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МЕСТА С ЧУДЕСНЫМИ СВОЙСТВАМИLovely property is not to be confused with the Holy places. As a rule, lovely property is ancient pagan temples and buildings. There are various and strange things. For example, in such places sometimes changes the weight of the items - they become either too heavy or too light. People in such places begin to experience inexplicable mood swings, to see reality some pictures, to hear strange voices or noises. They consider it a hallucination - auditory or visual.

But every good witch knows that this is not so. What people see is real, that is, exists in its own time and in his place. And there's the entrance to that space, and the one who is brave and want to see another side of secrets - can enter.

Especially many such places in Britain, the ancient island country of elves. There is almost all the territory is covered with traces they have left. Somewhere is the megalith, about which people become witnesses strange visions and somewhere lies the lawn, just created for the dance of the little people. This is a truly beautiful place, although for the common man meeting with people there can be not so pleasant. Here is the story of the witness of one of the strange events that leads R. Tong:

We went for a weekend in Cornwall, my daughter and I. We walked along the winding alley, when at the gate seemed a little green man; who was looking at us. All green, high-hood and with pointed ears. We both saw it, my girl cried - she's nervous, and we froze with fear. We ran down to the ferry. The ferry had left, but returned to pick us up. No one said a word, but for abnormal us nobody counted. Perhaps never in my life I was not afraid.

People have always dreamed about miracles. Why? Historians will give you a thousand and one reason concealed in quotidian primitive life. But what is poverty? Our world is civilized or miserable? This is from what point of view. If from the point of view of the wild tribe, he is monstrous. And miracles... It's, you know, too, from what point of view.

For those living in caves person miracle is much that for us, just life, and poor quality. Why not to assume that there is a world where magic is not perceived as something strange, there she is just a norm of life. Or - existed. And left of his existence echoes - the medieval manuscripts with meaningless names and naive guesses. And the Proud angel organized somewhere own world with its own laws. And he was not an angel, but a simple man, only owns everything that is closed even for most mages.

I give you orders! I adjure thee! Tremble and obey!

This is the way most people think to reach the lost knowledge is power. But power is nothing to mine cannot. Maybe with the invisible world need to speak another language? Maybe lying old grimoires and spirits of darkness may not be compelled to cooperate? Maybe we should say not, "I want to gain power over all podlinnym world", and want to understand? And then the Great magic again opens us... Who knows?
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