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Ужасы в замке ГлэмисAbout historic Scottish castle Glamis, built in the XIV century, told a great many most incredible stories - probably more than any other castle in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. He is known as the home of the legendary monsters, vampires and a whole lot of horror spirits. However, it is unclear how they are related to people living here.

Originally the castle was home to the lords Glamis. The story goes that they were drunkards and gamblers, recklessly squandered the family status. By the middle of XVII century the castle was turned into ruins. It was then inherited by Patrick Lyons, which regained its former wealth of the family and the castle itself and became Earl Strathmore. However, according to legend, in the XVIII century the family of a bad habit again prevailed, and in the beginning of XIX century in the collection Strathmore tragedy occurred. The firstborn of the eleventh Earl of Strathmore was born disgusting freak - head ovate, without neck with tiny arms and legs and with a big hairy body. "Monster Glamis" - under this name he became known, was, however, the legitimate heir to the title and status of the family. However, it was not clear whether he will survive. And the family decided to hide it away from prying eyes, in a secret room. The existence of this miserable knew only the count himself, his second son, the lawyer of the family and the Manager of the estate.

To everyone's horror, the monster died, and grew up strong and healthy. Meanwhile all inherited the second son of the Earl on illegal basis. Monster went through many generations of a family Strathmore. Therefore, each heir in the day of his age talked about the existence of a genuine heir to the title and status and showed that ugly creature. Involvement in family secrets left its imprint on the character of young people. They became silent, sullen and withdrawn. They said that monster lived a very long and died in 1921 (according to other sources - in 1941) year.

Although the existence of a monster is not proven, there were rumors about the presence in the depths of the castle hidden, unknown room. In 1880, one Scottish newspaper wrote about the work that after accidentally hitting the wall found a secret passage in a locked room. After he reported his discovery Manager, work disappeared. Rumor had it that he was given a large sum of money and sent to Australia.

In addition to the mysterious and mythical monster, castle Glamis inhabit different ghosts. Most often there appears a Ghost of Alexander, the fourth Earl of Strathmore, who lived in the late XVII - early XVIII century and known as the count birdie.

Legend has it that one night count Verdi with friends played dice in one of the towers of the castle, now uninhabited. They quarreled and blasphemed. Did the devil and was sentenced to play craps continuously until the day of judgment. According to another version, count Verdi one Sunday drank and couldn't find a partner to play cards. Angry, he called the devil to keep him company. The devil did not hesitate to accept the invitation and appeared in the form of tall dark man in a black coat and hat. Both went into a small room in the tower, whence came the loud shouts and swearing. In the end, the count said that he lost everything he had, and bet your soul. Of course, he lost again. The devil disappeared, taking the soul of the graph with you. In five years the count birdie died.

Claim that stomping, abuse and knock bones coming from the tower yet. And they say that in other rooms of the castle have seen the Ghost of count birdie.

There are among local ghosts and Ghost women. This is thought Janet Douglas, the wife of James Douglas, the sixth Lord Glamis. He died suddenly in 1531, after eating one morning his Breakfast. Suspected that Janet had poisoned him, though the evidence against her was not. After 6 years she was accused of trying to poison the king James V. She was condemned and burned at the stake in the castle hill, in Edinburgh. Her Ghost appears above the tower clock, enveloped in flame or a reddish glow.

Another Ghost is crazy, walking in the rainy night on the edge of the roof. This place is called "the path of count of a madman". There are among the ghosts and unidentified "grey people", emerging from the chapel: even women who rush about in the Park with his gaping mouth; Jacques-runner - thin man running down the driveway to the castle. Near the door of the room of the Queen mother is sometimes the Ghost of a black-skinned boy - most likely, the servants, who cruelly treated. In the window of the room under the roof of the castle there is the image of women with sad eyes, probably were there in prison. And at the gate sometimes mysterious tall figure in a dark cloak.

In the castle there is also a poltergeist: one of the doors, as it is not closed and no lock, every night open by itself. The rooms are heard strange tapping and attacks, and bed linen in the bedrooms is dropped on the floor.

There in the castle Glamis and his vampire. According to legend, this maid caught in the moment when drunk the blood of his victim. Claim that it was bricked up in a secret room, but she's not gone there, but only fell asleep. When someone finds it, it will Wake up and break free.

Another legend says that in the castle Glamis were committed by two famous murders, however, most likely, it is nothing more than speculation. So, it is considered that exactly here was murdered by Macbeth, king Duncan (as in "Macbeth" by Shakespeare mentions castle Glamis) and that the spirit of Macbeth dwells within the walls of this castle.

Connect with Glamis castle and the assassination of king Malcolm II, who ruled in the XI century, despite the fact that the castle was built only three centuries later. But, whatever it was, the blood-stain, allegedly left on the floor after the assassination of Malcolm, delete, it was absolutely impossible, so the floor of the room had to be replaced again.
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