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ДУХИ БОЙНИЦКОГО ЗАМКАA lot of mysterious events with participation of ghostly beings from the other world was (and is) in the countries of Central Europe - in particular in Slovakia. In this predominantly mountainous country well preserved ancient castles, fortresses, monasteries. Well, these ancient monuments of architecture - a favorite place of stay of ghosts, spirits, and other aliens with "the other world", which represents their deceased owners and inhabitants. The memory of these events is saved in the form of legends, as well as documented by cases.

About one such case, says Dr. Milos Jesensky - Slovak journalist and writer, researcher of anomalous phenomena and historical mysteries.

On the night of June 2, 1908 in Vienna at the age of 79 died count Jan Palfi. We cannot say that someone is very grieved over his death. Graf, has long been reputed to be a staunch bachelor and a woman-hater, was not married and had no children, and relatives, who became his successors, were interested mainly property. And first of all - the castle with all his furniture, located among the picturesque mountains covered with forests near the Slovak city of Loopholes in the upper reaches of the river Nitra.

An autopsy of the deceased, which on the day of his death produced Austrian pathologists, gave an unexpected and shocking results: it was shown that the elderly bachelor's not shunned female society, for, according to the doctors, the cause of his death was the last stage of syphilis.

Preparing the body of the deceased for carriage in Slovakia, he was laid in a zinc coffin and filled with preservative solution. Four days later the funeral cortege consisting of a horse-drawn hearse and accompanying horse-bearers arrived in the ancestral castle of the count, which is already on his order in one of the numerous basement was prepared tomb in the crypt. After some time in the crypt installed brought from Innsbruck huge sarcophagus of pink marble, and which put a zinc coffin with the body count.

Meanwhile, the heirs, are eagerly awaiting the announcement of the will after hearing its contents were extremely shocked and outraged. The fact that the count Palffy was an expert and connoisseur of art works - he has for many years sought out and bought the canvases of the old masters, sculptures and decorative products in many European countries and as a result spent on the acquisitions almost all of his fortune.

But it's not so bad - in his will, the count ordered: all collected his artistic value should remain at the castle, so they could study for scientific purposes art historians and Museum workers, and also that they were available for viewing for everyone. In a word, the count bequeathed to turn the castle into a rich exhibits public Museum.

The heirs already podschitivala in mind the profits from the sale situated in the castle of works of art, this solution does not suit. They managed to get a medical report that by the moment of making a will count has already developed a progressive paralysis, that is syphilitic lesions of the brain, characterized by a progressive collapse of the psyche up to dementia. They also managed to organize several witnesses who agree to testify and to give examples of the many oddities in the conduct of the count in the last period of his life.

On this basis, the heirs were able to challenge some of the key points of the will. As a result, many artistic values transferred to their property and after the violent division were sold out. Although the castle was opened for visiting tourists and other visitors, solid Museum and the real temple of art, as hoped, the late Earl, he did not.

Over time passion raging in connection with the death of count Palffy from "fashionable disease" and the subsequent struggle heirs against the eligibility of his will, lay down. It seemed, was to find peace and soul of the graph. However, everything turned out differently.

Almost half a century later, in the old Bojnice castle began to happen mysterious events. In 1957 one of the servants reported that of a marble sarcophagus was oozing some thick, tarry liquid of dark-red color. Over time it has accumulated about 2 liters of workers and the inhabitants of the castle there were concerns that this strange liquids can be hidden threat for the visitors and for themselves. Analyses of chemical and bacteriological showed that the fluid has a complex structure, contains several types of bacteria, but the danger to human health is not.

It has been suggested that the liquid is formed in the reaction between entered into the body count preservative solution and zinc, which was made the sepulchre, and to leak out she was after corrosion ate metal through. However, the scholars some were concerned that it took as much as 50 years.

Interesting fact: the discharge of fluid from the sarcophagus was stopped in September 1995, the same day, when in accordance with the agreement between the governments of the Czech Republic and Slovakia on the division of cultural heritage of the former Czechoslovakia - in Bojnice castle was returned and is set on a former place in the castle chapel altar of work Florentine master of the XIV century.

It is possible that two events coincided accidentally, but many current workers and the inhabitants of the castle considered this circumstance is a sign from above. It was known that during the life of Jan Palfi constantly came to the chapel and often carried out before the altar long hours. In the opinion of the people who knew the count, the altar connected it with other worlds and gave him the opportunity to draw from the surrounding space and additional energy, which gave him the strength for many years to deal with his terrible disease.

As for the artistic merit of the altar, then, apparently, count not in vain, he considered his most valuable acquisition: since 1933 the altar was in Sternberkem Palace of Prague, within 60 years was the decoration of his exposition.

Meanwhile, strange events in Bojnice castle still last. Witnesses to these events have become regular employees detective and security agencies around the clock to ensure the safety of the castle and its artistic works. Here's what says the head of one of the shifts of protection: "Imagine a smooth and even surface of the table, on which stands a Cup of coffee. No one before it touches. And this Cup suddenly begins to bounce. Or this: by itself turns the key in the lock of a huge ancient chest. I would not have believed it if I hadn't saw both own eyes! The guards tell me that often hear muffled voices or illegible murmuring in the empty, locked from the outside rooms. Once the service dog barking furiously and began to throw at the door one of these rooms. The door was opened, in the room no one..."

Some workers of the castle say that I often see in the corridors and passages translucent silhouettes that appear there in the predawn darkness. And one of them once saw in the mirror reflection of the figure in a black turban, the end of the cloth which she came down on his chest. In terror, looking back, she saw that the room behind empty...

In connection with these mysterious crashes for examination of the castle invited parapsychologists and psychics. They confirmed that feel the presence of some supernatural forces, but assured that, in their opinion, any danger to the surrounding these forces do not represent. And one of the invited well-known "the hunter ghosts" Dr. Jonash, advised: "the Spirits don't need to bother.

About the condition and whereabouts of the spirit of the count Jan Palffy opinions of specialists on anomalous phenomena are divided. Some believe that he hadn't left the space of the sarcophagus and is tied to this space. Others believe that in the walls of the castle was still part of the bio-field of a graph, but its collapse is proceeding normally, and any danger to others does not occur.

Since the information about the current mysterious incidents in Bojnice castle is a well documented fact that there are all grounds to consider credible and information about similar events that took place here in the past.

There is an old legend about Bojnice "stone coins." It tells that in those days, when the owner of the castle was a local magnate named Jan Corwin, a lame Bondar - master on manufacturing barrels - put a curse on the castle Manager Peter Puck but that didn't allow him to wash the affected leg water from taking place near the castle healing source. After this key with healing water scored right at home Cooper, and a source close to the castle was exhausted. Moreover, all the money arrogant and greedy Manager turned into a small round stones. A. Bondar has recovered...

Many mysteries are fraught and dungeons Bojnice castle. The stone foundations of the castle buildings were founded in the XIII century on the surface of the plateau, formed travertine. In this light and porous rocks are often found vast emptiness of natural origin, which is easy to expand, improve and connect them, cutting through the tunnels in the malleable nature of the material.

The entrance to one of these tunnels opens from the basement Bojnice castle. This inclined tonLiu, expiring at the depth of 27 meters, you can get into a spacious almost round the cave with a diameter of about 22 meters with two small lakes. The dome and the walls of the cave is covered with beautiful efflorescence of different colours - from Golden yellow to crimson red.

There is reliable information that the count Palffy loved to seclude himself in the cave and look into the lighted torch light water surface. They say that not a passion for romance attracted count in the cave that he done there was some secret rituals, which allowed him to enter into other dimensions of the real world, and perfectly smooth surface of one of groundwater bodies played the role of a magic mirror. Probably, this cave and precious altar in the chapel was the "gate" in other dimensions that had been given to visit Jan Palview and in which he drew up additional vital energy.

The device magical cave is like a passing location - from it are several tunnels further into the mountains. It is quite narrow and low passages. They are partly covered struck the rock. What is their length and where they lead, is not precisely known. Legend has it that one such tunnel has a length of over 400 metres and comes to the surface near the Church, located outside the walls of the Loopholes.

In our days Bojnice castle attracts different kinds of adventurers and lovers of all mysterious and enigmatic. The fact that each year in the castle is a kind of festival, which brings together participants from many countries of Europe. They all dress in colorful robes, allowing them to portray spirits, vampires, devils, witches and other vermin. The climax of the festival is a Big Ball of Horrors, during which the music swing and swirl wild dances dozens of monsters and fairy-tale characters. The main events of the festival are fortunetelling and prediction of the future in a crystal balls, messages and advice parapsychologists, concerts of meditative music and performances by ensembles in the historic knight costumes. Before the eyes of the participants and spectators history revived Bojnice castle, twisted colorful legends, bright and choreography shows the main components of which are "light and sound".
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