that was alive, did not understand, how was in England when the battle was over France... March Crawford, looking at the pilot decided that he was so blind drunk delirium tremens.

Finally the doctor. He examined the pilot, but, after listening to the murmur of the pilot, immediately called to a military hospital and asked them to send the car. And why was. The pilot is very confused told on air battle near the Pas-de-Calais. Allegedly he was confronted face to face with the "Messerschmitt" and came under heavy bombardment, piloting the aircraft was destroyed by the enemy, one Messerschmitt had also died, and in the last fight of German and American pilots decided to meet head-on. Planes are not encountered on monstrous speed they passed, however, and German "Messer", and the American "Curtiss" were almost destroyed. And when the pilot saw the waters of the Strait, he decided to jump out of the wrecked car with a parachute. The pilot threw the torch was going to get out on the wing... And that was the last thing he remembered. As he re-emerged from the black nothingness, the plane went nose to the ground, but the motor was still running, and the pilot had the utmost difficulty align it and get to fly seen in the distance to the coast, it was dead quiet, there was not "Messerschmitt", nor its aircraft in the air, too, was silent, and then his wounded aircraft, which in all respects to land could not, dropped to the meadow Martha Crawford.

The study ubiquitous journalists, "Curtiss" tail number R 0327 belonged during the Second world war 123 squadron cover the U.S. air force, the squadron was given a task to cover English bombers during raids in the occupied

Belgium. April 9, 1944, American Lieutenant John Walker raised her Curtiss" P-40 and escorted bombers to the goal, but during the short and brutal combat aircraft was shot down and never returned to the base. Pilot Walker considered missing. Landing in a meadow Martha Crawford pilot sure military photos from the personal case of John Walker. On pictures John was 25 years old. Pilot screw plane crossing the English channel, was of the same age.

However, the military authorities have hastened to inform journalists that "the 25-year pilot John Walker, the owner of the restored the P-40 "Curtiss", suffers from compulsive form schizophrenic delusions, heightened complete amnesia, suddenly struck him during the flight. The trouble, of course, provoked by excessive enthusiasm Mr Walker history of aviation. Currently the patient considers himself a pilot in the U.S. air force during the Second world war. Now he is receiving treatment in a specialized clinic without access rights for visitors that can cause an exacerbation of the disease." And all is good in this story of the aircraft, if not one "but": the Board R 0327 had a completely fresh bullet holes and one quite near the fuel tank. What a crazy fan of aviation history will dare to fly in an old (!) the plane with such damage?

Moved into the future

Another interesting case is recorded by the police of new York. In the fall of 1952, during an accident killed a strange looking man. In twilight he tried to go to Broadway and went straight under the wheels of a car. The unfortunate driver swore that he saw the victim literally at the last moment to do anything it was too late. Man appeared on the roadway as if from nowhere. Although the drivers are often in their defense, they say exactly, but there were a lot of witnesses to the incident, and all with one voice claimed that lost just fell from the sky. The driver was released, and the deceased was taken to the morgue, where a survey was conducted clothes and documents accident. Clothing has been very strange cut that long since out of fashion, the report guards classified it as "old". However, the documents were not better. Passport of the deceased was issued 80 years ago, in his pocket, found a business card, on which were specified occupation victims - the salesman and the address of its office. All is good, but specified in the card streets had not existed for half a century. A person with such a name was not listed among the living. And only in the archives of the police Department found traces of "the stranger". The data of the documents, address coincided with the records of the late XIX century. The most piquant that managed to find even the daughter of a strange salesman. It was an ancient old woman. She said that 70 years ago, when she was a little girl, the father went out for a walk, and so will never come back. As evidence she showed the police the old photo which was depicted lost on Broadway, the man with a small daughter on hands...

Three days in darkness

This story happened with the nurse by the name of Mireille Jean, a resident of Arles, 1957. Madame Jean was elderly and considered an experienced nurse and a nurse. When on June 16, she laid walking in the carriage of the child from their employers; there were no signs of trouble. Madam Wife rolled the little stand on the street and quietly went to a nearby Park. The weather was hot, Sunny, pleasant in all respects. Madame saw that the baby was sleeping peacefully, and sat in the shade of a large tree. The Park was quiet and peaceful: youth, and adults preferred on hot days to vacation on the river. Suddenly, without any transition, as happens when the weather changes, has come full and besprovodnaya darkness. Madame did not understand what this darkness appeared, but all gone Park, trees, fun running into the distance paths. They stole everything around, but that no deep darkness to destroy, " lost absolutely all the sounds and smells. A moment ago she breathed in the sweet scent, the smell of hot earth, but now she did not feel anything. He heard no noise from passing cars, no rustling leaves, no sound of footsteps. Silence, like black, too, was absolute. Madame Jean, however, fully and clearly knew all that she feels and what he is doing.

Her first feeling was understandable fear. Obviously scared not only it. Suddenly woke up the baby and cried. It was the only sound in a completely black world. Madame Jean got up from the bench. She found the child to the touch, took the baby and hugged him. So, calming the baby, she was in complete darkness. There was, she thought, not more than a quarter of an hour. Just as suddenly as the darkness came, she disappeared. Suddenly there was a sound - people were coming to laugh a couple appeared and aromas of grass, trees, she felt the movement of air (before the darkness was not only hopeless, but fixed, some dense). Madame Jean understand looked around: instead solar half a day was night, lit the lamps in the Park it was cold - blow Northern wind, people were warmly dressed. Madame Jean could not figure out where did more than 6 hours, how the midday sun could turn into a chilly night?

Nothing having invented as an explanation, Madame Jean drove the carriage to the house of the parents of the baby. But what happened next only strengthened her shock.

Cost her to call the familiar door and appeared on the threshold, as the call jumped frightened and tear-stained wife Cotillion. It turns out that Madame Jean took in his thick darkness for 15 minutes, was three days. And all three days is not only a city Park, but the whole Arles, and the waters of the river, and around the city was searched by police and volunteers from local residents. Spouses Cotillon decided already that Madame Jean and their small child died. By itself, no trace Babysitting with the baby for all three days were found. After a safe return to the human world Madame Jean spent a lot of time in the local gendarmerie. However, the interrogations Madame Jean only added inexplicable in its history. If she stayed, as told on a Park bench, why on this bench was not able to find it? As shown by all the witnesses, the bench in the Park under a tree was available, but it was completely empty. If Madame Jean suffer from disorders of memory (which it had never happened not once), where she spent three days and how could return to the bench?

Alas, this question Madame Jean could not answer. She claimed that it took only 15 minutes, but were these minutes in impenetrable darkness. Most, however, an interesting point of this rationally inexplicable case that the child has not had time to get hungry! Therefore, in that darkness which surrounded Madame Jean and the baby was a different time.

The vision of Mrs. Elizabeth Smith

English Elizabeth Smith returned home in the early morning 1951. It was winter, and so she rode in the dark. Somewhere on icy road machine strongly skidded and throwed into a ditch, however, Mrs. Smith was not injured. Realizing that her car yourself not to take on the road, the woman went on foot. Bypassing one of the turns, Mrs. Smith saw a strange sight. The road in front of her, how the eye sees, was littered with dead bodies. And right at her side was a group of people with torches. Sometimes they stopped, turned killed and covered his face - he was looking for his. On frozen in horror Mrs. Smith these strangely dressed people did not pay any attention. As if they didn't see her. Moreover itself Mrs. Smith heard them talking, felt their movement, and there were feelings that came through her figures can easily pass as through the air. It lasted more than 10 minutes, and then the vision disappeared again was a normal morning, winter, ice, and the long road toward the house. Later ochevidtsa shared his observations with historians, and together they characterize strange people as residents of Britain VII century A.D.

Scientists believe that Elizabeth Smith was present at the identification of those killed in the battle of Nakasero in 685 year. She had seen the night after a bloody battle.

Hospital Tim Harrison

American psychiatrist Chapman became interested in the temporal problems, studying the history of their patients. To him often sent people who were officially considered insane, but, considering the nature of what these people believed hallucinations and symptoms of mental disorder, he began to understand that only by hallucinations and mental disorders not much to explain.

The first is the story of Dr. Chapman associated with the Vietnam veteran Tim Harrison. This young man during the war in Vietnam was badly wounded, and, prooperirovat, were flown to the USA. But on the plane Tim disappeared. The disappearance of Tim doctor checked. Yes, indeed, when the Board with the wounded landed in America, instead of 17 soldiers were only 16. The staff was so discouraged happened that even phoned to Vietnam and found out not they left in a hurry one patient. The answer was categorical. Checked all log entries: name of Harrison was present. Therefore, the wounded was immersed in the plane. But when you unload it was not there. Therefore fell...? Doctors did not know what to think. Urgently declared soldier wanted. Been looking for a couple of months, declared missing. Relatives have already mourned Tim as the deceased. But after another 4 months Harrison returned home. When he tried to share experiences, the diagnosis was clear, and Tim sent to the doctor for his killer up: crazy.

Himself Harrison told his story. When he woke up after a heavy wound, I saw that is in the hospital, but even in its "floating" state, in which he was, Tim realized that it was a strange hospital. He was troubled form nurses, then he realized that he had seen this form in books - it were the sisters of mercy in the First world war. When Tim came to yourself, to the house came the military. But they were wrong, such wore in the First world war. Tim began to question, to find out the name, year of birth, part, and Tim honestly answered questions, but as it answers the faces of the officers became confused. After a couple of days Tim took the newspaper, and he looked at the date on April 18, 1916. In the end, he humbled himself with his "hallucination". Two months later he had already recovered from the injury he got friends, but he still wanted to go back from another time in the home, rather he wanted hallucinations stopped and everything was back to normal. Once he went out to walk around the town, where the hospital, and suddenly lost consciousness.

When he awoke, he saw a familiar place. The highway went modern machines. It was near his house. So he returned to the present. The next stage of his biography were numerous discussions with the military, and then referral to treatment in a psychiatric clinic. Himself Tim was convinced that as a result of wounds suffered mental illness, therefore, and saw myself in the hospital 1916. But how then to explain the behavior of people who "lost" their patient and soldier? And missing Tim yourself to get from Vietnam to the US?


In the town of Seven Oaks in Kent recorded an increased number of accidents. First about the dangers Seven Oaks spoke English Barbara Davison, who was traveling along this road on a dark night in March 1979. Davison knew the road, so she was surprised when suddenly a well-lit highway plunged into darkness disappeared and oncoming cars with headlights, and from the motorway in the direction turned a small road.

Davison knew that no side road in this place does not exist. The road ahead was no more, but he saw clearly see the road, which she had never seen. At the moment English girl had an idea that you turn on this road, because the highway is no more. But she immediately took himself in hand: the side of the road could not be formed in one day. And the woman took the car "non-existent" highway, go ahead. Suddenly became so dark, as there is no even at night, the car was enveloped in complete darkness. But it lasted a very short time, then everything returned to its place: Davison saw a reliable lit highway, walked towards the car, and then voditelnitsa realized that just avoided a head-on collision: if she turned into a side road, the hit would be in the stream of cars going for a dividing strip.

For publication in the newspaper about the strangeness of the place, Seven Oaks responded and other drivers. Several people driving on a highway in the night also saw right turn and too wise not turned, refusing to believe his eyes, and trusting only his own memory. There were those who turned. These drivers have been killed or injured in a traffic accident. But where did the Ghost road? It turned out she existed 20 years ago, the shock of the road straightened and not paved between lanes wide lawn, planted with green grass.

Chrono Mirage

In the Scottish highlands Cuillin systematically repeats and repeats in heaven battle 1745, when the army of Scots were defeated. The locals are so used to this chronometrage that do not see in it anything special. Like Chrono Mirage most often and see the places, where he once played heavy battles. Before overwhelmed the audience scenes from the past. Marching soldiers, flying horses, sometimes one can clearly see the smallest of details like a plume knight helmets or sweat on the croup of the horse. Mass surveillance pictures of the past celebrate periodically in Marathon (Greece), Waterloo (Belgium), Dunkerque (France). One such place is the battlefield in Silage (USA, Tennessee). It was one of the most bloody battles of the Civil war between the North and South, it killed more than 24 thousand people. The battle took place in April 1862, and after a couple of months locals watched in horror Ghost battle. They had heard from the battlefield could hear the metal sound from the clash of swords, bayonets, shots, the cries of the wounded, groans... And still sometimes possible to see again a terrible battle. One of the witnesses depicted in the picture looked like this battle. Compared with archival data. The specialists have developed the opinion that such a perspective is only possible if the observer is at a certain point on the ground and sees the battle from the side.


The most famous committed a lot of people disappeared on August 21, 1915. The case was so unusual that all the materials on it is classified as secret for 50 years.

Fifth Norfolk regiment of the British army on the front of many witnesses have disappeared in the town of Gallipoli, just a minute. The regiment was to go through the mountain ridge and down into the valley. The weather, as described by eyewitnesses, it was a bright, Sunny, just over the mountains, where the regiment sailed large, strange form of a cloud. Cloud hanging in the sky is very low and had a milky color, it almost touched the ground, and eyewitnesses describe that in those places where the cloud was almost at the ground, formed a fog Bank. When the soldiers began to enter into the fog, witnesses saw a mist went rippling, "flicker", it lasted until the last soldier is not included in the zone of the fog. The cloud just hovered, took off and started to rise. Before overwhelmed the audience stripped completely empty valley - regiment in full force just vanished into thin air!

The investigation was led by the British army. Were interrogated many witnesses of the incident, written a bunch of paper, but all of these indications nothing is clarified. The British and was convinced that the Turks have applied some sort of trick and took the fifth regiment captured. After the First world war "case fifth Norfolk regiment" was repeatedly raised at the negotiations with the Turkish side. Were studied the lists of prisoners of war, lists of those killed, but not in any of the lists are not revealed the names of the disappeared in Gallipoli-soldiers! The British were so convinced of the tricks of the Turks that those forced to investigate and to report to the British army. But it did not help. And published in 1967 readings 20 witnesses say only one thing: he naprila the cloud covered the regiment... and regiment disappeared forever!

Magic and science of time

Unlike ordinary man and scientist, based on the readings, the well-trained magician and operates in another space and another time. For him it is a single, coherent concept - what is not willing to understand and accept our consciousness, brought up on stereotypes.

But what makes the magician to move in the desired time and change what he looked like? The magician concentrates will direct all efforts to penetrate beyond the clearly defined household consciousness today. Then he -- comes at a time that is chosen, and does what needs to be done. An ordinary man, even if with all his strength will nakormit forehead and will inflate the nostrils, will be included only in your memory, or into some bad present a picture that considers possible future. He will not succeed. Why? 't know the words of the authorities? Even if I knew it wouldn't work. Modern man is very rarely able to separate himself from his "here and now". This is the problem. His brain machine time has long since rusted due to the fact that it was never used.

O time structure, which is different from the linear, spoke after the appearance of the geometry of curved space Lobachevsky, articles Minkowski and the General theory of relativity.

By the way, Einstein introduced a limit to the speed of movement of vacuum reason was very simple. As he wrote later than the Eddington: "Limit the speed of light is our protection against perevorachivaet past and future. The consequences that could have raised the possibility of sending signals faster than light, so monstrous that they don't even want to think. In other words, limit the speed of light is our protection from chaos. The stability of this limit keeps the world in balance, not allowing to change every moments and to lose stability and continuity. Otherwise every single day we woke up would (or never woke up in new world, and probably in the wrong body. By the way, the ban on travel to the past from the same series: this is a protection from changes in the present. If the future we are not bound by the determination, it is invariant, with the last connected all lived up to that life. Change the past is to change the present. And no matter, "tracked" traveler in the past or not, by the mere fact of the journey he has changed the past. Therefore, slept a blue-eyed brunette with five fingers and toes, you can Wake up black-eyed blond without arms and legs".

However, if it is impossible to exceed the constant in the macrocosm and thus to create at least the devices, capable to overcome space, shrinking time, maybe more real "pierce" the space? And there in the Universe, places where space is already pierced? Remember, we mentioned the "subtle border between the worlds", "tears" - whether in our reality? Thus was born the theory of folds space. For example, from a point And you can get to the point In following the standard route and with all the stops. Your bus will pass the entire route, which is assigned by the Manager, and come right on schedule. But if the driver in the schedule does not fit, he can "cut off" part of the way, cancelling the entire route and having connected among themselves only two endpoints. For example, instead of having to drive around the lake around its shore, he will pass through it on the bridge. Therefore, in my usual bus route passengers in vain will see his appearance. Bus they never will see it. But passengers aboard a bus in point a, safely and quickly find yourself in need them to point B. According to this theory, our real space can "fold", just need to find where the fold is already formed initially. Will remain only to pierce as a needle - and to move instantly. In fiction is a special space travel is called hyperspace.

New Zealand physics are convinced that in order to travel in time, you must open the tunnel in space-time and go through it with the help of a mysterious exotic matter, - reported in 2003, "science news". This substance makes a start and is attracted by gravity. The problem is that no one knows how this substance to create. However, Matt Visser of the University of Victoria (New Zealand) argues that, when humanity will find a way to get this stuff, it will take not a lot. Tunnels - a favorite method of displacements heroes fiction travelling in time. These hypothetical tunnels connect remote from one another part of space-time that makes up the Universe. Although these tunnels make a real chaos in view of causality, the theory of General relativity allow their existence. Six years ago Visser and his colleague David Hochberg has shown that, in order to remain open, the space-time tunnels

you must exotic matter. Only very strange that matter - it should have a negative energy that is less than the energy of empty space. Physics'd never seen anything like this. Therefore, they are the substance have just presented. The key to creating exotic matter lies in the quantum fluctuations that give empty space is a kind of movement. Quantum theory says that subatomic particles and pairs them antiparticles constantly appear and disappear in the vacuum of empty space. Exotic matter may appear, suppressing this game or violating the state average of zero vacuum energy. If that happened, then it would be a tiny number of exotic matter. But how much of it you want?

The quantity of substance Visser and his colleagues calculated recently. It turned out, if properly arrange the space-time tunnel, you will need an infinitely small quantity exotic substances. So, to create the space-time tunnel will be much easier. Unfortunately, infinitely small quantity of matter does not mean the lack of it.

Since the publication of this news four years passed. Exotic matter remained still speculative substance. So to create a tunnel of time we can only in a dream or in your imagination. But wait, do not think that building a time machine is impossible. Even Stephen Hawking still withhas announced that it is theoretically feasible. But in the future, and - probably - not close. Although, who knows? When wells described the action recorder, then it would tease everyone who could, and literary fiction was embodied in a reality after a couple of decades. Maybe it will be a time machine?
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