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ВОЛШЕБНЫЕ ПАЛОЧКИ, МАГИЧЕСКИЕ ЖЕЗЛЫ, КРИСТАЛЛЫ, КАМНИMagic wand, how we remember the tales, is the main attribute of the fairies. And the fairy - she's a witch. This wizard also has its own magic wand, simply it is more often called a magic wand. Interesting, but a descendant of this magical wand - the Royal scepter, that refers, of course, in the old times, when the Royal and ecclesiastical powers were vested in one man.

If we analyze the attributes of Royal power - and this is the scepter and Orb, we actually see a very strange thing. If the scepter like a magic stick, then power - on the magic ball, but the ball is attached some kind of spider. Turn the power on and you will find the famous astrological sign of Venus. Then the magic wand - the astrological sign of Mars, its arrow! And the connection of Mars and Venus is a combination of male and female, the progenitor of life.

Now, the magic wand is an attribute of masculinity, a sign of creativity, a sign of power over his creatures, if you like - a sign of God the Creator. So that is who the witch doctor he is the Creator of entities and phenomena, he re-structures the world, modifies it erases what is ugly and has no right to exist, and breathes new life into the world. It is clear why the Church is so feared and hated the magicians, because they impinge on the lessons of God.

The magic wand can not be ordered in the Studio, his sorcerer had to do with their hands, then the rod will be effective.

Magic staff should be cut from hazel. (Lischynovo staff also used in Germanii - guessing on the water.) According to the "Big Grimoire", it must have a 19.5 inches (about 0.5 m in length), and cut it should at dawn to the baton was passed on to the mighty energy of the newborn sun. Thus it is necessary to use a magic knife, the pre sprinkled with the blood, which will also saturate the rod of vital energy.

Cut a rod, a magician ought to read a prayer over it, turned to Adonai, Elohim, Ariel and Jehovah, in order to give it the gun power rods Jacob, Moses and Joshua, the strength of Samson, righteous anger Emmanuel and furious thunders Salatnitsey - angel, who will reward people for their sins on the Day of judgment.

At the ends lischynovo rod strengthened two pointed steel tip that you should charge by a magnet. Then the magician conjures rod names Adonai, Elohim, Ariel and Jehovah commanded to obey his will, to draw all the entities that wish to engage, and destroy all the things that he wants to destroy.


In General, the magic crystal is a device for clairvoyance. It is known that shiny objects are used (and since ancient times has been used for hypnosis and self-hypnosis. So magical crystal causes a hypnotic trance. Why they are paintings of another world and the voices of angels and demons, deceased relatives, and just strangers.

The very clairvoyance is quite possible and without magical devices, and after several experiments with crystal images could appear even after the contact and in another place and at another time. A similar thing happened with experimentalists of the middle Ages: the spirits "never let go". Edward Kelly, assistant English alchemist and astrologer John Dee, he was in a trance (that is the word should indicate its status and without crystal, about which reported Di in one of his diaries. And by and large crystal ball is in the same way, the connection of the worlds, such as Ouija boards to call spirits, saucer, flying in a circle with the alphabet, dice, other items for divination, which can provide a complete shutdown of the person from the ordinary world, the devastation of consciousness.

Much easier than the other tools, called TRANS crystal ball and its analogues - the Cup of water, polished pieces of precious stones, transparent or black, and so on, Such conjectural, rather precognition funds were known at all times. These objects are so mesmerized by the sight that may cause TRANS even completely unprepared.

Michel Nostradamus used a bowl of water that is installed on a special tripod and under certain lighting. And he received his centurion, who still cannot correctly decode no man on Earth. Michel Nostradamus was interested in the future, and he received from his intermediary between the worlds information about this future, outlining them in a hidden, metaphorical form. And John Dee was interested in power over the world of spirits, they received medieval Newspeak 19 postulates "angels".

Some scientists link this strange phenomenon of "memory of crystals", that is, according to this theory, each crystal of a special cut is a kind of recording device and is able to store information about the same as doing it crystals in modern computers. Only we use to record information magnetic media, while information on them is translated with the help of the crystals. But, obviously, you can simplify the design and enter information directly into the crystal itself.

If crystals are working with the accumulated information, how then is communication through such a device? And with whom we communicate? There is an opinion that with the hologram. Crystal carries a kind of computer program that generates a series of images. If you make use of virtual reality, you can "talk" with the phantom characters, created on the basis of our own memory or our imagination.

And our memory and our imagination is the mystery of the subconscious, which we have very little knowledge. Some argue that it is in the subconscious mind is concentrated all information - both past and future, as time itself, that is, in the usual perception as a river, flowing from the past to the future, does not exist. But we know nothing about the structure of time. And crystal knows and creates a bridge between the past and the future. This bridge can connect distant for us point in changing flow. For us but not for the time.

According to one of theories time is concentrated in one point, although we perceive it as a way from infinity to infinity. And if this theory is correct, then, using the words of the great Hermes Trismegistus, that which is below is similar to that which is above, and that which is above is similar to that which is below.

But if we work with a hologram, what, then, is to explain that the past and the future can not only see, but also... to change? Usually this is the question asked by everyone who is faced with the phenomenon of a crystal ball. But this is a very reasonable question. Mages, for instance, is able to change the events inside the ball and influence them in real life. Beli would balloon and the world were not connected, changes could occur only in the media, that is in the crystal. And he would show a wrong picture of the world. But this is something just not happening! If the magician changes the image in the ball, changes occur in reality. As the man took a rubber band and wiped a misspelled word, and then finished need. Speaking in the language of computer technologies - made changes in the buggy file. And everything was good: a hung program works. By the way, there are some nuances: some events mages flatly refuse to change.


Magic stones - talismans owned every sorcerer. They protect him from Poselkovaya hostile spirits and help in the work. Moreover, for each day of the week at the magician has its own special charm, usually printed on it a magic sign.

Talismans are made under the influence of the planets. This was mentioned by Eliphas Levi:

Talismans seven spirits are engraved either precious stones carbuncle, crystal, diamond, emerald, agate, ruby and onyx, or of metals - gold, silver, iron, copper, fixed mercury, tin and lead. Here cabalistic signs the seven spirits: for the Sun - snake with a lion's head; for the moon - earth traversed two crescents; for Mars - dragon biting the handle of the sword; for Venus - Lingam; for mercury - hermetic caduceus or kenieval; for Jupiter - brilliant pentagram in the eagle's talons or beaks; to Saturn - lame old man or a snake coiled around the sun stone. All these labels are located on ancient engraved stones, especially on the mascots of the era of the Gnostics, known under the name "Abraxas".

Metals, of which made the mascots for the sorcerer, were distributed across the seven planets in accordance with their qualities.

Silver - metal moon is cool, but not cold metal. It is used to enhance the witchcraft, it enhances intuition, telepathic abilities and clairvoyance. It makes accessories for divination and fortune telling. You should not choose a silver casting, real magic silver - hammered and decorated with chasing.

Iron - metal Mars - aggressive, hot. Mostly used for protective magic when you want to reflect the "attack." Iron doing masculine charms to attract love and power. The strongest is wrought-iron meteorite iron.

Mercury - volatile metal mercury - in its pure form is not used. It is simply dangerous. However, there are rings that mercury placed in impermeable glass the capsule. Such rings are used to manage large flows of energy in witchcraft.

Copper - metal Venus is one of the most common magical metals, creating harmony. It is used to enhance stability, balance, most often - to create amulets, love talismans. Copper enhances the ability to witchcraft. Treat her forging and stamping. Try not to combine with iron, which conflicts with her.

Tin - metal Jupiter - the most peaceful and stable of metals. It enhances the action of all iron items, and supports a stable smooth energy. Use tin alloy wheels in amulets and talismans to save power (or power). Often used in military men of magic, but sometimes in women, if you want a good protection from enemy attack or strengthening confidence in its infallibility.

Lead is a very strong metal Saturn able to isolate the negative energy. Used in the sorcerer's bracelets, and in the seals that protect our world from an evil spirits. If the bracelet to make globular suspension, you will have protection from hostile action more powerful witches. Process the lead as casting and hammering or die-stamping.

Gold is the metal of the Sun - was always considered the metal of calm strength and power. So it is used for creation of amulets, talismans, Pentacles. Great battery energy, protecting the life and health. Gold is treated by different methods, including remelting, if you want to change the purpose of the amulet.

Each of the seven planets match and a number of precious and semiprecious stones. Make the mascot could only be in the day when the material has the greatest power, and this is the day of stone or metal.


Sorcerers and witches wore their special rings decorated with intricate signs. Usually enchanted ring wrote the name of the angel who will protect the magician from trouble. The name was chosen in accordance with the materials used. Sometimes instead of the name portrayed the alchemical symbol, and often symbolized by the figure of the animal-Explorer. What levy writes:

Here are seven magical animals: birds, relevant to the world of the divine; - Swan, owl, hawk, dove, stork, eagle, and the hoopoe; fish, corresponding to the world the spiritual, or research, is the seal lollurus, lucins, let himallus, le mugil, Dolphin and Sepia, or cuttlefish; from the four-legged corresponding to the natural world, the lion, the cat, wolf, goat, monkey, deer, and the mole. Blood, fat, liver and gall of these animals are used for witchcraft; their brain is mixed with the scents of the planets, and recognized by ancient practice that they possess magnetic properties corresponding to the seven planetary influences.
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