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КОЛДОВСКИЕ МЕСТАMagical places are those places that require the sorcerer for normal operation. As a chemist may not conduct experiments outside the laboratory, the witch doctor is not able to fully utilize their capacity, if it appears in place, poorly adapted for this, so for their classes he selects the most suitable premises or open space. Much of course depends on the activity of the magician, but there are rules to break undesirable.

Sanctified and unhallowed ground

There is a fundamental misconception that a wizard or witch afraid sanctified (i.e. the Church) of the earth. If in the form of a cross with magicians happens epilepsy, and witches immediately fly on a broom. This is fiction. Sanctified ground for mages - location is good and nothing bad on this earth will never happen. Just such places are not always suitable for holding magical rituals. Although there are many rituals carried out in the Church or in the cemetery by the Church. Everything depends on the objectives - with whom or with what is going mage to get in contact. If he needs the support of the angelic forces, the Church is the place, where just recommended to perform the ritual, and another thing - who the witch doctor will help. Therefore, all the rituals in the temples carried out secretly, almost always alone, trying not to call the members of suspicion, since any negative reaction hurt to bring a ritual to end.

At the same time unhallowed ground, that is, not having the protection of angels is great for those rites, when you need to call wicked spirits. The most preferable for these purposes, the place of burial of suicide or unbaptized people, which previously could not be buried in the cemeteries. Also eligible for any and all areas where there was a battle, that is where he killed many people and their blood left in the ground. Now it is a place of disasters and accidents, which also shed blood, designated a particularly cruel murders, as well as the places, where one is being abused.

In this regard, it is noteworthy that even the subject of the places unhallowed where lies in the land of the people who died with their boots, are seen as powerful magical tools. Magic glory have nickels the dead (that is, those coins that are put on the eyes of the dead), the nails from the grave, pieces of shroud, bones, etc., and even similar items from the sanctified land used in witchcraft, especially in rural his version.

In the Middle ages for the bodies of criminals, which is publicly executed, were a real hunt. Fat criminals was melted to create a magical lamp and candles, from the same ingredient was preparing special mighty ointment.

Extremely valued hands executed because of them were made by the "hand of glory." It was considered that the owner of that hand of a dead man will achieve in life everything he wants.

For a sorcerer cemetery is a great place to practice. And the grave lying separately misfits - even better. Above him is not anyone's protection, but he is a conductor of different forces. Through restless soul easier to get in contact with the person you need. Lost soul itself may be claimed, because she is ready to fulfill orders of the sorcerer. So when the wizard comes to "draw" the grave, he is not a relative of the deceased, he spends some one he led the operation.

This does not mean that the sorcerer avoids graves inside the Church walls. Do not shy away from, but here it is bad to work because of human relations to the memory of ancestors. Start the wizard something to do, it will drive away, and no dreams he eyes zaporoshie. But consecrated burial ground is one of the elements of witchcraft. Each of the sorcerer is a coveted bag that holds the cemetery land. It is used if you want to put a spell, but it also applies to damage to shoot. Therefore, not all witches, stuffing in the cemetery package the earth, and evil people.

And I will say one more thing: you will never recognize the sorcerer among other visitors to the cemetery. He looks the same as other citizens, maybe even more discreet. He does nothing strange, perhaps that can stand up to a grave wreath to improve, a dry leaf in the side drain. But what he does actually knows only the sorcerer.

Godforsaken place

Appropriate places for magic are those that we believe are unfit for life. This is understandable: the wizard does not work with the phone, it works with the spirits, and to the spirits of our bad place is good. That is why areas that we call geopathogenic zones (GEA) in the sense of manifestation of destructive energies, suitable for magical rites. To stay long in this area is not worth a sorcerer, because on it, which has also the soul more and body, this area does not act positively. But in the GEA sorcerer's easier to get in touch with those with whom he is looking for contact. He is able to collect energy vortices in the beam and send it as he pleases. After all, what sorcerers do is redirect beams of energy. The same power can kill, and can be cured. The main thing - how to use it.

In the GEA wizard captures the necessary power currents and is more powerful, so that he can cope with dangerous spirits, ordering them to perform tasks. So for sorcery works has always been considered a good caves, gorges, bare hills with ledges, cracks in the ground, trees with gnarled trees. The air in places seems to others than next to them: it's heavy, motionless, dense. The spirits that appear here, it is difficult to sorcerer to cope, he grasps his field as a network. Such places are many in this world.
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