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ГРАНДИОЗНАЯ ОБЛАВА В БРАЗИЛИИThis story began in the night from 12 to 13 January 1996, when one of the American radar tracking system of air defense (PVO) spotted several unknown purposes, which appeared in the Earth's atmosphere over Alaska. At high speed, they flew to the South-East, towards the USA. The announcement was immediately transferred to the Center of the United command of the air-defense system of the North American continent, located in Colorado. Performed there computer analysis has shown that the discovered objects are neither aircraft nor Intercontinental ballistic missile or space debris, nor terrestrial spaceships.

After some time, unidentified objects; turned right straight to the South, the height and speed of flight began to decrease. Data on parameters of movement of these UFO continuously introduced in computers tracking system, which immediately gave a forecast about the future trajectory of mysterious objects. Soon the speed UFO was reduced to 6000 km/h, and maximum height of 18 thousand m, they switched to horizontal flight. After that, further tracking of them was passed to the interception station in Phoenix, the administrative centre of Arizona. However UFO again changed the direction of movement, flew over Arizona and come over Mexico, again began to lose altitude. Shortly computers predicted that the intended point of their meeting with the Earth, if it occurs, is somewhere in Central Brazil.

UFO continued to decline, the rate had been decreasing steadily, and the probability of contact with the surface of our planet, respectively, increased. At this point, the command of the military space forces oriented on tracking them its reconnaissance satellite, which was soon allowed to establish that tracked a group of UFO must land in the state of Minas Gerais, about 100 miles from the city of Virginia. The announcement was immediately handed over to the Brazilian authorities, which immediately raised the alarm stationed nearby army base...

What we are told, is a hypothetical reconstruction of events, based on the message officer of the Brazilian air force that on 13 January Center of the United command of the air defense has notified the Brazilian military command, that this night over the Western hemisphere traced group flight UFO and that, apparently, one or more of them landed near Virginie.

The scene. Virginia is a city with a population of about 120 thousand inhabitants, is situated in the South of Minas Gerais, in a mountainous area at an altitude of 1000 m above sea level. Around there is jungle and not found wild predatory animals.

All the main events took place in a wooded area lying between Varginha and one of its suburbs, about a mile and a half from the city centre. Through this forest area and the adjoining meadow laid many paths, which are often used by people going to the city centre.

Objects raids. Eyewitnesses described aliens as humanoids growth of 100 to 120 cm dark brown, devoid of vegetation and very oily skin, with a disproportionately large triangular head, the top of which are clearly visible three short "horn", with a huge vertical oval red eyes. They have long thin arms and short thin legs, no nose or ears not to be seen, mouth looked like a narrow slit. Service at them was not. Any signs of genital organs were missing. Particularly struck the eyewitnesses thick blood vessels, which stretched from the neck shoulders, along the arms, chest, and back.

Civilians investigating the case on its own initiative, believed that in the next few weeks in the region of Virginie at least two, maybe even six unearthly creatures were captured alive or killed and then transferred to the us authorities and that maybe in this area crashed alien space ship.

The first contacts. After a week of events that took place in the airspace over the American continent, two girls and a young woman he met in a suburb of Virginie on vacant land with the unknown, very strange creature. This happened about three in the afternoon of 20 January. Liliana da Silva, 16 years old, her 14-year-old sister of Valkiria and their older friend Katya Xavier, 22 years returned to the city from the woman who Katya worked as a maid and which they helped to pack for the upcoming move. "We decided to go straight through the empty plot, " said Liliana. "This area is located on a gentle slope, it was all overgrown with weeds, we walked through it on the path trodden in the high grass. The front right of the path was abandoned brick building. When we passed through the area 20 meters, I noticed ahead of a strange creature. It squatted, leaning against the wall of the building metres in 6 - 7 from us, turning to us left side. His left hand was down, and right it was leaning against the wall of the building. The body of the creature was half concealed by tall grass, and we haven't seen any of his arms or legs. He had brown oily skin, large oval eyes, placed vertically, and three horns on his head. On the shoulders, arms and chest, we noticed a thick, like ropes, cores". "It was ugly, and I thought it was the devil himself," adds Valkiria. Katya, a married woman, mother of three children, was amazed that being that they are well considered, was not similar neither to man nor to one of the known animal, such as a monkey or anteater.

In the unanimous opinion of all three, the creature was disgusting, but most of all they were amazed at the huge red eyes, and a "horn". A few seconds girls stood still, staring at the freak, and then screaming drew back. The creature turned his head and stared at them. It seems, scared and curled up even more, down below, apparently trying to hide from them in the high grass. Girl sent her running back and with all his hurried to the house of two sisters who were houses through 20.

When they came, took a breath and a little recovered, Katya and Louise, mother, sisters, asked her to put them back on abandoned land. But the ugly creature had disappeared, although, according to Katya, in the place where it sat seen shabby grass and felt the acrid smell or sulfur, or ammonia.

The beginning of the investigation. New witnesses, new facts. Hearing about the accident began to spread rapidly throughout the County and the next morning got to Franco Rodriguez Ubirajara, 42-year-old lawyer and Professor of University, dedicated to research of UFOs from the 1970-ies and living less than a mile from the place where it was observed a mysterious creature. He called a friend of a shop owner who heard that some girls have seen yesterday the little monster. The message was interesting, but contained no clues for investigation. But by the evening Ubirajara became known some details, and he started to make attempts to find out what really happened. His friend Sergio working on TV, helped him, and after a couple days they found Katya and two sisters - Liliana and Valkiriy. However, these days the incident has acquired a huge variety of rumors and speculation, often completely contradictory.

So, for example, said that the creature was caught by the military police and taken to the district hospital that he has a big belly, it looks like pregnant and sounds similar to cry. Ubirajara was talking to the boy who allegedly saw the creature, but his story was very confused and contained little sense.

Together with Sergio they found a woman who may have witnessed the capture of the being, but when they tried to question her about it, she ran away. Attempts to persuade her husband to have a talk "with respected singorama" no to no avail - the frightened woman refused to talk on this topic. When Ubirajara met with those three girls, all of them, telling him her story, she was very worried and crying. He several times talked with them, and each time they told absolutely the same, came in severe agitation, and again their eyes were full of tears. This convinced him that they were telling the truth.

Meanwhile, until it reached all the new details. Nurse district hospital reluctantly told him that in the evening on 20 January, Saturday, in one of the offices was stopped for a few hours access not only visitors, but also patients and even hospital staff. This time around the hospital were many soldiers, at the entrance stood the army vehicle, but in the hospital appeared unfamiliar not expressly local doctors.

The ban of the authorities. On Monday, January 22, all employees of the hospital gathered together and said that on unusual events last weekend's not necessary to pay special attention, because it was an exercise for the medical and military personnel. And if anybody will be interested in the details of these teachings, especially if it is "the lawyer of Ubirajara", they must keep their mouth shut and deny everything.

Information appeared that caught being transported to the hospital of mercy), which is much smaller district hospital and is located in a secluded spot. There was also observed a cluster of soldiers. Someone who supposedly the forml a strange creature on the closed internal Parking lot of the hospital. It was lying in the open drawer that is installed on the two goats for cutting firewood. Stood around a dozen military and doctors, they watched as one of the doctors extracted tongs from the mouth of being long and thin black tongue.

Rumors were spread in great numbers everywhere, even in schools. Heard a teenager told in the school yard: "My dad said that the rumors about the alien is all true and that he saw shot a film about it, only no one should talk about it, because it's dangerous." Ubirajara found that a relative of the father of this little boy served at a nearby military base and soon after the beginning of all events was imprisoned in the guardhouse.

Ubirajara visited in chief of the military police, Lieutenant-Colonel. That all questions answered, that at the moment, neither of which the alien he knows nothing, but he certainly find out everything and check. Then Ubirajara several days in a row regularly called in management, but to catch the chief at the place and I could not.

After that Ubirajara there was confidence that Virginie really is something extraordinary and that the authorities are trying hard to hide something. He is even stronger in this thought, when a friend gave him the contents of his conversation with a female COP on duty. on 20 January. She said that in the Saturday morning several people had called the police on a "hot" line and was told that he saw "little monster". But there took these calls for a joke and did not give them values.

Almost for a month an investigation was held in the assumption that in the events mentioned only one mysterious creature - one that saw three girls on 20 January in the afternoon, and which was later arrested, and that the authorities for unknown reasons, trying to hide it. However, many were told that the creature was caught early in the morning of January 20, that is even before he saw the girl,

The investigation is gaining momentum. In mid-February to investigate joined Vittorio Parachini, resident of the city of Belo Horizonte, the administrative center of the state of Minas Gerais, located 190 miles from Virginie. This 32-year-old employee of a consulting company for many years was a member of the city social center for the study of UFOs. When in the center learnt about the events in Virginia, it Parachini was requested to take part in the investigation. This took into account that it is hard workday schedule and that his mother lives just 15 miles from Varini, in the town of Tres-Krasains. Namely in this town is located school sergeants with the largest military contingent in the region, playing an important role in the unfolding events.

Parachini arrived in Tres-Krasains February 14. He immediately called Ubirajara and made an appointment. On the same day PAL Parachini said on the phone that there are people ready to tell the details about how they caught alien. That evening the three of them met in a secluded place, and the man spoke in detail, as four firefighters caught the creature in the morning of January 20.

After hearing the story, Parachini understood that in the event participated at least two beings: one was caught fire in the morning, and the second day I saw girls - perhaps it was this, the second, the "stranger" was delivered after capture in the hospital. Later Ubirajara, Parachini concluded that the authorities had seized and may have killed at least another four creatures.

After a meeting and exchange of information, Pacaccini and Ubirajara decided to investigate together. Meanwhile, events in Virginia attracted the attention of Newspapers, radio and television, and not only local. Both enthusiasts called dozens of people who knew anything about what had happened or knew someone who knew someone who...

Together they checked every message and every rumor, found each alleged eyewitness and talked with him. They reported a couple of farmers who have seen UFOs in the early morning of January 20 (confirmed); about a woman who is faced with being in the city zoo (confirmed); motorcyclist, almost Nehalem on being a few weeks later (confirmed); on the military, who told the friend that participated in the capture beings (not confirmed); on the other military uniform which was so greasy during the catch being that the wife has burned the whole of the former on it then clothes (not confirmed); about a mysterious death of a soldier caught one of the creatures (confirmed); about a mysterious death of five animals in the zoo (confirmed). Ubirajara, Parachini talked to 25 valid witnesses, soldiers, police, doctors, and only residents of the city. They have identified all military personnel, one way or another involved in the mysterious creatures.

An investigation connected and inhabitants of other cities. In particular, in the city of Campinas, in the North-West of Sao Paulo, was the attempt to verify the rumor that some creatures were taken to a local University, where he was allegedly made on the opening of one of them.

The events, characters, and more. In his book "Incidente em Varginha" ("the Incident in Virginia") Parachini wrote that in July, while in Belo Horizonte, he learned from an officer of the Brazilian air force that the United command of the air defense informed about the appearance of the air defense air control messages Brazil, and it, in turn, immediately informed the headquarters of military unit stationed in Tres-Krasains. All this happened on January 13, but the exact time it is not known.

on January 13, at 4 a.m. 35-year-old Carlos da Souza left his red truck from Sao Paulo in Tres-Krasains the motorway that connects Sao Paulo and Belo Horizonte. By 8 o'clock he drove up to the intersection with the road connecting Tres-Krasains with Varginha. Here da Souza had to turn to the right. But this time his thoughts were interrupted by a noise, like a muffled roar, and at first he thought that there was a problem in his car. When da Souza stopped, got out of the cab, he realized that the sound does cigar-shaped device that moves in the air at a height of about 150 meters to the left from the motorway.

The device was silver color, 12 meters to 15 meters long and 4 - 5 wide. On the side were seen four Windows, and closer to the front - a round hole with a diameter of one meter and a half with ragged edges. From the hole was white smoke or steam. The device is moved to the North, almost parallel to the highway, its speed was about 40 km/H.

Stunned and excited, Carlos jumped into the cab and drove behind that UFO 15 kilometers. But soon UFO changed course flew over the track and began to move away from her left. After some time, the device suddenly dived down and disappeared behind a ridge of low hills. Carlos feared that UFO crashed, and began to search the road to drive up to the place of a possible accident. About half an hour later he found a narrow and muddy dirt road leading in the right direction, and turned on her. After a few minutes, the road led him to the top of the hill, and before him stood a Grand picture of the disaster. Pieces of apparatus were scattered around the grassy slope of the hill. They picked up and was called to the two trucks man 40 soldiers, among whom Carlos noticed two in the form of nurses. Near the trucks were 3 cars and ambulance, and in some distance from the helicopter. All vehicles were military. In the air there was a strong smell of ammonia and ether.

Carlos turned the engine off, got out of the cab and went to the crash site, intending to offer assistance. He picked up the mangled piece of very light material like aluminum. When Carlos had loosened his fingers, piece fell, and slowly sank to the ground. One of the military noticed him, something shouted, and he was immediately rushed armed soldiers, demanding that he immediately leave this place. Carlos tried to explain that he wanted to help the victims, but who corporal shouted that it was not his business.

Impressed, Carlos brought his truck on the road and in about 10 minutes, stopped at a roadside cafe. He sat at a table at least an hour, trying to calm down and reflect on what happened. Shortly before cafe stopped the car. He produced two men in plain clothes, but obviously with a military bearing. One of them walked over to Carlos and asked whether he is Signor Yes Susa. Then "people in plainclothes" asked seen whether Carlos today something unusual. Carlos without reserve told and added that, in his opinion, on the hillside were traces of a terrible disaster. "Now, Signor da Souza told him "people in mufti", " nothing of what you told me, you have not seen. And do not try to talk about it to someone else. We know everything about you: where do you live with your family, where your children are, where your mother. And if you do not obey, then you and your household will have hard times. With these words the man left.

It happened January 13, a week before the three girls had seen the unknown being in the vicinity of Varini, but Carlos da Souza whole 9 months to anyone except his wife and two closest friends, not told what happened to him on that memorable morning. After just a few years ago ended a 20-year period of military dictatorship during which several of his relatives had disappeared, so the threat of the man he took seriously. In addition, the emergence in Virginia aliens he learned only in September, when I saw when I read in a magazine article Claude COVO, who collaborated with Ubirajara, Parachini.

Da Souza contacted the Bone, and he persuaded him to show him and Ubirajara the place of the accident. However, by that timeand there's there left no traces of it. And no man in the County was unable (or unwilling?) to inform Ubirajara anything about that interested him event.

Not all believed the story da Souza. Some doubts were even in Ubirajara and COVO, because they could not find any more witness. However, if you re-visit and thorough inspection of the specified Cartoom places of Ubirajara and members created search team found that on a plot of about 40 m2 in the upper layer of soil was replaced by the newly laid turf. Later several military personnel reported that seen on January 13 on the campus sergeants two army trucks delivered the wreckage of the crashed machine, and then they were transported in aerospace center in San Jose-shower-campus, close to the Sao Paulo...

At night January 20, 37-year-old Galina de Freitas woke up on his farm in 9 km East of Virginie unusually early. She was awakened by the sound and the animals roaring, rushing to the pasture 100 metres from the house. It was the beginning of the second. Looking out the window, she saw right over the pasture huge cigar-shaped object. The night was moonless, but the object shining weakly. Galina woke her husband. "My God! "exclaimed, going to the window, 40-year-old Eurico. - Over my pasture, sailing boat!" The couple clearly seen UFOs, slightly swaying slowly moved at a height of 5 - 6 m above the ground. Behind him came a grayish smoke or steam. Galina, Eurico decided not to go to the courtyard. Standing at the window, they observed was going towards Virginie object until he disappeared over the crest of a hill about 600 m from the house. The couple decided that the object something has gone wrong, otherwise he would not moved so slowly and are not swayed. Perhaps UFO uttered a sound, but it was suppressed by the lowing of the cows.

Ulpiana learned about this case, 6 days later. This farm is located just 8 km from the place, where 13 January Carlos da Souza saw in the sky takoyzhe UFO.

How was raided. In Brazil, unlike many countries, the military police is subordinate not to the military and civil authorities, and performs many seemingly unfamiliar functions: patrolling the highway struggling with violations of public order, saves people in floods and other emergencies. It includes also the national fire service, and the task of the latter is the trapping of wild dogs, wild animals and snakes that represent a threat for the population.

Namely trappers four firefighters were sent on the task at half-past eight in the morning of January 20, when the police received several phone calls about the strange creature that is seen on the edge of a forest in Jardim-andere, a suburb of Vergini.

Investigators found that the creature had first noticed three teenagers of 12 to 14 years, they began to throw stones at him. Marching behind them the woman scolded them for it. Followed was a man who was struck by an unusual type of being. All of these people, call the police, returned to watch the creature.

When on the scene firefighters arrived, they demanded that all gathered around immediately dispersed, declaring what is happening secret military operation. But by this time the creature had already disappeared in the forest. In full military uniform, wearing thick gloves, with hunting networks in the hands, the fire has gone deep into the forest in search of the being.

Discover and then catch and catch the creature they managed only two hours later. Any resistance it has had, it is true, it was a strong, unpleasant smell. When the firemen carried captive to the car, being softly juggalo, or, rather, was buzzing. During the searches senior group reported the situation to the authorities, and when firefighters from being returned to his truck was standing next to a car with their supervisor and military van with two officers and a Sergeant.

Without another word firefighters passed the merits of the military, those laid him down in a wooden box, then set the big piece of canvas and placed in the body. Two military sat down next to the box, and the van went immediately to their base in Tres-Krasains.

January 20, between half past one and two hours in the afternoon Amateur Jogging noticed seven armed soldiers who walked across the clearing toward the forest in Jardim-andere. Two men carried the boxes silver. Runner decided to watch them. Now they wedge, soldiers first've searched through the bushes at the edge, and then tore into the woods.

After that bystanders continued running along the road, passing along the border of the forest, and soon distinctly heard the sound of three shots. Then the runner rose towering above the forest hill.

On the road passing through the top of the hill, stood army truck with soldiers. The slope of the hill to it rose from the forest four soldiers.

They hardly dragged up two bags, each bag together. It was evident that one of them something moves. The bags are put into the body, then there also climbed soldiers, and the truck left quickly. What was in the bag is unknown, but it is doubtful that it took to attract seven armed soldiers to catch the same "wild animal", what few hours earlier caught in the same forest, four unarmed fire, but still open while shooting.

At six in the evening on 20 January, after three hours after three girls met with a strange creature, over Varginha and its surroundings swept mph with large hail, which broke windshields of cars. The elements raged just a few minutes, but all traces left by being on a derelict site, were killed. However, military and police continued to search, and immediately after the storm two military police officers, dressed in civilian clothes, found another creature hiding on a building site near the already mentioned the forest. They managed to grab him and sit in the back seat of the patrol car. Perhaps it was wounded, since according to the available information the officers brought him to a small district clinic, but there the doctor refused to examine and advised me to go with him to the hospital.

At some point in time during this operation one of the officers, 23-year-old Marco Chinese, stopped at the home of his parents, to change wet clothes, and asked the mother to tell his wife that he performs an urgent job, home for dinner will not come and will work all night.

There is a version that Chinese was the only person who, when caught, are being touched his bare hands. A few days later he fell ill strange disease. He had a high fever, then numb hands and feet, he lost the ability to swallow food, and his skin was attended bluish tint. No drugs on him not acted, and February 15 he died. Native urged to bury him in a tightly closed coffin and as quickly as possible. About the circumstances and cause of his illness and death, neither the native, nor anyone else, nothing reported.

The strange events in the zoo. On the evening of April 21, 67-year-old Teresina Klepp, her husband and several of their friends celebrated the birthday of one of them in Virginia, the restaurant to the local zoo. About 9 o'clock when dinner came to an end, Mrs. Clapp came out on the porch to sit in silence and to smoke a cigarette. After a few minutes she felt strange restlessness.

"I felt that I was being watched, " she said later. - Veranda was not lit, only in some places it was shining in the Windows of the restaurant. I turned my head to the left and saw me staring odd creature. It was a five metres away from me, its growth did not exceed 1.5 m, and I could not understand what it is - an animal or something. He was disgusting: glossy brown skin, huge red eyes, lipless, like a bar on the face, mouth".

Mrs. Clapp was so frightened that five minutes could not even move. Then, trying not to make any sudden movements, she slowly rose to his feet and went into the hall. At the door she looked back. The creature was still looking at her. The shock was so great that only a few days, she was able to tell about the meeting with the monster to her husband.

When the case became public, Lelia Cabral, Director of the zoo, told Ubirajara, Parachini that about a week after the incident with Mrs. Clapp in the zoo strangely killed five animals: anteater, two deer, large parrot (blue macaw) and lynx. After opening she was told that anteater died from the poison of the unknown species, deer - from poisoning caustic soda, it is unclear how trapped in their body; and the reason for the destruction of the parrot and lynx to install all failed.

The authorities encourage to misinformation. Late in the evening of 3 or 4 may there was a knock at the door of the house, where they lived with their parents, sister Liliana and Valkyria da Silva. When their mother Louise opened the door to the house was entered, without asking permission, four men in civilian clothes. Didn't introduce themselves, they asked all members of the family to gather in the room, and then the older one, aged 50, was politely but very hard to persuade girls to go on TV a statement, denying all their previous stories. Together with another "colleague" they almost an hour persuaded girls to take it back, even promised to pay well for it.

Afraid to refuse strange visitors, Louise promised that all together they will think over offer. When uninvited guests were leaving, they asked them not to see and not try to see the car on which they arrived. More rough men, and girls on their previous message is not refused.

The epilogue. Almost from the outset, some researchers believed that caught mysterious creatures were taken to the US. First, because what things were apparently of extraterrestrial origin, and secondly, because they repeatedly heard disapproving statements military, unhappy that Brazil must cease to pursue the case and pass "outsiders" in the USA.

Confirmation of the views of these researchers can be considered to be followed in early March 1996 visit to Sao Paulo and in other parts of Brazil, then Secretary of state Warren Christopher and NASA Director Daniel Goldin. The reason for the visit of such an important persons was allegedly preparing upcoming flight Brazilian astronaut to the American spaceship "space Shuttle".
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