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ТАЙНЫ ШАМБАЛЫ First of all, any myth, under deep conviction of the author, based on some real event. For, if any prior to the myth of the event, there would be a myth. There is no doubt that the event itself, lapse of time, construed and interpreted by many generations of people depending on their national peculiarities and character of the people or nation to which they belong, but the essence is the presence of a specific event - remains unchanged. No wonder one of the most prominent historians of the world, A. Thierry said: "Legend is a living legend, and almost always more truthful than what we call " history".

The same right applies to Shambhala: the origins of the myth about it really is one very significant event, known in the world of the occult and esoteric as "the coming Fiery Angels." "The fiery Angel" is "landing" of the lords of the Flame, highly intelligent beings from Venus, who came to Earth (as indicated by E. P. Blavatsky in the Secret doctrine") 18.5 million years ago, in the era of the Third root race of mankind (memorijski)to give the prototypes of future people - physical-terrestrial beings, "lived" above the Earth's surface and a little reminiscent of present people, is a new development impulse. Their landing was the place, now located in the Gobi desert in Mongolia, and who were at that time the area of the Central Asian sea. Actually, it then emerged Shambhala - if not as a concept, then, in any case, as it is a real habitat highly enlightened beings who are millions of years old drivers, teachers and mentors of evolving humanity. These beings was the so-called core

The inner world government, who led the change on Earth races, cultures and civilizations. Later, as the occurrence of climatic changes (when a former sea region became a desert, and in the South-West climbed a high mountain range, known as the Himalayas), a habitat for many of the drivers of mankind (in the form of so-called Moksha, that is, mansions and homes of Teachers of wisdom) was moved there, and since then the Himalayas were the area to which for thousands of years was aimed thoughts, aspirations and seeking spiritually thirsty people.

Over time, however, in this nucleus began to take and to include the most advanced representatives of the human race, those who due to their mental and evolutionary abilities did a planned way of development is more accelerated pace and reached the necessary level of qualification, to be accepted in the community of the Great White Brotherhood, the brotherhood of Shambhala. Now these people are known to all spiritually aspiring as Mahatma - being, the level of its development as superior to the average person, as far as the latter exceed the most primitive members of the animal world.

Today, the concept of Shambala quite versatile. It is examined in several ways. First, Shambhala, as mentioned legends and the Scriptures, in particular "Purana, is the name of the village where, as heralds of the prophecy, appears Kalki Avatar the New Messiah or the Savior of the world. This image is largely collectively: he is a synonym and God Vishnu, the Hindu, and the Messiah on a White Horse brahmin, and Buddha Mitrea Buddhists, and also corresponds to Sozialem Persians and Jesus Christ Christians. As described in the Puranas, Shambhala is among eight snowy peaks that surround her like the petals of a Lotus. According to legend, the first king of Shambhala was the priest Suchandra, who lived at the same time as the Buddha (the middle of I Millennium BC); he allegedly learned the basics of the teachings of the founder of Buddhism. And he's in the Park was built his Palace in the Kalachakra Mandala, which led to the transformation of Shambhala in the center of the Kalachakra teachings. After Suchandra in Shambhala ruled six-priest kings until Manjushree, who inherited the throne of his Kingdom, becoming the first line 25 Kalki rulers, or custodians of caste, each of which rules 100 years.

Manjushri was brief "Kalachakra Tantra", but his son and heir Pundarika wrote a commentary titled "Stainless light. They made two basic Kalachakra texts, which were brought to India by the two seers - Chalupas and Kalachakrapada Senior - and survived to our days. Each contains five chapters. The first two chapters concern respectively the external and internal cycles of time, while the last three are changing the cycle. The third Chapter discusses the empowerment, the fourth - generation stage and the fifth stage of completion and achieving enlightenment. All later comments follow this five-part structure.

Once we are talking about the "Kalachakra Tantra", the work, which is sacred "secret" book highest spiritual bestowal, it will be appropriate to say a few words about the teaching of Kalachakra. Kalachakra in a literal translation from Sanskrit means "wheel of time". As stated in one of the comments to the book: "What is time? What is the "wheel"? "Time" refers to a state of endless reverence, and a wheel - with countless variety of hollow forms". Awareness of voidness, and through him to the achievement of highest personal divinity, which allows you to save all people, and became the Supreme goal of the Kalachakra teachings.

"Kalachakra Tantra" became known in India approximately to the IX-X centuries, but the teachings contained in it, more than a Millennium passed down orally, because the text it never seemed, and were kept secret highest sages of the world - dedicated. The whole history of Shambhala closely, sometimes explicitly, sometimes invisibly, connected with the Kalachakra teachings, which is considered one of the most closed, difficult, but at the same time the most profound teachings, allowing to penetrate into the greatest secret of the world - the mystery of the mystical life of the cosmos and the beating of the human life in the depths of the Universe.

Tantra literally means "flow", "continuity" and is usually used in two meanings. More often - as the name of the texts included in the Buddhist Canon. But there is another, deeper meaning. Tantra, or Tantrism, are synonymous with the name of one of the major sects of Buddhism - Vajrayana, or "the diamond chariot". His followers claim that to achieve enlightenment can special secret ways, such as chanting prayers-spells (mantras), formed from a special sacred sounds: contemplating magic cosmogonic characters (mandala) and chanting saying a mantra, a man is in resonance with the cosmos (this is the Dharani). Following this secret doctrine, can attain Buddhahood (state full and final enlightenment and exit from the cycle of rebirth), and consequently begin to save other people, not for tens or even hundreds of thousands of years, according to other schools of Buddhism, but for one human life. According to legend, it tantric teachings and lies at the heart of learning followers of Shambhala.

In fact, the first mention of Shambhala as the abode of the greatest sages of the world, able to withstand the forces of evil, meets even the Puranas, which is the "Kalachakra Tantra", the collection of ritual mantras. "The land of eternal joy, where even the singing of birds are of the highest Holiness", immediately attracted the attention of the Buddhists of Tibet, followers of Vajrayana, and a little later - and followers of the school of Madhyamika - "the Middle way"highly respecting the mystical teaching of Kalachakra. It is very important that the highest spiritual empowerment - the initiation degree mentor vajra - you could walk only in Shambhala.

Later sources attribute the concept of Shambhala with the Ashram (a village or a house) Elder Brothers of humanity - Mahatmas, or Teachers of wisdom, standing a few steps above the planetary humanity in his cosmic evolutionary development. Over millions of years they invisibly direct the evolution of the Earth, helping to overcome the stage of ascent. To retain the planet in terms of the evolutionary plan is being implemented by them through an act of the greatest space victims of refusal presence in the adequate development spheres and planes of existence.

It is known that one of the lords of Shambhala, the Great Mahatma Maria, through Helena Roerich was given to the teaching of Living Ethics", a kind of usher in a New Era and the New gospel of the future of mankind. In the XIX century cosmogonic aspects of evolutionary processes of man and the Universe were given by the masters of Shambhala E. P. Blavatskaya, which was selected by the Brotherhood for the promulgation of the doctrine of the Mahatmas, and then Alice Bailey, organically continuing this tradition in the twentieth century.

In addition, modern understanding of Shambhala is largely correlated with the so-called energy focus (pole) of Land, which is the connecting link with the surrounding planet reasonable space. Synonyms of Shambhala is CALAPA and the Valley of the Immortal (in Asia), Belovodye (in Russia), Riphean mountains, the Brotherhood of the Grail and the Kingdom of the presbyter John (in Western Europe).


The concept of "Shambala" is sacred for any citizen Asia. For millennia his heart kept and cherished in his heart what is hidden behind this word as something very precious and sacred. Just the sound of this name fills the heart of Asian sacred awe.

"The peoples of Asia have kept the memory of the brotherhood, - says one of the wise Oriental books. - Each in his own way, in their language, their capabilities, all the people in the depth of the heart keep the dream of Refuge right. Will not give his heart Duma about saving the Community, but among honestshe will remember that somewhere behind the peaks live Officials of the people. One theory about them already clears thinking and liveliness. So will respect those who will not give his best treasure."

With this word in the East contact the most pious feelings, it opens the gates of friendship and the greatest trust. Needless to say, the brotherhood of the Holy Grail, Belovodye, White Island, the Kingdom of presbyter John, and dozens of other names, as they evolved in the popular mind with the change of the ages, races and Nations, refracting according to their spiritual development, understanding and national character, are invariably associated with this Stronghold of Light, for centuries, surrounded by the most exalted innermost hopes and aspirations of all people of all times and peoples.

For example, when we read in the ancient Scriptures that the Emperor Yu the Great (XXIII century BC), the pious mystic and great adept, received their knowledge from the "great Teachers snow mountain chain" in Eczane (Tibet), where since time immemorial, there was the centre of the higher knowledge, we, undoubtedly, will link it with Shambhala. If identity and Buddhists say about heaven, Trastena, or about Towlite, sacred abode 33 of the gods of the ancient Vedas, or Simmer, where is the future Buddha Maitreya, Lord of the World, or about Nirmala-rati, the heaven of Vaikuntha, or about DEJONGE, "the source of bliss and wisdom", or about the sacred mountain of the gods of Kailash or Measure with which a particular consciousness of people associates the idea of this Holy monastery, the Christians say about the heavenly Jerusalem and mount Zion, and Muslims about the Heavenly Kaaba and the innermost chamber of the Assembly of the Saints, which is the prototype of The Earth Of The Kaaba. One way or another, but all of them are connected with this high concept.

There are also Tibetan of the Shambhala legend, which says that the country has disappeared from the face of the Earth many centuries ago. At some point all the congregation of Shambhala became enlightened, and the Kingdom was lost by going to a different, more exalted sphere of existence. According to these stories, the kings of Shambhala, or Rigden continue to supervise the Affairs of mankind, but one day they will return to Earth to save mankind from destruction. Many Tibetans believe that the great king-warrior Gesar, who lived approximately in XI century and operating provincial Kingdom Ling, who was in Kham in Eastern Tibet, was inspired and led by Reggeli and wisdom of Shambhala, and this conviction reflects a belief in the existence of the heavenly Kingdom.

After the reign of Gesar stories about his achievements as a warrior and ruler began to occur throughout Tibet and in the end was the greatest epic poem in Tibetan literature. Some legends say that Gesar will reappear from Shambhala and lead an army to defeat the forces of darkness in the world. In recent years, some Western scholars have put forward the assumption that the Kingdom of Shambhala, perhaps, was actually one of the really existed in the history of the kings of antiquity, such as the Kingdom of Zhang-Zhong in Central Asia. However, most scientists believe the history of Shambhala absolutely mythical.

Among the many teachers of Tibetan Buddhism for a long time existed and still continues to exist tradition of Shambhala is not seen as a particular place, but as the basis or root, of spiritual awakening and mental health, which potentially exist in each person. From this point of view is not so important, what exactly is the Kingdom of Shambhala - myth or reality. The main thing is to realize presents the concept of Shambala, the ideal of an enlightened society, and to contribute to its implementation.

As for the Tibetan people, he still believed that the Kingdom of Shambhala is hidden in a secluded valley somewhere in the Himalayas and that it can still be found.

How mnogozvuchie this Symphony of the consciousness, in which the Nations and religions of the world have given the ideal of his misgivings, aspirations and dreams, evidenced by Nicholas Roerich in the essay "the Heart of Asia":

"Thus, Azeri, and Kuthumi belong to Shambala? - Yes.

And the great Mahatma and Rishi? - Yes.

And the host of Rigden Djapo? - Yes.

And much of the cycle of Geseriada? - Yes.

And, of course, Kalachakra? - Yes.

And Aryavarta, where it is expected Kalki Avatar? - Yes.

And Agharti with underground cities? - Yes.

And Mingle? And The Great Arkas? And the great holders of Mongolia? And residents Kama? And Belovodye Altai? And Desk Are Featured? And the valley Lozina? And the black stone? And the Grail, Lapis Exilis, wandering stone? And Chud underground? And White Island? And underground passages Turfan? And the hidden city Cherchen? And underwater Kitezh? And White Mountain? And suburgan Khotan? And the sacred valley of initiation of the Buddha? And Agni yoga? And DeJong? And the book Utiana? And Tashinami? And place three secrets? And The White Burkhan?

Yes, Yes, Yes! It all came together in the view of many ages and Nations around the great concept of Shambala, as well as the whole community of individual facts and indications deeply Voskobitova, if unsaid".

The peoples of Asia keep many wonderful legends, prophecies and legends about higher state of consciousness, the embodiment of which on earth is the brotherhood of the wise, hidden from human eyes, but invisibly guiding the evolution of humanity. These legends and beliefs gathered Nicholas Roerich in his famous books about Shambala (Russian edition of "Heart of Asia", in English "Shambala"), and about the same innermost concept Asia, he says, and in his diaries of the Central Asian expedition 1925-1932 years, published in book form under the title "Altai - Himalayas".

Roerich, citizen of the world, with great love and tenderness belonged to the Mongolian, Tibetan and Indian, perceiving them as his brethren, it is with deep humanity and kindness listened to the voice of their heart, in their prayers and aspirations, and these higher heart vibration reflected and resulted in the pages of books and essays, which are still evoke awe at reading them. Here is what Roerich about how this secret notion is reflected in the Eastern consciousness:

"If it be spoken here (in Europe) is the most sacred word of Asia "Shambala", you will remain indifferent. If the same word is spoken in Sanskrit - "CALAPA", you will also be silent. If you pronounce the name of the great Lord of Shambhala Rigden Djapo, even this gromovskoe the name of the Asia will not touch you.

But it's not your fault. All information about Shambala so scattered in the literature. In the West there is no book on this cornerstone concept Asia.

If you want to be understood in Asia as a welcome guest, you must meet the hosts of your most sacred words. You must prove that these concepts for you is not an empty phrase that you appreciate them and can introduce them to the concept of evolution.

Buryat scientist Bardin in his recent work on the monasteries of Mongolia and Tibet reported that recently in Tibet, and the main thing - in Mongolia, based monasteries in honor of Shambhala. In existing monasteries established special departments of Shambhala - Shabalin-datsan.

For the casual reader of this message will sound metaphysically, abstract or unnecessary. The modern sceptic the news to see some superstition? Not a superstition? These datsans of Shambhala sink among the political and commercial speculations of our time.

But for the connoisseur provisions that bothered to go through the vast expanses of Asia, the datsans of Shambhala will sound as the horn of appeal. For knowing this news will be set to reality, significant for the future...

The oldest "Veda" and the subsequent "Purana and other most diverse literature highlight the extraordinary value for Asia mysterious words "Shambhala".

And in the major Asian centres, where the sacred concepts already pronounced shy with caution, and in the vast deserts of the Mongolian Gobi word about the great Shambhala, or mysterious Calape Hindus, sounds like a symbol of the great future. In legends of Shambhala, the legends, stories and songs is, perhaps, the most significant news of the East. Who knows nothing about life the meaning of Shambhala, should not say that he studied the East and knows the pulse of modern Asia...

In Asia, if I start to talk in the name of beauty and knowledge, I asked: "What a beauty and what knowledge?"

But when I say, "In the name of the knowledge of Shambhala, in the name of beauty of Shambhala," then I listened with attention".

In short, anyone who wants to truly understand the zeal of the best hearts Asia, it is necessary to read the book of revelations N. Roerich.

But the scene witnessed by Roerich during an expedition through the TRANS-Himalayas: "After four snow pass, in the desert highland, we again saw the picture of the future. In the valley surrounded by high, sharp rocks, agreed and stopped for the night three of the caravan. At sunset I noticed an unusual group. On the high stone was placed multicolor Tibetan painting, before her sitting in a small group of people deep in reverent silence. Lama in the red dress and yellow cap, with a stick in his hand something pointed out to the audience at the picture and rhythmically been told explanation. When we came we saw familiar tank of Shambhala. Lama sang about countless treasures of the Lord of Shambhala, about His wonderful ring with great powers. Further, pointing to the battle Rigden Djapo, Lama spoke, as without mercy killing all the evil things before the power of fair ruler.

Fires burn, these fireflies desert. Again huddled by the fire different-plemeniti. All ten fingers in admiration raised high.

Maybe they say, how Blessed Rigden Djapo is to give the order to his messengers. Here at black rock of Ladakh you receive the mighty Lord. From all sides seek it heralds-riders to reverent to accept the order, and then zipped around the world, hthe existing covenants great wisdom".

And here's another of the same picture, borrowed from the later books of Rerikh, "Empire of Light":

"Again it is snowing heavily. High sharp rocks surround the camp. A giant shadow was thrown on their smooth surfaces.

Around lights are sitting wrapped figures. From a distance you can see how they raise their hands and red jets of fire shining all ten fingers. With delight something to say. Is vast army of Shambhala. Talks about the invincible weapon of this wonderful troops. It is argued that the great conqueror, the Lord of Shambhala, chair. Whispering that nobody knows where it comes from Shambhala force. But the warriors of Shambhala destroy all unfair, and with them come the happiness and prosperity of countries. The messengers of Lord of Shambhala already appear everywhere... In the silence of the desert tells the sacred history of the victory of the Light... No imagination will not be able to describe the power of the lords of the World".

Roerich was convinced that the path in the country exists. Many researchers of these places, including N. M. Przhevalsky, G. A. Frank, A. David-Neel and others, noted in his travel notes the strange behavior of the natives, whom they could not get to go to some areas. In the book of E. Thomas meet the following statement: "One of the Russian expedition Roerich told me that in the depths of Asia for no apparent reason, the Tibetans, the Mongolians and Chinese refused to go some places in the North of Tibet. He admitted that he, not knowing why, felt no desire to go further. Roerich, despite all passed on this territory pony. His absence lasted several days, and when he appeared, Asians laid at his feet, crying out that he is "God"because no man can cross the border of Shambhala without divine skip".

Much has opened Nicholas Roerich during his travels, where the guides were local residents and even Lama. In one of the regions of the Taklamakan desert, located to the North of the mountain range Karakorum, he said that "in this mountain the saints are living people who are saving mankind by his wisdom; many have tried to see them, but without success - as soon as they climbed to the top, and I could not find the road." Hindu conductor said Roerich about the existence in the mountains of the Karakoram extensive caves, where a collection of treasures from the beginning of history. He also claimed that there had seen white people of high growth, which disappeared within these rocky galleries. Roerich himself not once found an oasis in places of Tibet, where it seemed simply incredible. That's how he himself wrote: "In these oases, lost among the huge snow massifs, hot springs, which wildly develops diverse vegetation. And around the only ice and rock."

But the credible testimony of one of the member of scientific Committee of Mongolian: "You know that we have several lamas, has great spiritual forces. Of course, they do not live in cities or large monasteries. Usually they live in remote Hutong in rock shelters. 60 years ago or 50 one of these lamas was entrusted to the great Commission. He had to perform it personally, and before his death was to send a mission to the nominee of their choice. You know that the great Commission given to Shambhala. But on earth it must be made by human hands in the earth conditions. You should also know that such orders are always accompanied by great difficulties that must be overcome by the power of the spirit and dedication. It happened that Lama has partially complied with his Commission, but then became ill and lost consciousness; in this state, of course, he could not send the Commission a worthy successor. Great Holders of the Himalayas knew about his difficulty. Since the Commission was to be made on these terms, then one of the Great Holders undertook in the greatest haste tedious journey from the Tibetan highlands in our Mongolian steppe. The trip was so urgent that the Holder remained in the saddle for 60 hours, but thus arrived on time. He temporarily returned Lama consciousness, so that he was able to finish entrusted to the Commission in a good manner. You see how Great the Holders help humanity. How much sacrifice and what earthly difficulties they assume to help a great future".

"These wise Mahatma, " says another witness, in the eternal works of direct our lives. They manage internally and at the same time look like perfectly ordinary people. They appear in different places both here and overseas, and throughout Asia."

Roerich leads and other examples, when ordinary people personally met Mahatmas, Great shower, members of the High Brotherhood. Of course, many of those, whose share fell this happiness, hardly anyone will tell about this, and if they tell, the closest and most trusted men, because this knowledge is deeply hidden, which shall remain hidden in the depths of the heart. And although many are aware, these higher beings, but is inherent in the people of Eastern spiritual humility and great respect to the most sacred cover the topic, and so travelling around Asia rare to deal with this issue. Roerich was one of those who were able to touch a sensitive chord in the hearts of the Asian...

Here are some more excerpts from the book called "the Heart of Asia": "After these unusual plateau of Tibet with their magnetic waves and light wonders, after hearing the witnesses and witness, you will learn about the Mahatmas. I'm not going to start to convince the existence of the Mahatmas. Many people saw them, talked with them, have received messages and material objects from them... However, do not try to convince. Knowledge comes in open the door. If superstition exists, it must be eradicated from the inside".

"Indeed, erased the conditional border. Have you noticed that the concept of Shambala corresponds to the best Western scientific pursuits. Not the darkness of superstition and prejudice brings with Shambhala, but the concept is supposed to be pronounced in the most positive lab true scientist. In the search converge Eastern students of Shambhala and the best minds in the West, who are not afraid to look above the depleted standards. How precious to establish that in the name of free enquiry converge East and West".

"In the name of peace all over the world, in the name of peace for all, in the name of mutual understanding happy to say here the sacred word "Shambala"".

In published in English the collection of essays "Shambala", Roerich applied to this most sublime for Asians concept in two articles, the most significant of which is "Shambala Shining" - combines fine poetry, and the great power of the Holy contemplation. Vysokoskorostnoe wise calm and deepest feelings of devotion with which written these dialogues, excite and spiritually sensitive heart Europeans. Here is the interview of representatives of the two worlds - the East and West, two of the carriers of spiritual consciousness: the noble heart of Europe deals with anashim the heart of Asia. The issues of European strange curiosity - only a deep awe desire to touch the source of the secret of secrets. (See article N. Roerich "Shambala Shining".)

Another essay in the same collection is called "the Underground inhabitants". We have already mentioned the legend about pushed to the ground locks of light, o city of Kitezh and the people Chud. Meet such a legend and in the East. It is primarily the story of the wonderful underground state Ugarte inhabited by the Holy wise men, the keepers of the highest knowledge, and about the mysterious passages and caves, which seemed to be inhabited by the Holy ascetics. These legends have some, albeit indirect and fabulously interpreted by the people's imagination, the relationship with the monastery brotherhood highest sages.

Finally, we should mention one more very important evidence, which is indicated by N. Roerich in the "Heart of Asia". In Russia, Kostroma, after world war I died the old monk, who, as it turned out, once went to India, the Himalayas. "And among his property, the manuscript was found with many indications about the teachings of the Mahatmas. This shows that the monk was familiar with these usually protected secret questions. So suddenly scattered personal observations and trust. This is also evidenced by N. Roerich and in the book "Rock Flaming": "In 1925 on the Volga, in the city of Kostroma, has died aged man, the securities of which have found the way to shrines bright mansions of Ghemawat".

His father continued the son of Nicholas Roerich - Yuri, outstanding scientist-orientalist. In his monumental work "Along the paths of Central Asia, where he with a wide erudition scientist describes the progress Asian expedition, which was led by his father, and in another book, "the study Kalachakra, he pays much attention to the study of this Central for all the East concepts - "Shambhala". The author indicates that the Kalachakra teachings, different versions and comments which are attributed to the various kings of Shambhala, occurred from the Holy monastery of the White Brotherhood (also known as Shambhala). Interestingly, along with the large number of works about Kalachakra in the Tibetan language features and special literature that describes the path to this country. "Finding the way into the Kingdom of Shambhala and spiritual communion with the rulers of Shambhala, the author writes, - has always been a favorite topic of ascetics and saints, the people of Tibet. For centuries the legend and rich oral tradition was developed around this issue".
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